Hauptkamm Teil 2 - Alpencross 2012 (Transalp)

Uploaded by gletschersau on 25.11.2012

Part 2
I just reached the next pass
which is called Döss Radond at 7200 ft.
I'm now in Switzerland
and heading into the Mora Valley,
one of the most beautiful valleys you can cross by MTB.
It is quite popular in the mountain bike scene.
From here on it's going downhill
towards the San Giacomo Lake
and before that across the Val Mora Pass
and that's where I'm heading now.
Here in this pine forest I will spend the night.
It is protected from wind and the ground is quite soft.
I just learned that coincidentally my route overlaps with a popular MTB Transalp race.
I'm currently in second place.
Now I have to hurry 'cause there are 1000 bikers right behind me.
Fascinating to see all these bikers hurrying up the mountain.
They are really fit.
Since crossing the Verva Pass cost me less time than expected
and I was already down in Grosio right past noon,
I decided to also take on the Mortirolo Pass today.
It was interesting to feel that if you join a race
you automatically go faster and push the limit.
I think my chain soon needs some oil.
Oh man, a giant pool filled with cool water!
I'm suddenly very tempted to ride down there and jump in.
But unfortunately the pool is on private property.
So let's leave it at that.
The ride down from the Verva and Mortirolo Pass put my brake pads over the edge.
So I'm replacing them.
On this #?!&*$?!! road I had to ride a couple of miles to Cedegolo.
But now the route is leading up into the mountains again.
There's traffic like crazy, cars, trucks and so on.
I'm happy to have survived this.
The trail is stony and steep
but easy to walk on.
Nothing compared to the Weißsee Saddle.
I'm curious what the path will look like further up.
It will now take about 4 hours to reach the Campo Pass.
Now really...
I must be crazy!
(Incomprehensible drivel about the detour I had to make due to bad weather.)
After thunderstorm, heavy rain and hail I had to make a detour
because it would have been too dangerous to cross the mountains.
I'm now at Lake Ledro, and the sun is just coming out.
So long! Until my next extreme tour in 2013!