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and welcome to
this week's artist on arts
the first
of twenty thirteen to have a great pleasure speaking with
professor elizabeth stevens
elizabeth " Beth" Stephens
thank you so much for coming in soon
allow and failed to start the year off your a_k_ csc in with you not that i
love this assignment
favor radio station for old um...
annual amount bearing gas
and teachers and uh... bore a the list goes on sculptors biko artists
environmentalist activist educator
p_h_d_ maker
and here in the midst of years he is the is that correct
i am i'm writing my dissertation
even though you're already a professor here at u_c_s_d_ use didn't stop
well and really looking at it is a very um... rich artist's life experience
you are and art as life
life as art kinda gal
um... dash has been seeing performance art since the early eighties from him
and has an a spectacular number of uh...
performances that she's been doing and in particular
there was uh...
a series that you did
this is a eight eight years seven seven years of man
the colors of the shock rather a mouth
and that she did this with her life and partner any sprinkled
uh... a ph teen sex knowledges serve former porn star
produces x worker and that's what i can use the was the first female all corn
of her own
female porn producer
and got a lot of the
if somebody should do it should be any i say uh... licensing sales pet he ran a
anyhow with those right now is is the
pakula and involving creek because we're getting ready to go set up a big art
uh... in l_a_
in los angeles at the thomas chan car gallery so
anyone's going down tell a come the chinatown opening his stand right wealth
and it's our intent king road in chinatown in los angeles and it's going
to be uh... a wonderful retrospective really a for work
and our work together it's called annie sprinkle elizabeth stevens not
collaboration who
lupa kong elaboration member
and that uh... there is that there's been outline of activity that you did
with the love art lab men
and uh... thought of work went through
by your asim amin through that
canyon from umbrella being call kelly traveled all over the world we had so
much fun and that so many wonderful people and
ng gates communities all over the place it was really that was a really
project the just ended last year
we uh... ended up marrying aren't are our neighborhood
hill infernal heights in san francisco uh... and uh...
has this a spectacular project i couldn't
i couldn't even imagine how wonderful it would be
to spend seven years collaborating with this incredible person but also
collaborating with
i think that
wees we stayed sts
sp sometimes several weddings per year
but i think that we counted all of the people that we collaborated with it was
over two thousand three hundred people friends all over the world not only was
this uh... wedding in croatia i well i have the first lesbian wedding in
i got to be the godfather bs and it was quite not quite spectacular date will be
no one was going to have a night out here
officiated anyways i know it was a good place to do it only were they say
complete lutweiler producing to get a death threat that they say it was the
first day wedding embarking yeah yeah yeah i represent played in the
newspapers for india don't filial piety
louis stevens is the guest tonight for our january third two thousand thirteen
this is the
sister in two thousand nine seven four four years the beginning of the
and then sets of pleasure and honor to have you appear bath as
has the first person is twenty thirteen
and to talk about your heart there's so much high and you don't even know where
to be kena although we will
begin some more specifically
you have done so much you've done sculpture you've done performance art
you've done
site-specific collaboration uh...
and bronze the moon point starr underwear allacademic underwear to have
all you got any light colleagues here at u_c_ santa cruz sam
in a have a commemorate fair
solid bronze panties within the collection
and then you're you're also a professor here in our department your teacher and
you've got an amazing
class called of material as metaphor
material metaphor ministerial yet matter this year in a focus on the birth
pierce's metaphor
so let's just suppose to start their i'm can help a
for you you think she'd seen appear
abt ten years now was that just nineteen years old like high tech through her
lawyer and while you look so young
dissidence keeping our nearly twenty years nearly today two decades and
you've done some
really insisting the forward
seemed keen
classes about sculpture and three-dimensional are and
uh... ito active is on
met and
so just tell us a little bit
about when you say
metaphor of the material
prison material metaphor the classes officially called
material matter for explain to me an r_j_r_ audience what does that mean
for me what that means is that material speak everything speaks you know i'm
and various materials that one use cysts who create art all of those materials
have a history they all came from somewhere they'll have contacts in
and they tell stories in the and you can follow anything from stone to led to
performance to
a narrative
if you follow this things to armed u_s_ three different phases in different
stories in the different kinds of meanings
uh... similarities the ability of the stories to bring people together or to
you know separate people
pieces are very powerful and especially as
the material world becomes
really change by technology and really change by
uh... corporate america
uh... class economics all of these things play into say the material and
what i'm very interested in now
is our planet and its continuance
as a viable being right
and so that
this is what i've really uh...
