Continuum Ep 04: Event Horizontal

Uploaded by ContinuumTheSeries on 24.07.2012

Yeah, like an angry troll.
Shut up! Give me the camera.
What are you doing? What?
- You tell me who he really is! - I told you already.
- He was sent to kill you. - No, I don't believe it.
I am not programmed to lie.
But your data got scrambled during the malfunction.
- True, but its information is accurate. - Maybe you're just mistaken.
That is highly unlikely.
Why? Back where I came from computers messed up all the time.
Are you starting to remember?
It's just space debris.
- What are you looking for? - Stop doing that!
- Doing what? - Sneaking up on me.
- I do not mean to bother you. - You're like my mother or something.
Maybe that's what I'll call you, Mother.
Mother is a nice name.
- I was kidding. - But I like it.
- I have never had a name before. - Okay, okay. How bout...
- Tara is a name. - Tara will work fine.
- Thank you. - Great.
But there's someone else on this ship, so how bout we focus on that right now?
We have been over this before.
Well, I'm telling you, I heard something... or someone.
- There is no reason to be paranoid. - Well... I am. Wouldn't you be?
I do not get paranoid.
Okay, how about scared? Do you get scared?
I did detect that sound, but no...
I do not get frightened either.
I sure as hell do.
Where are you going?
Only other place on this ship I know someone else is.
Who the heck are you?
English subtitles by BugHer0