Tips on how to fix sticky drawers from Minwax

Uploaded by MinwaxUSA on 11.03.2011

Well, who likes sticky drawers?
I don't.
Every time I go into the kitchen and try to pull that
drawer, it just doesn't come out.
So we brought back our home improvement expert, Bruce
Johnson, to help us get rid of the stickiness.
Well, we can solve that problem for you.
Well, what do we need to do?
First thing you're going to have to do is take it out,
empty it, and turn it upside down.
Let's take a look at what's holding that drawer together.
Now on the back, you've got a glide.
And you want to make sure that the two screws that are
holding that on are tight.
So take your Phillips screwdriver,
tighten that down.
All right.
So it's going to work well in that way.
Now inside the cabinet, there's going to be a runner
that runs in that glide.
And it's going to be held together
with a screw, as well.
So get in there with a flashlight and your Phillips
screwdriver and make sure that's nice and tight.
Tighten everything down.
Because if it moves around, the drawers not going to work.
Anything misaligned won't work.
Exactly, yeah.
Also then, you want to take a look at how the
drawer is held together.
And in this case, we've got some nails in the back.
You can see this is a problem.
Loose nails means the drawer is going to wobble.
You want to tack those back in.
Pound them down.
Yeah, yeah.
And while you've got it out, let's take one more
Let's put some wax on that runner.
So that's going to give you a little glide with
wood to wood contact.
Exactly right.
Make sure that that's going to smoothly operate in and out of
the drawer there.
Final thing is make sure you're not over-weighting it.
Make sure-
Get the bricks out.
Yeah, brick collection, the rock collection-
Not a good place.
Good to see you again, Bruce.
All right, thanks.
And that's today's tip.