dedicated myself to through the work that i'm doing with any any and i are
uh... very very in involved in in a parallel activities and were very
involved in and making art
that uh... really tries to shift that metaphor of versus mother terraces lover
so that we can engage in a more mutual relationship with the i_r_s_
we um...
close family
kansas hello you repeat that that last part just as i say no surprise that
lover as opposed to paris as
neither anyhow is
and paradigm shift uh... going into
of fact
what you hope to be some positive change in in environmentalism
well we focus that
it's contagious several things one that it will uh...
inspire people have a more mutual relationship with the earth is supposed
to feeling that the earth
is responsible for us
or that we can just use the earth to say to our laundry or cook our meals are
take care of us when we don't feel well ur provider resources when we need to
in oakland self-defeating ourselves instead
you know there'll be more of a mutual home give-and-take where human beings
will realize that if we don't take care of this being
family loose this being
and um...
you know i mean l but we do look at this metaphorically i mean
this is this is for us uh... and and grand art project and uh...
we find that a force to be some of the most powerful ways for changing the way
perceive things
and we need to change our perception of the earth because uh... i was just for
instance in west virginia last weekend
in fact for making a film right now about
west virginia my growing up in west virginia is clouded by golly mountain
because there's a horrific form of coal mining that that's happening they're
called mountaintop removal
where literally five hundred mountains have been blown out
and water sources are being poisoned in covered over and people are getting
horrible forms of cancer that
they really that there's no reason for them to get it except for the smiling
releases so many poisons
you know when you go into a situation like that i mean here in santa cruz it's
very beautiful we can live a very
uh... kind of two colic life although you know people should know that d
monterey shale uh...
tracking project is is is on the way to deny full-blown sort of
uh... environmental horror
that were were were trying to just kind of engage people in a sort of loving
relationship with the earth because it's it's easy to
in a truck these horrors out and get people really freaked out
uh... about what's happening and and really kind of way we should be but how
do you get people to engage with the earth in a way that
is not uh...
in a in a way that's open hearted instead of just being you know in the
state of despair whatever despondency which is really read that someplace we
really can't do anything so
our goal through our work
is to try to make the environmental movement
a little more if
fun and die first
and that's bad steven's talking about her art
and her activism
and that the movie and gana day isn't
in the last phase of the editing belief of almost got a la conner added i a m so
excited my editor keith wilson i just want to sing this guy's praises
he isn't all and he's a great at it and he's in san francisco nischal hire him
immediately because
well mister and missus this film was has been a three-year labor of love and you
have questions to get it
pierre series post-production things after that it is a lot but i think
on the fifteenth of january we're gonna have a lot data and we can let move
forward with this film and i'm hoping to have it out this summer that scalded by
golly mountain
antique a sexual love story
goodbye darlie mountain folks you want to tell you a deal alley while x the
aunty a year without foul finally won while he watches this place that was
settled by the french in west virginia
threats of calling calling now
hotline wallet polyol ellen dalai lama
and goodbye dali ma'am
uh... traded it uh...
