Eat Clean and Green

Uploaded by brendallewis on 01.01.2013

Happy New Year! My name is Brenda Lewis, Certified Holistic Health Coach and I'm
offering a six-week program called Eat Clean and Green.
We will be starting Monday, January fourteenth.
This gives you a couple of weeks to get prepared clean out your pantry from
the holidays and get yourself ready both mentally and physically.
During this program, we will concentrate on getting rid of of inflammatory foods
especially refined sugars, all flour products, all
processed foods, gluten and dairy.
We will be putting into our diets low-glycemic load foods,
phytonutrient foods, slow carbs, omega 3 fats,
high-quality protein
using herbs for taste and healing
and i concentrate mindful eating.
This is a diet that can be used for the whole family so I don't want you to change
your meals for everyone else. The whole family benefits from this plan.
We will be boosting your nutrition, regulating your hormones reducing
improving digestion, relaxing your mind and finding exercises that YOU will
We will be getting healthy together! This is a group program that will be
online with a private online group
where you can post challenges and ask your questions.
As your coach,i will be there for you every step of the way encouraging
and answering your questions.
As part of this program you will have a fifty minute one-on-one coaching session
with me
either through the phone or Skype but if your local we can meet in person.
We will go through your health history where I may make recommendations based on
your health and your concerns.
The cost for this program is only a $125.00
This includes the one-on-one coaching session which alone is a hundred-dollar
You will recieve recipes, shopping lists unlimited email support from me,
group support
and valuable lessons. You will be learning so much about yourself and your body and you are
not in this alone.
Simply go to:
and then click on the Eat Clean and Green tab to purchase.
Once you've done that you will receive and email from me to schedule your
coaching call.
So, have 2013 be your year!
Take back your health lose weight
prevent diseases and feel better than ever!
I look forward to working with you.