Kpop Music Mondays - Miss A "I Don't Need a Man"

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This week's Music Monday will have you play with counterfeit money
with Miss-A's "I don't need a man"
For starters, I just wanna say how I'm freaking thrilled I am
that MISS A won
Not that this is one of my favorite songs of the week
or this is my favorite Miss A song
I'm happy that in the first 13 weeks that we are talking about a girl band
13 WEEKS!!!
Let's just say this past 13 weeks have been nothing but
It's been a tough time for me
YES! We are finally talking about girls
YES! Come back to me
windinly male demographic
We did not forget you
As for the song itself
We don't dislike this song
but we really didn't LOVE IT
Like we loved "Touch"
or "Baby goodbye"
But we did appreciated the message of the song
Especially the catchy chorus
I don't need my pants ~
I don't need my pants
I don't need my pants
You definitely need your pants
I don't need my pants
Now, I grew up in the era of Destiny's Child
which this song and album is supposedly inspired by
So I've already experienced plenty of independent women
so it's not that new and exciting to me
but this is a very fresh concept for KPOP
and I think it needs ore message like this
I've seen so much dramas where rich men comes to not rich girl's life
rescues her from her not richness and makes her happy
And even in everyday life in Korea
a lot of girls are raised by the idea by very defined gender rolls
And with turning on cute, aegyo style, when they want something bought for them
and a lot of women have ideas of getting their men based on their height and income
So in this music video, those little skits in the background
yah this one
might seem extreme sexest if you live outside of Korea
But actually there are clubs in Korea,
where Korea women go just to meet rich men
You go there, and you just literally hooked up with a dude that is rich
and that's the goal of the clubs
so this is poking making fun of that concept
So yeah, we like the term Miss A expressing independence of men
because it's not a common theme here
On to the video
I think it's hilarious that JYP didn't say his name on the song
even though, he says it on the every other songs under his label
This song is all about not needing a man and being all independent
If JYP didn't whisper his name it would totally go against the song
but we do have a feeling that it was a very hard for him to hold it back
I don't need a man
I don't need
Mr. JYP sir
I thought we agreed that your voice would't be in here in this one
since this is kind of an independent lady song
oh…my bad
I'd just say that whenever I just wanna
I would be quiet next time
I don't need a man
I don't need
You're still kind of in the shot Mr…SIR don't wanted me to say anything
I've got it
I would be silent next time
I don't need a man
I really also like the scene where the rich mommy and daddy paying for daughters clothing
They put out of their card and like
"Here sweety, buy anything you want
But what I really wanna say to that girl is
Hey sorry to break out this to you
but your father is a fraud
and he is about to embarrass you big time
Because that isn't a gold star card
that's a COSTCO card
That's right, we've got one too
By gold star, they mean basic membership
Everyone is a gold star member in costco
Now, how are you going to cover up that awkward mistake huh?
That's all, I'll take them altogether
Very good sir, how would you like to pay?
I would like to charge it to my card
Very good!
Oh sorry, I've must have mistaken the wrong one
Here's my American Express
It's your license sir
Terribly mistaken again, my bad
sincere apology
Let's do this the old fashion way
I would pay it in cash
This is our old Chinese menu, sir
C'mon honey,
Grab all the clothes you can
[The Dance]
Well, isn't this just the most appropriate dance for an independent women kind of song
It's like never-ending of
knees to crouch
Truthfully, I'm a little disappointed at this dance because
I really like Miss A's dancing
I feel like they always had memorable and strong dances
But this dance, seems very simple for them
especially Zia whose my favorite female dancers in Kpop
Maybe it's a vibe that they are going for
because this is more of a bounce to the music kind of song
whether than a check out my dance skills with the Z
but considering that they have been gone so long
I was really hoping for some crazy lighting sexy dances
You know what I mean, maybe next time
[The English]
As for the English of the song,
we've got to say
6 out of 5
Great job Miss A and JYP Label
Not only as the English of the song perfectly fine itself
but there are also English captions song on Youtube
So actually you can follow along
This is wonderful for all the international Kpop community
that can't speak Korean but can speak English
For those of you who speak French not English then, sorry for you
But how are you understanding what I'm saying right now in English right now
Anyhow, the captions are absolutely fantastic
The English is great!
Thank you JYP
Other labels if you are going to use English
please follow suit and put captions in you songs
Though i'm not sure how you translate
fantastic elastic subtitles
I'm not sure even that is Korean..
or English or other language that is
But I would like to see them try
[the showdown]
Last week we asked you which incompetent gangsters you preferred
Block B with "Nilili Mambo"
or T-ara in "Lovey Dovey"
The winner was like by 1000 of extra vote was
Bloc B
But the funny side note that we got to close the pole
so the odd vote was available
and the second place was actually
OOH~ you so nasty
which actually beat out T-ara
and JS and Hyun A's "Trouble maker"
which actually features SPY
was beat out by TVXQ's "Balloons"
which doesn't feature anything discrete spy like
For this week's showdown we ask you which strong women theme you preferred
Miss A's "I don't need a man"
or 4minutes "What a girl want"
Leave your womanly votes in the womanly comment
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