by uh... does stevens uh... and her partner any stevens
any sabrina role that yeah any financing bhaiya
bandits and this is stephen similar role in trying to
bring out people's love
of of of these mountains they were really trying to you know engaged
hillbillies then
middle-class folks in people who are in mining it's it's it's quite a story kiss
goodbye justice who's been on the camera
visit in both of you
now you needed the camera was that a young man named jordan freeman that i'm
at west virginia but he actually was a graduate of pc santa cruz in the
community studies program
plan and their hand and by happenstance in west virginia and he just has been
fantastic and also julie riordan who just graduated last
from film digital media she's done a little bit of shooting and she's
here's she's really think on the line producer she's just the go-to person for
this film and here you see santa cruz has been very supportive of this film
great anchor great uh... so it's uh...
and documentary that you started making win
you realize that they were blown off all the past month
well yeah didn't because i was absolutely furious but it's really
it's a little light green acres you know it's like f_m_ anne these t_v_ case
actuals might go back to west virginia but lo and behold at stevens has very
deep roots there so many people that have made films about less for jenny i
really do this thing about the impoverished
hillbilly right
well i am a hillbilly that a lot of the lease and i think hillbillies are like
you know that i i am i'm very proud to be held only right
i think they're brilliant
i think that you know the stereotypes that they are column
late on held really sorry
you know that they really defies too
uh... make the united states despise them part of the country so that it can
engage issues is the second five seven four on energy production that it is and
i mean that's called that's gas
those sorts of things are very abundant there so that if you can make the people
less than human
which is what
here there's a there's actually in the reality tv show coming out that's gonna
do exactly that it's called buck wild m_t_v_'s putting it out
and so what i really want to do is i want to show the harness all of these
people who are absolutely fantastic people
who really imaginative really creative and really pray
in the face of
and so it you know those are my people and i'm very proud and very proud to
compete with that in ap so child thinks he's it's really a love story
with the people on with the mountains in infected hands with um...
are purple shock row which is the indictment choco
thankfully i've had said that the attack
used we marry the appalachian mountains
and it was a really beautiful wedding
that up i a university sponsored in my my family came
coming out of activist came and a lot of artists came and a lot of academics came
it was a really
beautiful little item
so this would be a good place at beth stevens said teachers here professor in
the heart departments
to uh... described in win we spoke of a we touched lightly aparna love love
art laffer
uh... me talk a little bit about it you mentioned how you've you've written
collaborated with
thousands of people around the world
comic artists site-specific tom we talked a little bit about the colors of
the shocker when she was a little more of a description
and what exactly was
the performance third uh... dot the
well the project was really a it started out as a real celebration of my
relationship with him and you know we got together and we just really got a
kick out of each other and we found a week
very happy collaborators with each other we liked making art together you know
and so
we wanted to disk
see where this clever she would go
and uh... one thing leads to another and there was a domestic partnership
ceremony in san francisco and we went and did that you know
and uh...
we we realize that this domestic partners ceremony was a very good
platform for performance are because in fact we learn is interested in gays
being able to get married as we were in trying to speak out against the war in
and this was the year that uh... war started and so as we began speaking out
about afghanistan all of these news reporters
were following us around asking those questions and they were like audience
leaving gay marriage which you have somebody want to see a married that's
fine with us for what we do we really believe in this piece in good
and so we were talking about that we're thinking well this is that
rate platform for this you know and so then we decided that we were going to
get married in the sort of rush for the days get married
and the day before our wedding
proposition eight
uh... eliminated the option for same-sex couples to get married so we've got
really angry and we decided okay we're going to have a wedding every year
simultaneously our friend linda montano was a fantastic performance artist sent
out a call for people to join her
to do another round of the seven-year performances in these years were each
based on the color and a shocker
or like well that sounds great you know we're gonna do some jurors performance
thing we're going to do these weddings why don't we do one wedding per year for
seven years in the color in the theme of the shocker
and so we did that
people loved it and so we were if i did too
many different places including croatia including england italy where the venice
biennale a
uh... you know the higher university to bear the appalachian mountains we we
we begin getting married in the in the same the color soccer the thirty year we
actually got married to each other i was not well
this this in every self-indulgent right
these two women getting married over and over again without we really need to
to launch this project into a bigger things
so i happen to be the chair of the art department
in the fourth year as a project which was the cream chocolate which is their
hearts are crap
and we had a huge art festival here called inner
intervals called interventions
dot dive intervention
anyhow it was a great i'd really great ka branstad interventionist art
and there was performance par
pretty thereof they really lied about ahead on the everyone even paid them all
you know i mean it was it was great we just spent all the time all of these
artists altogether
performing talking about our work making connections with the final
avail of that was the wedding then anne and i did tinkering leading to the earth
gemmell gomez kenya
was our high aztec priests
and we shall send out really good thoughts from camera because he's kinda
sick right now and whom i know he needs everytime slang
you know wishes for his great health tent
to return because he is an amazing artists tml gomez pina
double chin asta
you guys send out to dinner chi-town
uh... also
uh... the harassments
did that did the elites but i feel that she was not if you are a lot of they did
the sort of um...
