40 under 40: L.J. Roberts

Uploaded by americanartmuseum on 08.06.2012

My name is L.J. Roberts, and I made the piece the “The Queer Houses of Brooklyn in the
Three Towns of Brooklyn, Bushwick, and Midwout During the 41st year of the Stonewall Era.”
We’re sitting at Glitter House right now, which is a queer collective house in Brooklyn,
and I am an artist that makes knitted and quilted and embroidered installations. I moved
to New York in 2009 and found this really incredible creative, artistic, performance,
film-making community of queer people living in Brooklyn. And so the map is quite large
and you can approach it. It’s knitted mostly on children’s toy knitting machines including
a Barbie knitting machine from 1974, which is kind of the crux of the machinery I use
and also Cool Quarter, which is a pink sparkly machine.
Buzz: So for this piece I did the illustrations on the buttons of all the queer houses, and
I basically asked people in the queer houses you know what were the images they wanted
to see on the icon of their house. I either did that or I just literally drew what their
house name was.
Daniel: So I made the map that L.J. based this piece off of, for the program for the
first queer house field day, which is a community-building that the collective has done for the past
few years as a way of bringing together folks living in the set of queer collective houses
that have been formed in Brooklyn for the last number of years. So I made the map to
make visible the geography of the queer collective houses of Brooklyn right now and to connect
this moment to queer history and the underlying history of Brooklyn. I’m really excited
to be part of the Brooklyn scene right now that feels like we’re all working together
to kind of continue on this queer tradition of making art in New York.