Let's Go Fly A Kite | Mary Poppins

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Stand very closely behind me
and keep me insight.
Not that close.
As we sing a song about flying a kite.
He mended it!
It's wonderful.
How ever did you manage it?
♪ With tuppence for paper and strings
♪ You can have your own set of wings
♪ With your feet on the ground you're a bird in flight
♪ With your fist holding tight
♪ To the string of your kite
A kite needs a proper tail.
That's what I said.
Go fly a kite!
Oh, no, sir.
I don't mean you personally.
♪ Let's go fly a kite
♪ Up to the highest height
♪ Let's go fly a kite
♪ And send it soaring
♪ Up through the atmosphere
♪ Up where the air is clear
♪ Oh, let's go
♪ Fly a kite.