West Wing Week "Magic Mountains and Volcanoes"

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DRAFT - "Magic Mountains and volcanoes" INTRO CUT TO: OPENING TITLES
NARRATOR Welcome to the West Wing Week, your guide
to everything that's happening at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. This week, The President
saw and spoke on innovation in Pittsburgh, PA, visited advanced manufacturing
facilities in Iowa, held a press conference in the East Room and welcomed champion
soccer and basketball teams to the White House. That's June 24th to June
30th or "Magic Mountains and Volcanoes"
CUT TO: POTUS at Ross 24 Hr. Diner in Iowa with owner Cynthia Freidhof
POTUS Cynthia came to one of my town halls in Iowa,
and told me about Magic Mountains and Volcanoes. So, Magic Mountains are...
(turns to Cynthia) Cynthia Freidhof
Texas toast grilled, loose steamed hamburger meat on top of that,french fries or
hash browns, homemade cheddar cheese sauce that goes on the top, if we add our
spicy chili on the top then its called a volcano POTUS
Then its called a volcano. Friday june 24th - pittsburgh, pa
GRAPHIC: FRIDAY CUT TO: The President touring robotics site.
XX(NARRATOR)XX On Friday, June 24th, the President toured
the National Robotics Engineering Center at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh,
Pennsylvania. The President was shown a range of cutting-edge technologies with
the potential to transform and assist the manufacturing sector - from crowd sourced
vehicles to next generation robots POTUS (with engineers)
Government funded research resulting in new products, new companies and new
jobs CUT TO: The President was led on the tour
by Pradeep Khosla, Dean of the college of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University.
NARRATOR The President took this opportunity to announce
the launch of the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a national effort
that brings industry, universities, and the federal government together to invest
in emerging technologies that create high quality manufacturing jobs and enhance our
global competitiveness. POTUS
It’s about making sure our workers and businesses have the skills and the tools they
need to compete better, faster, and smarter than anybody else. That's what we’re
about. We are America, and we don’t just keep up with changing times, we set the
pace for changing times. (Applause.) We adapt; we innovate; we lead the way
forward. (Applause.) June 27 - DC
GRAPHIC: MONDAY CUT TO: Harry Reid arrival, Mitch McConnell
arrival NARRATOR
On Monday, June 27th, the President and Vice President held meetings in the oval
office with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Senate Minority Leader Mitch
McConnell CUT TO: Colorado Rapids Soccer Champs in Rose
Also on Monday, the President welcomed Major League Soccer champions the
Colorado Rapids to the White House to honor their 2010 season and the MLS Cup
victory. (On Stage)
RAPIDS GEN. MGR: As you know, the number 10 is the leader, so --
THE PRESIDENT: Absolutely. That is me and Messi. We're right up there. Absolutely.
(Laughter.) CUT TO: Oval Office, Outstanding Volunteer
Service Medal Presentation NARRATOR
Later in the day, the President awarded the Outstanding volunteer Service Medal to
Air Force Staff Sargent Jacob Koch, who clocked over 3500 hours of personal
volunteer service from June 2008 to April 2011
CUT TO: President touring Alcoa Davenport Works
NARRATOR On Tuesday, June 28th, the President traveled
to Bettendorf, Iowa, to tour the Alcoa Davenport Works Factory and to discuss the
critical role that the manufacturing sector plays in the American economy. But
first.. the motorcade made a stop at Ross' 24 Hour Restaurant. In 2008, at an Iowa town
hall, then candidate Barack Obama had told the owner, Cynthia Freidhof, he would
one day come to her small buisness POTUS
I told you I was gonna come (Hug) UNIDENTIFIED OFF CAM
He is a man of his word NARRATOR
After talking with folks at Ross and sampling a local favorite, "The Magic Mountain"
sandwich the President toured Alcoa Davenport Works Factory which produces and
fabricates Aluminum and Aluminum - alloy metals. He met workers, toured the
manufacturing plant, and delivered remarks on the factory floor.
POTUS When President Kennedy challenged America
to go to the moon, your engineers produced the alloys that helped us get there.
In Afghanistan and Iraq, you’ve helped provide our troops with the armor they need
to protect their vehicles from roadside bombs and IEDs. And today, your new aluminum-lithium
alloy is making some of the world’s most advanced airplanes lighter,
tougher, and more cost-effective than ever before. CUT TO And I promise you, if
we continue to adapt and we continue to innovate, and we work together to compete
around the world, America will come back stronger than before. We will lead the
way forward. And we will make the next century another great American century..
CUT TO: Press conference in East Room. NARRATOR
On Wednesday morning the President held a press conference in the East Room
where he took questions from the press on a number of subjects - and talked at
length about the need for Congress to act and make tough choices on spending and
the debt limit. POTUS
We know what the options are out there. This is not a technical problem any longer.
This is a matter of Congress going ahead and biting the bullet and making some
tough decisions. Because we know what the decisions are. We've identified what
spending cuts are possible. We've identified what defense cuts are possible. We've
identified what health care cuts are possible. We've identified what loopholes in the
tax code can be closed that would also raise revenue. We’ve identified what the
options are. And the question now is are we going to step up and get this done.
NARRATOR In the Afternoon the President welcomed the
WNBA Champion Seattle Storm to the White House
CUT TO: Visit with the Seattle Storm, Oval Office
POTUS Bird's got game... I want her dropping dimes
to me Player (Sue bird)
I heard you can shoot. POTUS
I got a shot. (smiling) Player
Thats what they're telling us. POTUS
That's what theyre saying, thats the word on the street (smiling)
CUT TO: Rose Garden remarks POTUS
They Tied the record for the most regular season wins, went undefeated at home,
became the first team in WNBA history to go a perfect 7-0 in the playoffs on the way
to the title, and this was no fluke, it was the result of true teamwork and unselfish
The President then went to greet guests and speak at a LGBT Pride Month Reception
in the East Room. POTUS
It was here, in the East Room at our first Pride reception, on the 40th anniversary of
the riots at the Stonewall, a few months after I took office, that I stood at this
podium and made a pledge.I said that I would never counsel patience; that it wasn't
right to tell you to be patient any more than it was right for others to tell African
Americans to be patient in the fight for equal rights a half century ago. But I also said
that while it might take time - more time than anyone would like - I expected to be
judged not by the promises I made, but by the promises I kept.
JUNe 30 - dc + Philly GRAPHIC: THURSDAY
CUT TO: Farewell Ceremony for Defense Secretary Robert Gates, Pentagon.
NARRATOR On Thursday morning the President traveled
to a farewell ceremony for outgoing Defense Secretary Robert Gates at the Pentagon
POTUS This is the America--string and confident--to
which Bob Gates has devoted his life, and this is the America to which we rededicate
ourselves today. Bob, on behalf of the American people, thank you foryour extraordinary
life of service. Thank you very much.
CUT TO: Meeting with the Interagency Council on Veterans Employment, Roosevelt
The President then attended a meeting of the Inter-agency Council on Veterans
Employment with Secreraty of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinsecki
NARRATOR To find out more information on any of these
topics or to see complete videos of these events go to White House.gov, and thanks
again for checking out your West Wing Week.
STING CUT TO:POSSIBLE - Petting Bo laying on groud
- asking - Why are you so tired, you been outside, is that why you are so pooped?