well they gave a talk right
from environmental art and they had a red uh... a beautiful homily was the
homily on soil and it was just illnesses like
it was just a real love fest even even add chancellor blumenthal is there and
he took vows to love honour and cherish the earth
until death brings us closer together for elsewhere
at about four hundred fifty people took says val's with class rank and we're
married the earth
and then everything changed for us we were so interested in going human to
human on these weddings and mold will come back in a minute
houses is in my whole family was there anywhere although my mother
eighty-year-old mother myself to you
reflect sunlight while he was just thinking ring
trailer and there was some
matt pretty amazing performances right here and uh... shakespeare
same landing has never seen such
semantic as soon as in any gets brought one even beyond shakespeare dragnet was
quiet that thing
of it was really powerful and after that anne and i really dedicated our work to
environmental issues that causes
and we've got alot back you know dad and ensure the after that follows when we
went to croatia
and i believe it was deserve an airing the jericho area aria
and then staying with friends and green has the centrist coalition green to
influence which was the cutthroat soccer the soccer of communication
and that year we buried the sky in oxford england then we married to see in
venice italy at the venice biennale a
and now it's just a fantastic planning because
that was a wedding that and although it's the most prestigious show we've
ever been an air was one of the when it's released from the defense was it
of course it and so it was really an it was really an artist for artist event
and people came from seventeen countries
on their own on their own time
right we compare people to get there
artists from seventeen countries came it was so
diego fall i mean it was really just
big love fest in love fest for each other for the ocean for the planet
uh... i mean it you know yeah i'm not really into a major anything that ever
in those moments a kind of
i kind of wallace my secretly a secret sometimes they become a little bit of a
string of sightings
and i hope is that i intentions and sending out these wishes to
he had a lot of entities the oceans down into the mountains the sky that we can
in some way help
these entities withstand this withstand human being spent and it can survive
panties in my life ran out
de steven's talking about her work lava art loud said she has done over and
seven year period in uh... in the same thing as linda montanans
homework where she also uh... was she would do she would wear the color
the entire year
of the shocker
common where uh... any in bath with
the the style the color of the wedding would then be the color of the shocker
and that that that they were currently doing that year
and then was a beautiful part of it is these
um... uh...
the material that comes from india's leading surprise them
shown in museum galleries
uh... as stand-alone are pieces in everyone of you can see has been
uh... over-the-top incredible creative
i'm tryna remembers to see all of you all of this we ask that you know and
give us material guess but if they want to contribute to the wedding
in some way ragged ten people have contributed their skills to make the
down some people
in a day
day perform their own artwork sets as presents to us and to
and um...
and then you show those pieces the deal so have video you had a digital uh...
and there too but if there are a retired and that you have there
pictures uh... many of which can be seen at that love r
latoya lab dot org dot org yasin day you can don
peruse the day then
needed a uh...
