Gali Gali Chor Hai (2012) w/ Eng Sub - Hindi Movie - Part 1

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They have evil intentions.
They have evil intentions.
Well said.
They dwell in my house...
...and plunder my house.
The things of forests...
...should be in forest.
But now they are in Delhi...
...who should have been in land of bandits.
There are thieves in every lane.
There are corruption all around.
Thieves rule here.
It's time of thieves.
Thieves are linked to each other.
Thieves are linked to each other.
There are thieves in every lane.
There are thieves in every lane.
My name will not be called as Hanuman, if won't finish him.
Oh wicked Raavan, send back my mother Sita to me:
Otherwise, I'll destroy your kingdom Lanka
Oh get ashamed,
two men who are standing behind you as the soldier of monkey brigade
have done the role of Ram two times
and you're still playing as Hanuman for the last so many years
Dad, the person who is playing the role of Ram
for the last 3 years is the brother of Tripathi, M.L.A.
And I'm playing as Hanuman because of my acting
Dad is right.
You're a cashier in the bank
and every year you play as Hanuman in the drama of Ram's deeds?
Oh! What happened to both of you?
It's my hobby.
And I bat that One day I'll play as Ram
and that too only because of my acting.
I meant that if you do such labor in your Bank s exam...
as you do in this drama of Ram's deeds...
you'll become a senior manager.
Praise the God Shani
Just bringing.
Listen, you're quite a healthy person...
don't you feel ashamed to beg oil from door to door
Extreme problem.
The lines of your forehead are telling...
that you'll have to face God Shani's anger
Listen, these all use useless - Wear black clothes on Saturday
and feed sweets to black cow, and go on every Saturday Shani temple...
and illuminate lamp with mustard oil:
Otherwise you'll be in a big problem.
What are you doing this?
Priest; don't mind as what he says He speaks without thinking anything.
Praise God Shani. May God save you?
Just remember as whatever I told you:
Otherwise, I've seen so many people begging before God Shani
- Yes, you may go - Praise God Shani.
Do know the rate of oil?
Come and take your breakfast
We're not getting oil even for our daily use
and you're giving it to this priest
It doesn't make any difference if we give one bowl in a week
The whole world is fight for oil and the war for that...
has started from our house
Today, it is auto's strike in the city.
Leave in the school while you go for office...
and also pick up me in the evening
One new problem every day.
I don't know when will we get rid of the election fever.
On 28th - What is going to happen on 28th?
Election is on 28th.
Hello sir
You people have come for Salma Naushad, Isn't?
Yes, we'll cast our vote to her
No. We've to defeat that Salma Naushad and third contestant Mohan lal.
We're supporter of Tripathi
Dear, you told your actual feelings. I just misunderstood you
Oh! Younger M.L. A, you?
Yes, you want that my brother to be defeated
I just said casually. Please come in.
We'll come some other time...
Now, we've come to your to take your outside room.
You know we don't have our any single election office in your area
You now that - Is sister-in-law not agreeing?
No. Actually that is not the problem - Good morning everybody
Good morning
Brother, just ask her name
Are you concerned with her name?
Nothing. Listen. There are only 3 votes of your family in the list.
These boys felt that her name is left.
Now tell her name
No. She's our paying guest
She is nice
Actually, dad in not well.
If office will be here, it will noise whole day.
No, I won't be able to give room
Okay don't give.
But keep all of them as paying guest...
Oh he getting afraid in keeping them as paying guest...
Mr. Bharat you'll have to face consequences Let's go
Oh it is criminal activity openly.
They came for room and going after threatening us
How cheap they are
And you were also to come out side this time only
What do you talk daughter in law?
Shall a person stop to roam in his even his house?
Come. I'm getting late
What the change in the time?
As wife has to reach in time, Husband is going before time
Why did you argue with them or Amita?
Didn't you notice that how were they seeing her?
She was behaving in such a manner that they we ere seeing him.
If she'll wear short sized dress, every body will.
But why did you bother for those boys.
Oh Nisha we'll have to take care of her. It's our duty.
