Wir haben es satt 2013

Uploaded by SchweitzerTiere on 20.01.2013

Mahi Klosterhalfen, CEO of Albert Schweitzer Foundation:
"It's Saturday, January 19, 2013.
We're here at the protest with the motto "We've Had Enough!".
It's minus six degrees Celsius,
but nevertheless the atmosphere is fantastic.
We're here with a great group of our foundation's supporters
and are happy that the protest is about to start!"
Our signs lined up before the start of the protest ...
Our own motto: "Whom do you pet and whom do you eat?"
Our pig mobile in action ...
"We're tired of antiobiotics in mega farms!"
"We've had enough. No to bee mortality. No to factory farming!"
"Whom do you pet and whom do you eat?"
One of our youngest supporters ...
"Cruelty products? No, thank you!"
"Whom do you pet and whom do you eat?"
"No to the animal cruelty government"
"We're tired of profits over ethics"
"Whom do you pet and whom do you eat?"
"Stop factory farms"
"Whom do you pet and whom do you eat?"
"Organic & vegan!"
"My belly belongs to me!"
High five to a great rally with 25,000 protesters in Berlin!
Carsten Halmenseder, our Public Relations Manager:
"We're delighted to have mobilized so many people
to support our foundation during the protest.
Our motto was again: 'End factory farming yourselves!
Use your knife and fork - take the vegetarian or vegan route!'
That's how you can achieve the most for animals!"