boy it has a dangerous for valentine's day it's been almost a year and i
babies she fits knees bent the nanny
dated peace for our own
museum of um... uh... history art armand museum of art history here wonderful
i love i love the montana
reload for mom and and the from
they did this most a main thing
piece so where in it
uh... new built like a chapel of love happy in the mean calorie on the second
floor of them on
and it
it was uh...
and lined it with chiffon
this admission finance national aids signed and the lanes
and there was a foul you into your marriage of our and then you had a tire
of videos
he needs many are headed to a friend
uh... each season team uh... utilizing area on inner had a different wedding
and it said then you also
represented the the
the light of the soccer the colors of the shocker with
than any of weddings
an extraordinary i think he's not a valid var
we waive enjoyed that we enjoyed that he's quite a long you know denial in two
thousand and i think a lot of people did because when he could do as it was he
doing yourself now
so you can go and then you could write a review date to marry whoever whatever
you wanted
and then here you can promise whoever alot of really wanted to write a review
is really a this summer's games things right now
came as a blackboard bugs that you can't blame gaya
and found some fun stuff there
uh... day anyways there where halfway point here on our listener inflate the
grades a sacred crippled freighter we're back
this is our design art has a great pleasure of speaking with that steven
for common
when about one of my favorite people in fact she was there
the archer mind pieces communion
and lover that max and its use is doing selves so much primary that we split and
a half hour locally to talk about it
does that allot of collaborative work with her partner any sprinkle
and um...
missus save
first of all she's teaching a class
this winter quarter
um... in the art department uh... basses and professor in our department and was
the chair
for quite a while
and they the name of the class is
material metaphor
from this material matter for
there will be jayegi this somehow created this
put uh...
symposium ideal is as college days there visiting artist events
plans for two men enough to get a little
dean-sax lawrence
and i was able to create a miniseries lecture
uh... of that that will
he that comprise really half of the course uh... mondays will be c_e_o_ day
in friday's is a work day on the studio david wednesday nights
there's gonna be a lecture series in conjunction with us in
it's really a great thing because when i was in school and i went to school
or and cost and then right outside of new york
and i have access to i'm artists come into my program all the time and i
always felt that that was something that was a little lacking here in santa cruz
as i am able to actually
artists who were working in the field of environmental art
scientists um...
jeff gary his here and in the environmental studies department is
candy speaking
uh... the harrises will be speaking
fish is representative of the beehive
design collective will be speaking in selling on some of the work of the b_
design collective
a group of graduate students p_h_d_ students wrapping u_c_ davis her part of
a group called listening to the arts
they're gonna come down and talk about
um... the way that they use dance and performance in art
to uh... to to work through the issues uh... having to do with environmentalism
this for some maddox environmentalism they're coming up soon they're january
twenty third there very soon yeah
and that is just coming at january sixteenth yeah see also came to the
museum of art history
in february wing
while you any any were having a batting bright in the museum bank
uh... respect in hours and then beyond them u_n_ effort now in there for twenty
hours flying i have
belize decided that the world this is going too fast and so we're starting to
do endurance pieces about resting
uh... and you know this might sound really sell a blood on them you know
i know if you've heard i hypertension down that has to do with stress in our
anyhow we take it became very seriously right so we spent twenty weeks all spend
twenty hours at the museum we spent the night there we are slept there
and then uh... this fabulous group costing imaging switches musical group
tape played
uh... music
well steven radcliffe was apollo read one thousand pounds
we say in that the entire tire time they were doing that
i need a little who's a dancer bases in a p_h_d_ in my p_h_d_ program uc davis
hokey transparent hit our bank she spent the entire time writing her dissertation
john's side down creating collages during this entire time so it's
basically a time days piece that was a twenty-hour long piece
so many of those people are coming back to do um...
