Kevin Bacon's The Following, American Horror Story Asylum Finale & More - My Week in TV - 01/21/13

Uploaded by sidereel on 21.01.2013

It's definitely not close to Halloween but this week in TV we have a lot of scary shit
coming at us. From Kevin Bacon to Gordon Ramsay, My Week in TV is all about terror.
Monday night is the premiere of the new Fox thriller "The Following" which stars Kevin
Bacon as a former FBI agent on the hunt for a deranged serial killer who recruits followers
to do his bidding. It sounds a little like "Seven," but if its even 10% as good as the
film, it'll likely be better than most of what Fox airs these days.
Wednesday is the season finale of "American Horror Story" and I won't even dare to try
and watch this one alone. This season has been all sorts of fucked up, and I can't wait
to see what deranged, creepy stuff comes our way.
Friday is a nightmare of a different variety, as Gordon Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares returns
to show off some of America's most heinous restaurants. From dead rats in the walk-in
to screaming bartenders, there's always something terrifying going on in this reality show.
Sunday is reserved for the scariest, most insane show to ever get renewed. Of course
I'm talking about the Vanilla Ice Project on DIY network. Robbie Van Winkle is back
in the mix helping homeowners renovate their property and update their homes. If you're
not afraid that this dude is still should be.....very....afraid.
That's it for this week. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what TV shows
are scaring you the most this month.