DESTINATION FUN starring Fab DS #23 Very Good Trip Las Vegas

Uploaded by DestinationFunVideo on 27.12.2011

Hi! I'm Fab DS for Destination FUN!
Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas!
No time to loose... You can find slot machines when you arrive at the airport!
The entire airport is invaded by slots!
Perhaps I'll never become rich & famous...
...but maybe I'll become just rich in Vegas! Let's see!
It's so luxurious that you can't almost describe it!
Gondoliers in Venetian Hotel!
An artificial blue sky!
I played on Jaws Slots and I won $1.54 for a $5 bet! It's sure I'm gonna be rich!
Let's go to the chapels! I wanna get married with an unknow pretty girl...
...but only if the ceremony is held by Elvis!
There's an oxygen bar...
People don't drink but smell something strange...
This hotel is as big as a commercial center!
Here at Stratosphere Hotel, there are extreme attractions on the top...
Let's take a look!
The Sky Jump: a free fall from the 108th floor of the tower
In "Insanity" - a gripper above the void -, they scream like little girls!
And the guy tells them: "be brave, look down!"
Here: "X-Scream"
You think it's never gonna stop, but it stops only at the last moment...
They seem so happy above the void!
At least, "The Big Shot" on the Stratosphere's needle
This guy is living the best day of his life, ever!
Slot machines are behind me... and there are also restaurants, McDonald's,...
... a big fast food here...
...there's also a woman who's saying "hello" in the background...
... and a movie theater!
But the best thing that I can't wait for is the Playboy's bunnies!
The "Palms" is a great Destination FUN!
Amazing... it looks like Hotel New York in Disneyland Paris...
This room has a view on the Statue of Liberty...
... and the roller coaster of the hotel!
When the night falls, Vegas becomes really fabulous...
... when the lights of the Palaces turn on and when the excitation is growing!
The goal of the game here is to visit all the Palaces...
... and take your chance in all casinos!
The M&M's shop on 4 floors!
There are two kinds of persons: the ones who are playing...
... and the ones who are drinking!
Amazing! There is an amusement park in Circus Circus' hotel!
The roller coasters' rails are just above your head!
An amusement park in a hotel!!!
I tried the 13th haunted rooms of the 13th floor and it was scary in Halloween style!
I wanted to try "Earl of Sandwich" but instead of my order I got... this!
And when your order is ready it becomes like a UFO!
The order is ready! Funny!!
The Casino's biggest slot!
Why not?
Not easy!
I played 5 dollars in slots and I won...
... 0.14 cents!
I think it's not worth to change it...
The best thing here is the huge number of hot girls!
The more night goes on, the more people are drunk!
... so you have to get drunk too!
You can try your chance for free to become a millionaire here
It's my turn to play!
To resume all, Las Vegas is like a big Disneyland for adults
Come and take your chance in Vegas, maybe richness is waiting for you!?