we're doing a panel
uh... his part of this mysterious lecture let's just get the name of the
lecture it's called the current as matter for but actually the lecture
series is called
aliyev is called a recess playwright that you've got and at the post yes
thing is is this is gonna be a unique opportunity this class too
uh... really combined steel practice
but you know with without actually having visiting artist coming through
that you can listen to talk to engage with
and um... i think that's a really important way to transmit knowledge you
know it actually be
making things while you're being influenced you know um... let you know
you just can't make things are make art in isolation and services like
basically a conduit to creativity that we don't really have very often hear
u_c_ santa cruz and i'm really excited about the classes are twenty four
are are one twenty four sorry
uh... in the art of probability and the class the official class times for
mondays and wednesdays from
three thirty until six
surveillance they will have these lectures but with so fabulous
isn't every wednesday the says nine calories can host a little reception
after the lecture so we can all hang out really talk together
and then after that but our department has figured wrong in saying that really
feeling inspired
after the reception at the sense nine we can get in you know
john figures right sad
it's at wednesday evenings there never gonna be the same at the art department
i don't believe that sounds battle
um... so you'll also have to blowhard
uh... yes to florida is a professor emeritus here and he was with ant farm
piece is fabulous
and he's a videographer filmmaker g
and has since that um... and helen indian harris and he covered as
frances ordinary expert exact back from the late sixties
and they'll be talking about their work before late sixties
rather sternly how they started late sixties that they're still working
on the other than their own and
alleviate multi-millionaire yahoo dodi's
yeah yeah yeah yeah
yeah i think run circles around mostar na at p_r_
on the and in any kind of the force was your which is also um... center that was
created in our department
i'll call the center for the first mission
com in their work with the tibetan plateau and they work on a global
scale folks mom can only get kyle mckinley in the cloudy
uh... both danone
malahide around i and they're going to be talking about
the building collective
uh... which they are also been doing at the museum of art history right now
they're doing a building planted inside the museum
there is a
uh... series of artists that are working
processing network they're they're doing the work
in the next three months
and so um... actually house going to be on next week tulsa super forecast fell
of kyle he's a wonderful guy and make both of them are great and that dave
both are completely lecturing appearing
and uh... best even finance annie sprinkle abhi february twentieth
women there we have been a like uh... talk about u_k_ sexuality
and six hours frank hanna
i think psychology i would like to take a marketing uh... and and ask you
uh... beth stevens
if you can tell me
new what is sex ecology
well sex ecology is uh... it's uh... sophy elsewhere like biology right but
it's a field that we invented
because any suspects knowledges
and all that night ecologist i i do have a very five great fondness for the earth
mikal yukio ecological systems the environment
so we created this field called sex ecology
and uh...
we consider ourselves deka sexual sprite so
we serve
act upon the field of sex ecology and um... okay magnification x endocrinology
come together
at echoed and so how are you and as sexy colleges
do you go by and create and creating research in the field of psychology
happier making any time when you have sex with another human being and having
sex with an ecological system yet
well that i want to get into my sex life here on the radio at school but node
quite a lot of actually still
speculates that expect okay how do you live in the redwoods in allentown
extreme immunity
deny this but i a quick story and in the sounded by golly mountains is to digress
a little bit
the music is just really fantastic
and one of the major uh... musicians in this film is judge only now who is one
of the original uh... members of the kronos quartet
and she's a tell-all claiming she was in my neighborhood salmon cisco ice on her
plate it's hella
and i realized that
sheehy said she's a maestra
i mean she's she is amazing telephone
but as i was watching her play her cello i_d_ cancer move today burst into tears
because i realize that cello playing as a as a as a really
deep form of tree hugging
him and i was just so moved and then she justice contributor music to tourists
fell huh
and it's in uh... the film is really uh... it's a it's a really good its
it's a container for much generosity i'll have to say that you know and then
everyone who's involved i think at the end of may not
necessary military now that we've got a grass yet a fair
but i i i just want to say that these lectures for the material metaphor class
are open to the public old age and they're going to be held at the faculty
galleria porter college so thats i think that's him something like two twenty two
yet so the fed has that faces the parking lot non manne faces a quick
its image we departing radically when i was actually like the way the building
