Arrivée de Kito de Pavant sur Groupe Bel aux Sables d'Olonne - Vendée Globe 2012-2013

Uploaded by VendeeGlobeTV on 21.10.2012

The delivery trip was really nice.
It's a great team and it's been great to give ourselves a bit of a shakedown.
We had some fairly mild conditions,
a bit too gentle at times even.
Things went very well
and we got to see all the progress we've made with the boat.
It's a great adventure on every level,
for me obviously, for the Vendee Globe sailors
and all the people who work on the different projects,
not just those involved with Groupe Bel.
It's a personal challenge, but one shared with dozens and thousands of people.
There's a big Go Kito! sign on the spinnaker.
It's a message of encouragement from all those who've left a thumb print
on the mast and support me within the company.
8,500 out of 11,000 of the group's employees
means that the word is getting around
and shows that it's a project, which works within the group
and so much the better!