Capacete Iron Man (Pepakura) Subtitled EN

Uploaded by oozihemp on 12.08.2012

My voice will be a little compromised on this video because...
Kids, remember, aways use a respirator when working with this, this stuff can kill and cause cancer! Super fun!
Mister Mario is fiberglassing the helmet now, finishing up this part
This thing smells bad and it's toxic so i'm improvising here like a field laborer.
A field Laborer, dude?
Yeah, look at me!
So, now you are a field laborer?
I'm running out of fiberglass cloth.
Can you show to the guys how you doing it?
1st you put a coat of resin with the brush
then you place the fiberglass cloth on it.
Basicaly you apply the resin and place this thing on it?
You place the resin then the fiber glass cloth, so it sticky on and get hard with the fiber, errr, resin, errr...
Dude, i'm tripping balls!
Polyester Resin can cause brain demage and cancer. COOL!
This is the Iron man Helmet
You can notice it is all hardened and ready for the next stage.
So, Mario, what are you going to do now?
I'm going to finish the fiberglassing and start the bondo part.
But now, with this tool, you are trimming...
I'm removing the bubbles on the fiblerglass because they are weak spots
So, you have to remove and place more fiberglass on it place
And to the ppl there are saying this not gonna work, what you have to say to them?
All i have to say is that my work is awesome and everything i make is equally awesome!
-So, everything you touch turns on gold? -Everything i touch becomes gold, i'm Midas the king
-Or, everything you touch turns on... -Turns on Iron Man Helmets!
Cool, you can proceed with your dirty work now.
I'm not using safety equipment, so, i'm going just hold this lamp for you.
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3, 4, the pepsi bottle is well positioned there? LOL... Cool!
Look that baby crying there dude.
I think babies dont like the Iron Man. its a shame!
-I'm going to get out of here now, because it is smelling bad -Ok bro!