is sad that that that parallel
if you go upstairs on wednesday night
he will be alone would save for thirty days are mostly gonna happen at four
yes kiddy corner from the south on count me out of town is that how can i just go
around and more
and so uh... uh... like dish to die aggression then why have they have good
etc there is a and he comes next
well yeah the first internationally cassettes symposium this campaign called
chester angle in the summer
and that is going to be from june twenty second and till june twenty eighth i was
july socialize has all that started is still live tonight when you think i did
not affect
that equals six symposium first international because sex imposing
because i believe you've had other pecos ex-employee fed a couple of u_s_c_ cus
except those who has a square at the center for sex and culture o in san
francisco and then and highways performance space and not santa monica
california we had the first one their right
which was the honeymoon of the purported
to the mood and then the second one do you have big egos sex manifesto
well that was the art exhibitions and for the company deka sex symposium so
there is a show and the symposium
this once it's going to be a symposium although
we are threatening to do our new theater piece
dirty and he could sexual love story which we will be performing in san
francisco again at the center for sex and culture
the second week in the third week of june that's right june thirteenth the
week of june thirteenth in week of june twentieth
and my family list colleague paddy gallagher who teaches in the theater
department will be our director
and the name of the plane is jerry
and ecosystem will love story i don't know if i call it a play you might call
it a performance
flowing is the lead story having cinco okay
and then
so you know your first internationally cosic symposium how he's doing fantastic
and are you inviting people to tooth and papers how handsome
we are right now we're organizing and we should have a website up and say even
two or three weeks and watch unit goto we have a uh... sort of our power base
our home this website is sex ecology dot orc as c_s_ b c o l_ o_ g_ y_ max-access
college he dot org
fake orgasm
yes i mean organism organism
and and then you'll be able to get all kinds of information can also to see the
art laffer
he go to la parte laugh dot org to seize d
series of performance of uh... weddings that were performed bank
uh... that the nanny all over the world of with site-specific
artists in
and uh... just amazing collaborations in teaching kids to use csc our department
website to get the schedule for this lecture series 'cause this is going to
be a hot lecture series and it's free
yeah and then fabric may seven two are full of the nina simone's going to be
there that's the director of the santa cruz museum of art history
and she's really talking about participatory are which she's been
bringing all of the place i uh... she's fantastic him inject barry
the environmental studies program is in a tiny about and mapping resource
do you know what that means
well yes he maps mining sites
tracking sites sites are now on the world where
researchers have been extracted you know it to create energy
and he has a fascinating talk that he goes on that and i sign this talk
at a conference here earlier in the year com practical activism
and i was so inspired by it and i asked him to come yes teaching speak for the
class for the lecture series
and he agreed pain-killing
and then the last
speaker march thirteenth is g craig
assistant professor san jose state conclave
exploring the intersection of nature culture and technology
all of these uh... lectures will be on wednesdays from four thirty oh six pm
except for february thirteenth at the porter faculty gallery d
to to to to file there is such that the first time gallery from six to seven
and then followed by uh... some someone trying in
what would be the different artists that we get to yeah
internally in your mind now that no
indecision miniseries of ito are lectures that complements baths
course art one twenty four material metaphor
there's still some spaces available in that class of are you interested
students should come down and sign up on monday awfully tempted activists and
scientists working environment was on the ecology performance in the car is
the list just goes on in on and uh... you can go to arts dot you see a c dot
e_d_u_ for its hash sustenance
to get more information on
you know it's it's tremendous students so much work uh... one make sure we talk
a little bit more about the gallery
uh... exhibition that's going to be happening january fifteenth in los
angeles at the thomas jan car gallery
uh... in chinatown l_a_ and it's a retrospective of your entire career
and that your wife in partners any sprinkles
and hot i mean visited
really big spaces well it's not i mean it's a really appreciated you'd have
version of our careers but it's really fun because
here's shows uh... the trajectories that we were both taking before we met each
and then really you know how that were complemented each other
and then we came together and we started making this work together
and where that work is gone
dan says it's ruled so really it's a show about
our love and are working together and
i think that we have
you know i mean
and their other couples the worst together the harrison's work together
certainly and uh...
