Yatterman 2008 - Episode 55 (subbed) english/español

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"Mighty Dokuhán! Can increase your luck in love?! ... Dakorón!"
I need you to fix my mucus-wan!
Repair my damaged wing, please!
I want you to replace my bulb!
I have mud stuck in the ass!
Coming! Coming! One minute!
Yatta-dragon, where is, dakorón?
I explain:
Yatta-Dragon is the latest Yatta-Mecha on the team.
Hey! Yatta-dragon! Need something?
Maybe... you need new batteries to turn it on.
Gan-chan, I brought you a beer!
Of course!
Why Ai-chan looks happy, dakorón?!
Ai-chan, are you pregnant?!
Look at this!
Watch this weekly magazine! It says I'll meet a hot guy!
Best of all, he never gets drunk!
I lost a screw.
I thought you'd be jealous!
All names beginning with "Ga" will lose something important in their lives!
It's a premonition! Maybe I should be sexy?!
Maybe I will lose a few pounds of fat!
The Village of Chocolate! Where is that place?
Ai-chan doesn't look happy, dakorón!
I need that beer!
Why?! Gan-chan stupid! I can't stand!
I'm looking for a hot guy to satisfy my burning desires!
I get it! - I found something, there!
As Seen on TV, but much better...
How about if we help you find a better future?
Today we'll tell your future to never worry about it, man!
Great! - Is it true?!
It works!
How can they do that?
Who wants to go in?
Sit down please!
I always think about my future... - Just shut up, please.
I can see great things coming for you!
However, I see that someone wants to steal you money, said the ball!
Of course!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
I think you'll feel better soon! Meanwhile relax and free your energy!
We finished! 100,000 yen!
It is a bit pricey.
If you wanna feel better, you can start by paying our services!
I surrender!
I feel like a monkey...
Who's next? - Come on!
One more!
I knew it! Dorombo is cheating again!
What if we do this more often?
These people had a very unfortunate future, right?
I hope my future and my life will be full of this!
According to the magazine, names beginning with "C" will find love!
Bon-chama is written with "C"...
Reverence, beh!
Dokurobei-sama! - Grandpa!
Dokubón, this time you'll visit a nice place!
Grandpa, you know I'll find love soon, beh?
I hope you're happy, beh!
Can we find love too?
Enough! Dokuro Ring is your only love, beh!
This time, Dokuro Ring is...
In the Strait of Dovan, there's a castle near the cliff, you'll find...
The legendary veil, beh!
A legendary veil?!
Not exactly.
It is a common veil, but is legendary because all brides use it, beh!
So are we going to stop a wedding?
It's assumed and that's your job!
A marriage?
Dokubón, you're still very small for these commitments!
I feel very sorry for you, Grandpa!
Remember Dokuro Ring is not for weddings, beh!
We must hurry!
Mirror, mirror! Keeper of my soul!
When will be the day that I become the most powerful?
Soon, dabeh!
A ring is near. Follow the path, beh!
Leave it to Barbara. It will be a pleasure!
This time, Mecha is inspired by a wedding cake!
It's called "Wedding Cake-King"!
It's a royal order!
This time, we went near the Strait of Dover!
Nearby, is the Strait of Dovan!
You think can I dive for a while? - I think your head would break a stone!
Someone's there! - Let's ask!
[Fortune Teller]
Who are you?
Are you...? A fortune teller?!
You're so clever! I'm dedicated to tell the future!
Now I get it! A castle...!
Are you looking for a hidden treasure?!
Hey, Gan-chan... she looks suspicious!
Calm down a bit! Maybe she'll tell us where to go...
I see your future! I see both future!
These boys! Piece of cake!
Hi, honey!
Me?! - Sure!
Just today I'll tell your future!
Seriously?! What will happen later?
You end up saving the day! And a strange voice says strange things!
What more do you want to know?
Is that all?!
Maybe we can change that!
Now forget your soul mate!
Hey! Ai-chan, answer me!
Who... are you?
Ai-chan, what's wrong?
Madam, what have you done! Ai-chan is fucked up!
The Madam is to blame for all your problems?!
I see you don't understand what happened.
A completely successful spell!
Thumbs up to Barbara, if you liked!
Let me introduce myself.
Dokuro Ring...
I think I need to lose weight.
Miss Barbara, I want to Ai-chan back!
Come here!
She's a little confused!
Too bad you'll never see again! Sayonara!
Follow me! - Okay, dakorón!
Yatta-Jinbei! - Follow that flying witch!
A whale shark must travel over water, jin!
Now it's your turn!
Now you'll be a cute little bird!
But... my brain is mechanical, jin!
It seems my magic doesn't work with you!
Alright! Take this!
Are you okay, Jinbei?!
Not feel my legs.
How's the rest, Koron?!
Hey! How are you in there?
Let me sleep a little longer, will you?
I forgot my song, dasai!
I damaged another wing!
What happens? - Seems to be a wedding, Koron!
Let's go!
We're watching Ai-chan at her no way!... wedding!
However, Ai-chan remains hypnotized!