She is like our family member
Now she has become as family member instead of a paying guest
You even don't care to fight even when we go on scooter
When queen Laxmi Bai can fight by sitting on horses,
How will I feel problem to fight on scooter
Yes. But is it necessary to quarrel
It is wife's legal right to quarrel with husband for his mistakes
Now get down
Your school has come
Tell to your regional manger that if Amita is his brother's daughter,
keep her in his house
Nisha, you already know that his wife doesn't like Amita
And you want that your wife should like her
Nisha, if I ask her to go
Then, he'll get you transferred to Bastar. Isn't?
In some village of Bastar
I can live with you in any village of Bastar...
but I can't live with Amita
Mr. Shiv Narayan janta, public has started battle against corruption,
but will it make some impact?
I don't think, it will have some impact
Dear, on today's situation, I just remember on line
Please tell
Every where it is problem
Very nice
Every where it is problem
Oh God tell why is all this?
Very good
Yes, what is happening here?
Sir, they are playing gambling
Yes, I'm also seeing that they're playing card in my area
Sir, behave with us with due respect.
We're retired government servant and we're not playing gambling
Sir, talk with due respect. He is our senior inspector
Yes, but why is he misbehaving with us?
We' were playing cards game for time pass
Now, we're arresting you.
Nobody will try to run
Because we can't run. We can walk.
Come with us to the police station.
Whatever you want say, say there only
No, sir. - Now you will understand.
Stop! - Who is?
It's jeep.
Where are you taking these people?
They are playing gambling openly
No my son, they're mistaken us. We're respected people of the society.
We were only playing cards. - Yes, ha-ha-ha.
Sir, why are you giving trouble to these gentle me?
He's honest?
I'll talk to your S.P.
Sir, why you talk to our boss for this little matter?
Our secrets will be out. It's the question of our job.
Then go from here
Yes, going.
Don't know how they come.
Hello sir. Sir, my name is Monhan lal
Yes, we know you very well.
You're contesting election
against Tripathi from an independent seat. Isn't?
Yes, I'm contesting election, but I'm not a leader.
I've business of perfume in Singapore.
I earned lot of money there.
But I felt here that the leaders of our country
played an important role in drowning this country.
This is the main reason that very few educated
and gentle people come in politics
You're right.
For a long time I've not clapped for any leader.
Only abused them.
Now do something good that people may again start clapping for leaders
Sir, if your blessing are with us, I'll try to do that
Son, we're with you. If you require anything, tell us
Bhrat, don't you have break in your scooter?
I called there and you're stopping here
After seeing you, my legs were slipped to break it
Move fast. I've forgotten to bring my I. Card
and without I. Card I'll not get entry here
Shall see a rikshaw for you
Today, rikshaw's strike
otherwise would I not stop rikshaw instead you. Now come
You're not getting me. Nisha is waiting for me
Still it's half an hour left in closing Nisha's school.
You can take even two round of Nisha's school
Please let's go.
Go carefully, bye.
Bye teacher Bye teacher Bye teacher Bye teacher
Bye - Bye Bye
Tripathi will win and Mohan Lal will be defeated
Sir, what all this going on here?
What happened?
Why are you crying and who are you to ask all this?
This is my house
Brother greetings to you. Sister in law greetings to you.
When I refused you in the morning, then how did you dare to do all this?
Your father has given us this room. Just ask him
Bharat son, these boys belong to Mohan lal and to Tripathi
I've given
But dad, why?
Now, we people don't believe on leaders.
Therefore, not a single gentle man is willing to come in politics
You take the card and go - Yes
But someone had to start.
Mohan lal has started this.
Unless people like Mohan Lal come in politics,
people will never get their due rights
But dad, either he is Triptahi or Mohan Lal,
all are of the same category.
Please hurry up. Nisha will be waiting for me.
I'm not getting my card. Please help me
Son, please go, someone needs your help
and I'm going to help Mohan lal
Oh! Have you forgotten to make wear paint to bhabhi ji
Let's go. Nisha will be waiting for me
Thanks, Bharat.
If you wouldn't be, Again I would be absent today.
- Thank you. - Oh!
Nisha, listen to me.
I was hindered on the way. Now sit on the scooter.
People are watching us... It doesn't look nice. Come sit now
Were they not seeing you
when you were carrying your paying guest on your scooter?
I was coming to pick up you and she met me on the way
That's why you picked her and left me. - No, just listen to me
I already told you, don't follow me
You've said this sentence first time.