himalayan marino work together in time for a conference audio coming in on the
way in the tradition of couples working together
and it's a it's kind of fun tradition and so you know it's it's it's sad not
your usual
lol our child where you just have served one great individual artists you know
plowing their way to gina said
this is really about two artists
uh... speaking to each other silly conversation and and and i like works
it's purchase a victorian conversation on
here and we can
even pull out the word biologic kitta know that i'll live today and now
that really encompasses a lot of performance are particularly the head of
the helen indians in in a lot of that
academic writing and i logic from aren't they always bring hyannis
and so as they are professor
what is that logic meaning at house conversation it's anarchy kids still
another space than it stimulates conversation yes
and hopefully whether that somebody standing many inviting comments soon
already had sand
how is it
miami can be in many many ways you can give congress a literal conversation
between the artist in the audience
or it can p
any kind of conversation that iraq has with the polo and introduce our rock
into a pool of water and then the ripples go out and you don't really even
in fact the way they're going to go to the effect that they're going to have
he can be sure that they will have an a fax will people be talking about it
and it
fairly in about an and they were the work that they make will be influenced
in any event in the islands here
untrue influence to and how these conversations grew bigger and bigger and
he has really quite interesting to chase these things and i mean that's in some
ways with artistry guns but and fluffy and philosopher nodded yes
uh... based fields there
uh... rely on conversations that past deformed
and i think it has a goes back to say that i have one thing that struck me
about this last election was so obama's comment that none of us cuts where we
are alone
and you know
udya logic form of are willing to my lunch that
ameloid knowledge influences in the kinds of things that
uh... you know all through the course of one's courier can certainly in my case
with family
uh... i mean i'm making works it's very different than anything i would have
made on my own and so i say
and so you know it really is a third think and i think that
that that kind of cloud rations for me is very interesting other a lot of
people that really aren't interested in that they're interested in the return of
the great individual genius
i don't know idle believe in that anymore so pino cuz they were influenced
by other people
said they were anywhere in seattle and how bad a larry n_i_s_
and so if somebody wanted to look at and what this is gonna look like they can go
to jan car gallery dot com j and c a r gallery dot com
faded exhibition will be
and starting january fifteenth january twelfth
january twelfth and i believe that you willl is again the video
and school children to
via there's gonna be a lot of video this can be a few of the good old sculptures
i made this can be a ton of a firmer than any hands
lots of photographs it should be really fun style at how you can you have to any
we are
on valentine's day we're going to do it on thursday for a for instance in car
gallery only
twilight exactly sure quite what we need to yet that it will be phenomenal of
mhm i said well and you are the
moving towards that are the status of the dangers still the headlines ariane
ego sexual love story
this is implicit theater fees for for for ads that that is happening the week
of june thirteenth and june twentieth
then you've got the sexy ego sex imposing on anything when july twenty
two twelve dash away that we have flared penny goes to the um...
uh... for former senator daschle at stanford it's a conference there
and uh... then we're gonna go to france because we're doing a good workshop
anita sexual workshop in bush france animate wrote which is a residency which
is a really cool residency
and then we'll go to england
home leaving although actresses
as they get the journey there at that and i heard and i get there and i don't
ani chocolate mary had tension mein kampf
fat but hopefully by cellmark a coming out and she enters sold it from here in
the film
prolly wanna say is that keep it up baby
don't do it and i have a right into the party and and and
i'll not a year a wonderful assisting in the world the third floor
and and uh...
and in fact a uh... you're writing a dissertation as we speak
saw happening in your mind is an emergency
it's happening on paper too
notes that i do in the morning sometime in the last couple of minutes of our
commercial could you tell us a little bit about it
well the dissertation is really uh...
to domestication
of art commission with the earth