Developmental English

Uploaded by JohnTylerCommCollege on 16.11.2012

Want to master Developmental English faster? Even in one semester?
Well, starting in the Spring of 2013, a restructuring of Developmental English
at all of Virginia's community colleges will make that possible.
This new redesign simplifies the entire process by combining
developmental writing and reading together in only one course renamed
ENF or English Fundamentals.
Here's how it works:
After taking the V_P_T_ english placement test,
new students will be placed ENF 1, ENF 2, or ENF 3.
Those who require more Development English
will need to take ENF 1
which is 8 credits, along with SDV100 which is 1 credit
for total of 9 credits.
Those who need a little less will need to take ENF 2,
which is 4 credits. And those who need the least amount of Developmental English
will have to take ENF 3 which is
only 2 credits.
However, they must also at the same time
co-enroll in English 111, which is 3 credits, for total
of 5 credits.
this new format help students reached English 111 more quickly. In fact, for
some students, the overall number of credit hours may be reduced.
Keep in mind that those students who are ENF 1 or ENF 2 must successfully
complete these courses before taking ENG 111.
Also, students who have already passed the old development English courses will be
placed accordingly.
Those who have passed ENG 1 and 5
will be placed into ENF 2
Those who have credit for ENG 1, 3, and 5
will be placed into ENF 3.
And finally those who completed both ENG 3 and ENG 6
will be placed into ENG 111.
As always if you have any questions on this, ask your academic advisor or counselor.