THE COMPANY YOU KEEP Trailer | TIFF Festival 2012

Uploaded by tiff on 29.08.2012

FBI! Don't move! Hands in the air!
You are under arrest for the murder of Hugh Crossley.
Sharon Solarz is one of the longest standing fugitives
on the FBI's most wanted list, was arrested yesterday
30 years after the notorious bank robbery that claimed the life a guard.
You're late. -Well if I'm not here
they can't fire me right.
Who's you're best reporter?
New reports reveal that terrorist suspect,
Nicholas Sloan remains at large.
Do you still have your friend in the FBI field office?
Not sure she ever wants to speak to me again.
Get me something and you can keep your job.
What's wrong? You look weird. -I'm fine honey.
Can I just see the case-file for old-times sake?
Just because we hooked up in college I'm going to give you access to
FBI wiretaps?
You talk to Jim Grant?
Who's Jim Grant? -He's a laywer man.
He's obviously a responsible single-parent.
Pillar of society.
Nothing I can turn into a story.
Mr. Grant! I'm just trying to put the pieces together.
I don't have time for this.
I look at the man's history. Nothing. The man doesn't exist before 1979.
We all died. Some of us came back.
We're not going to school. We're going on a little trip.
I think he knows how to run, which means he has an advantage.
I got him! East stair-well.
Don't move! Stay right there.
Kid's our age are being murdered by our government.
We made mistakes but we were right.
We're bringing these people down and I hope I don't find you in my way.
What are you going to do?
My job.
FBI was in my apartment. They're pissed because I'm doing their job
better than they are.
You're about to do a lot of damage to a lot of people.
You have no idea how much.
I don't want anything to do with this.
Did you kill that man? -Of course not.
Right now nothing he's doing makes any sense if he's killed.
Got him. You have a full green-light.
I don't think he's running away.
I think he's trying to clear his name.
Secrets are a dangerous thing. We all think we want to know them, but you
also discover something about yourself.
I hope you're ready for that.