Who is Big E Langston?

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who is big u_n_ sten
on drama and a thus miami's diva of the year as voted on by the w_w_ universe
a_j_ lee introduced her new beau jal physical his nemesis john sena to her
friend a viewing stand
the near three hundred pound langston laid waste to see no issues on rock and
did so again on the following evenings super smackdown life
earlier on super smackdown live before seen and shyness team to face the
glaring world heavyweight champion big show and the main events cassie nation
leader told the celtic warrior he had competed against everyone from the
world's largest athlete to olympic power lifter mark henry but lanes to maybe the
strongest man he's ever been in the ring with
so just how strong is big u_n_ sten
then u_n_ xti champion boasts a raw power that would make three hundred
pounds on bills roll away from him in fear as they could
ziegler as new behemoth backup competed in the twenty ten u_s_a_ powerlifting
the united states open championships in davie f l_a_ just a four hour drive from
his home town of tampa
he became not only the winning heavyweight contender but also broke all
four stay dry powerlifting records in the two hundred seventy-five town class
and broke national records in the dead lift and total combined weight lifted in
the squalid bench press and dead lift
langston blitz included a six hundred eleven pounds quant
a four hundred ninety pound bench press and the seven hundred forty nine pounds
and left for a total of one thousand eight hundred fifty one pounds
they're bringing an axe teach and also won the twenty eleven u_s_ state he only
national championship here later in scranton
in a second championship outing langston competed in the super heavyweight
division and broke records once again with the seven hundred ninety nine pound
dead lift and total combined weight lifted in the squalid bench press and
dead lift of a herculean two thousand thirty nine pounds
with aging on his arm
langston watching his back in the world heavyweight championship money in the
bank contract in hand it may only be a matter of time before the show off is
showing off the big gold tied around his chiseled waste
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