Dong Yi, 46회, EP46, #01

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Wait... wait-wait-wait...
You need a break.
Aren't you kind of a wimp?
Nobles, I swear, can't run for nothing.
You're exactly alike.
Administrative Officer, Capital Station, at your service, My Liege.
Your Grace?
It's my teacher. Quick, hide!
We need to talk.
Of course, this way.
You're an administrative officer?
Yes, My Liege. I didn't recognize you before.
I'm here to apologize.
It's a natural mistake.
From my clothes you couldn't know I'm highfalutin and you're low-patootin.
Huh? Oh, yes, My Liege.
I never dreamed what a HIGH highfalutin you are.
I know, you're forgiven, since we're both gentlemen and all.
Forgiven? I'm honored, My Liege.
What should I do? School's already started.
The gate is barred.
Oh? What now? If I knock I'll catch it from my teacher.
Well, nothing for it. You just have to skip.
What 'what'? Even scholars sneak over the back walls sometimes.
Did you ever?
I flew over!
Yeah? You're tougher than you look.
But what'll I do all day? I'll catch it if I go home, too.
Why worry? You're with me, aren't you?
With you?
You'd like me to keep this quiet?
Yes, please.
You know about court politics, so I'm sure you understand.
Yes, of course.
Life is hard for a prodigy, especially a prince.
I understand perfectly, don't worry.
Thank you.
But have you thought of continuing his education?
I hoped you might tutor him.
No, I lack the depth and breadth of knowledge needed.
In all of Korea, there's only one man that can teach your son.
What's his name?
Yes, the pen name for Kim Kusun.
I sent word to Chief Seo and Inspector Shim.
We'll collect the prince, you can go on.
Good, good. Look after him.
Your Grace.
What's this?
'Basic Concepts.' Your copy's pretty beat up.
And a book cloth. The best he had.
'Basic Concepts'...
What is it? You don't like books?
It's not that. I'd like 'Doctrine of the Mean' and 'Great Learning' better, is all.
It gets old using my mom's copies.
But I appreciate the thought. Thank you.
My Liege.
'Doctrine of the Mean' and 'Great Learning'? Who's he kidding?
He takes after his father, if you don't mind my saying.
Look, a traveling show.
You want to watch?
- Yeah. - Let's go.
What chance did he have against that behemoth?
It's not just size and strength.
True. There's a strategy to it.
You know about wrestling?
Who doesn't? Not just theory, either, I put it into practice.
Yeah? Flying and wrestling? You really ARE tough.
Who's next?
Go on.
Me? As in ME me?
You're with the Capital Police, you know martial arts.
Nobody? Nobody at all?
My Liege, I've got my dignity to think of...
That guy was a noble, too.
But I'm MORE dignified.
You're scared.
No, nuh-uh, this guy's nothing.
Woohoo! Let's see!
Here! Here, here, this officer's next.
Sire, no, absolutely not.
Let go. It's just wresting.
Sire... Sire.
On the line.
Good luck!
Good luck!
Ready... fight!
A little more... harder!
You alright?
Of course. Nothing to it.
Not again...
Sire, please, you might get hurt.
Hands off. Time to teach tubby a lesson.
Go on... harder!
Harder... harder!
More... a little more...
More, more, more...
...more, more, more...
Woohoo! You did it!
He did it!