World of Warplanes Developer Diaries. Part 1

Uploaded by WorldofWarplanesCom on 17.04.2012

We knew that our next project would be dedicated to military hardware and since our game designers had gained a huge knowledge base of wartime air forces, the choice became obvious.
As air forces were hands down one of the most important factors in achieving overall victory in WWII, we thought it would be great to give our players
an opportunity to dive into the essence of air combat.
We've chosen to set the game between the 30s and the 50s of 20th century. Throughout the whole period, aircraft construction and design was
skyrocketing from early biplanes to superfast jet prototypes that led the way to modern air forces.
The main objective is to win an air battle together with your friends or random teammates by destroying enemy aircraft or ground objects and thus achieving air supremacy over a certain territory.
We are planning to introduce a large amount of aircraft to make sure players get maximum freedom in choosing a particular warplane class or model.
We want to go beyond the list of production models: players will get access to legendary Messerschmitts, Mustangs and Lavochkins as well as
prototypes that never evolved into anything bigger that initial concepts.
Currently we have 25 models representing the U.S.A., Germany and the Soviet Union.
We had hard times arguing on what nations should be introduced first, because History knows at least five great warplane superpowers.
These three nations are available in the Global Alpha as we speak, they will get more updates while the game is moving towards it closed and open
betas and by the release date, they will have many more models to offer.
Each faction will feature a vast and comprehensive development tree. Initially, the tech trees will be limited to 20 models per nation, but we'll be
gradually expanding them by adding new lines of aircraft, until each nation gets up to 100 machines.
The next to be added to the initial stack of nations are obviously the British and Japanese lines; it's hard to imagine a flight sim that doesn't feature Spitfires or Zeros.
We are holding the Global Alpha test for World of Warplanes, which means that we've launched test servers in three separate territories. We have
game servers in Europe, North America, and Russia, which will help us get maximum feedback from different audiences.
We've received a huge amount of applications -- more than 100.000 for the first 24
There's a constant dialogue between the dev team and our test pilots. All changes we make or are about to, are discussed with the players first.
We always suggest various adjustments to the control system or the flight model, introduce sketches for future battle arenas, and whatever changes
are going to be implemented, we rely greatly on player feedback.