Why do Intelligent People still Believe in Religion? 12: Using the psychological mechanisms

Uploaded by anubis2814 on 17.01.2010

One of the things the few criticizer of this series has been is that they felt like it
gave too many excuses for stupid thinking and beliefs. While its true that people enjoy
exploiting excuses to be lazy and receive special treatment, The purpose of a psychological
diagnosis is not to give someone an excuse but to make one aware of their own situation
so that they may come up with a game plan for overcoming it. I had the same discussion
with kellyjones00 about how she claims that men are better than women. There are things
that each sex will be more likely to fall prey too in terms of health and psychosis
however knowing that means that you can have a game plan to overcome and empower yourself.
If psychologists treated knowledge of anything as a special privilege nothing would ever
get done. All new knowledge would be responded with, “well thats how it is”, and we can't
do anything about it, now we have an excuse for what we've been doing for the past 5 centuries,
which is yet another form of rationalization. In engineering there are no good or bad attributes.
There are bad for a certain situations, but no mechanism or trait is inherently bad. Now
a person like kellyjones00 would argue that men and women are bad in some situations and
better in others using these arguments. Unfortuantely she fails to comprehend the wonder that is
the brain. The amazing thing about the brain is that it can change and constructs can be
devised to overcome naturally predisposed traits. Just as math is not something inherent
to us, we utilized our ability to memorize and assign symbols to concepts that allowed
us to very successfully utilize mathematics to gain a clearer and more accurate understanding
of our world and universe. The brain can change, adapt and overcome in ways that would take
millenia of generations to evolve genetically. Skeptcism is a mental construct that tends
to go against our common sense. Our first reaction is to have blind faith in something
told to you by someone we trust and be xenophobic of things told to us by someone who disagrees
with us. This us-vs-them mentality of course had many advantage but is also very damaging
and counter productive in terms of understanding and progress. Fortunately we discovered and
crafted the scientific method which we can now train ourselves suspend emotional faith
or xenophobia of a new idea, and let it filter through the scientific method construct to
be a standard of what to believe than let out faith or xenophobia take over. This extra
step in out mental process can assure that if something untrue did happen to get through
the filter we can run out own ideas back through the filter when stated by the person you trust
the most, You, and the scientific method will have a chance to filter it out again. Without
this filter you would end up being hypocritical in the way you analyses what you are to believe
as what you have been told by someone you trust may give you the warm fuzzies, while
something someone else tells you may just sound dumb. If you compare the two things
said without emotion or preconceived nothing they may both sound equally silly but with
emotion blinding you to this you would never know.
Now to claim that all people with stupid ideas are doing so by choice, is judgmental at best.
Remember we were not given any handbook on the world or bodies or our minds as I said
in my god is NOT love video. We as a species have had to pull ourselves up by our own boot
straps blindly stumbling around grasping onto one mental construct and clinging to it until
our children finally accepts the next one that works better, paradigm shifts tend to
come in the next generation and not in an individual.
We are all in an asylum, Planet earth is our cell and it is hardly padded. We all have
inherently passed delusions and confusions about reality. We are the wardens, the pharmacists,
the doctors and the patients. Some use brutal methods and others have learned to use counseling
methods. As each generation goes by we will continue to build new mental constructs that
will allow us to enjoy this planet and be free of all of our delusions. It is possible
that if there is intelligent life out there that they know that interfering is a bad thing
and they have to wait for us to figure out our own mental construct system that works
for our species and planet for us to all live in peace, before they contact us. There is
misinformation, natural paranoia and confusion throughout the world. People have been taught
not to trust smart elites because they are from the devil. The scientific community tends
to make it confusing and the education system rarely gives us the tools we need to think
critically. Something people may fail to understand is
that religion is also a set of mental constructs just like critical thinking is, but it is
much more primitive and doesn't really explain reality in a logical and unbiased way. To
drop that mental construct requires replacing it with another mental construct, and to give
up religion entirely requires replacement of all mental constructs given them by their
religion which are usually much more complicated to understand than their religion had. The
purpose of this series is not to let religious people off the hook entirely, but to lay out
the problems we skeptics have face, in ways of education and awareness of human psychological
error. Until we know the precise problems we can't begin to work on a solution. We will
have to figure out ways to attack each mechanism piece by piece and help replace it with a
better and healthier mental construct, something a good psychologist does. After this series
is over and I've had a break from the subject and time to mull things over in my head, I
hope to begin figure out ways fix these problems in people, as opposed to using harsh tactics
like ridicule and insult that many people resort to. Ridicule is fine for the people
who you know will never change like ray comfort, pat robertson, geerup or nephlimfree, those
people will probably never change, as people like that almost never change unless reality
bitchslaps them into wanting to change. Right now they have every motivation to stay in
their beliefs as they bask in the glow of their adoring fans. However using these harsh
methods will just be more damaging on people who just have a genuine confusion and ignorance
of themselves and the world around them. An ignorance awareness campaign might be useful,
because the problem with ignorance is that you tend to not know what you don't know.
While talking with my shrink I learned all sorts of things I had no clue that there were,
especially when it came to mental constructs such as coping mechanisms. Good education
in all fields in a way people can understand is really the only way we will move forward
as a society. We have to use the traits our brain has and engineer new mental constructs
that do not cause destruction and suffering on oneself and others. I intend to continue
to try and do this.