Justice to Israel

Uploaded by klaym69 on 03.06.2010

The state of Israel will stay forever!
God is with us.
The power of justice, not with the Islamic extremes ,
The representatives of evil and Backwardness on earth.
I am an Israeli citizen and I want to express
My feelings about the world hypocrisy
Reaction condemning Israeli actions on the flotilla to Gaza.
My words are directed especially to USA citizens
The land of freedom and democracy
I like to watch a popular program
At your TV "Extreme makeover". In which
A group of good people volunteer to build
A new home to unfortunate people.
Some were hit by an hurricane, or a disease, or
Lost a close family member.
It is America in her most nicely face.
We, Jewish people, lost before 60 years our homes,
All our families, all our properties and
The survivors came to Israel to rehabilitate
Their lives in our little promised land.
My father lost all of his family at Second World War:
2 parents Henia and Eliyau Oliker, 7 sisters
And brothers who were all married with
Wives and children, he was married too
Having one little daughter, only he survived
From his big family.
My mother had 2 parents Rivca and Itzchac Yasin
And 3 sisters Riezel, Rucal'e and Zipral'e,
All murdered by the Germans Nazis
I am asking you: where is the good free spirit
Of America as it's shown in "Extreme Makeover"
And through all its history
I think it had been lost in your new government.
Are you going to build an Islamic Mosque Near
The twins building which were destroyed by extreme Muslims?
Is this the way you remember your dead?
I read once an article written by
An American journalist I'm sorry I don't
Remember His name
He wrote that ISRAEL state is like a
Match box in middle of a stadium which is
All Arab states around,
And they ask us with great help of other countries:
Would you give us a little piece of your box?
And we will give you PEACE
Your leaders think that if they'll
Sacrifice the ISREALI state to our enemies
Their way will be easier,
That’s a big mistake
All the free world is threatened by Islamic extremes
And they are growing in numbers day by day.
God bless ISRAEL and its people
God bless good old America and its people.
Thank you for your attention!