Immigration and Naturalization Ceremony

Uploaded by TempleUniversity on 04.02.2011

[papers rustling]

>> Joyce I'm from India and when I got here, I was very happy, and
wanted to become a citizen. And I waited for this for the past 13 years.

>> Judge It is
with a warm heart, that I welcome, 48 applicants, eligible today to take the oath of citizenship,
coming from 33 different countries. It's a wonderful, wonderful event where people from
all different walks of life and different experiences choose to become American citizens,
to take the oath.

>> Court officer All applicants for citizenship please raise your right hand,
in the audience, please rise. You hereby declare, on oath of affirmation

>> Joyce I'm going
to be graduating on Friday from Fox School of Business so I feel like I'm in heaven right
>> Court officer Joyce Shaeker
>> Joyce Even when I was not a citizen, I always felt I was part of this country. And
it made it more special than you know, kind of made it true, and it was make believe but
it became true today.

>> Judge Congratulations. Lets give them a hand.