Shambhala (inauguración) - PortAventura 2012

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The most anticipated opening this season arrives at PortAventura.
National and international media concerned with the opening of Shambhala.
Artur Mas, President of the Generalitat, is responsible for its inauguration.
The Shaolin of Shambhala welcome us.
After the opening ceremony Himalayan doors open to visitors,
found with the imaginary kingdom of Shambhala.
At the start of the expedition we enter a lost kingdom.
Ruins, Buddhas, and a mountain range to explore await the more adventurous
It's time to begin the adventure.
After a climb of 76 meters we expected a fall of 78, the highest in Europe.
Are you ready? Catch each strong, because we are going to fly.
It was awesome! You could not even scream or do anything.
You stay as paralyzed from the velocity.
He had ridden before in Dragon Khan And it has nothing to do.
I feel better, can not even raise his arms.
and now with the wearing of feet dangling you're flying.
I loved it, I'll finish now the day riding this attraction.
It is crazy! It leaves you relieved.
Do not even let you breathe. It is awesome, I love it.
Fantastic, Fantastic.
There is a moment you touch the sky. And then, fly. It's great.
In others, if you get in front row, See how you fall.
Well, for me it was relaxing.
I uploaded three times, and out of here super relaxed. That fall the government, we're really well, prepared.
As its own name, "Shambhala" "packed a lot." It is an attraction that goes very fast.
The truth is that it is very good. I've uploaded two times because I wanted to be first in line.
And the first time, you're so nervous ... enjoy not both, But the second one you enjoy more.
I liked it because it combines many different things. The first drop is spectacular.
But then there are other times to get it up a little ass of the seat ...
and also ... very impressive. I find it very interesting.
I think if Dragon Khan PortAventura marked. People come here for those who like roller coasters.
- I like a lot of roller coasters, I have to admit -.
(Shambhala) It is very well done.
It's a little scary, but that's it.
We have mounted 4 times. The first impression you have given enough.
We print up ... and most impressive is when you fall into the first down and go through the tunnel.
It seems that you will not fit through the tunnel.
The other is very smooth, very quiet, very light, It shakes, it's very comfortable ...
... you have nothing in your head that you strokes. It is very comfortable.
This is Shambhala. Mysterious, magical, adventurous.
Dare to discover Shambhala in Port Aventura.