Hurry, Gan-chan! Don't give up, Gan-chan! Good luck, Gan-chan!
Is this a soap opera?!
My girl, you came!
At last, we'll seal our destiny!
We have come together to unite this couple in marriage.
For this reason, we bring to you the legendary veil.
Is that Dokuro Ring? - It's a beauty!
Step aside, boys!
We have to be ready when the bride removes her veil!
She's getting married before you!
Bon-chama, you're breaking my silicon heart! I'm leaving, beh!
Well, I have Dokuro Ring!
What about us?!
Guys, we should take it now!
Well, Bon-chama told me it was his wedding gift.
Stop talking! Let me finish speaking!
Anyway, I now pronounce you Man and...
Now what?!
Yattaman is back!
Let me get rid of it with something sweet!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
I won't allow Ai-chan leaves me!
I'm with you, dakorón!
I'm full of calories!
Now I look like a domino, dakorón!
I'm full of calories!
No way! I won't be on time!
Ai-chan will marry that dwarf if not awake soon!
If I can't do anything to save her, I'd rather end my life!
Finish your work, cupcake!
I'm full!
I'm allergic to cow's milk!
I'm dying!
I'm coming!
I'm at any time!
Anywhere! Yatta-dragon!
Yatta-dragon! What are you doing here?
You called me as it should!
By the way, I'm not like other electric animals in your zoo!
In fact, I have better skills than the rest! Not to mention that I can work 24 hours!
Alright! Do your job!
Wow, that's a wedding cake!
Maybe I can help you!
That child needs a spanking.
Meanwhile, the couple are to be married.
Before declaring them married, you must kiss the bride!
The best part came! Now give me a kiss!
Here I am, Ai-chan!
I'll kill you, shorty!
Please do exercises!
I'll kill you, shorty!
Ai-chan, here I come!
My head!
Gan-chan, you idiot! What is it?!
You came back!
Your head broke the floor! - Really...?
Now I never leave you alone!
Maybe just when you gonna fart! - When I...
Stop it, guys!
I was cheated with so cheap magic!
What an idiot!
Kenda Magic!
Let's go, Ai-chan! - Thanks!
I never thought you were so sincere! Gan-chan, how cute!
Let's give them!
Extender arm!
I'll be the first to have it! - Don't even think about it!
I want to be next!
I have it!
Enough of this nonsense!
Yattaman is here!
Evil will never prevail!
Yatta-dragon! I like that pose!
You always ruin weddings! Quick, let's give them!
It will be a pleasure!
Wedding Cake-king, come!
This Mecha will fulfill my orders!
Okay, Wedding Cake-king! Get rid of Yattaman!
I have you now! Now I'll turn you into scrap!
Go! Wedding Cake-king!
Oh! It always worked.
Sorry, dear! Yattaman is our business!
This Mecha and has its own driver! - So go fly on your broom, man!
The pig is not wedding piñata!
It's time! - Omotchama, Mecanomoto!
Finally, you remembered me, Koron!
Because I dunno what the hell you eat! Mecanomoto!
I explain:
This is a Dorayaki Mecanomoto! Dragon or Dorayaki, sound alike!
What's this...?
Energy fully recharged!
Preparing super-surprising! Start!
[Golden Fish-Mecha] By the way, a perfect wedding gift is a goldfish for luck!
What, what's that?
They think to defeat us with fortune fish?
I did something special for the occasion! These are my Kokkiri-Mecha and now the show!
Smack here! [Pochittona!]
[Yorokonbu-Mecha] By the way, eating Yorokonbu algae is a dish for good luck!
If you eat them, you'll have good luck!
Listen! Instead of fighting we should get married!
What you say?
The union between a fish and an algae sounds delicious...
Suddenly I knew you'd say that! Come here!
I dunno if it works... what do you think?
I swear, even make fun of us! We will be happy!
I love you!
I love you!
What the...?! They are compromising!
At least we're invited to the bridal party!
A bridal party?!
We are honored to present to the newly weds!
You're invited to cut the cake!
Let's cut the cake!
Let's cut the cake!
I also wanted to get married!
I love two!
I got married, but it never worked!
Well, are you ready? Victory Pose!
Yatta, yatta, Yattaman!
Seem unfortunate! But Dokuro Ring is here!
Well done, pig!
Don't call me pig! Neeton is fine!
At last, I will be lucky for this?!
Bad luck! Receive a punishment worse than your mother, beh!
This time it will be something very special! Launch of the bridal bouquet, beh!
Let me tell you this is the best punishment ever!
I think you went crazy! - This oldie is heavy as hell, man!
Of course not!
Here it comes!
I have it! I have it!
This time I was so close to my first kiss!
Maybe next time!
Hey, dragon! - Yes...?
If you are now a Mecha, how are you going back?
I guess I can stay in your yard!
Hey, Gan-chan.
Why when you saved me, your little thing got quite hard?
... Ai-chan, there are children present ...
Do you feel uncomfortable?!
It's nothing!
Ai-chan and her innocence will kill Gan-chan someday, or will take forever!
Meanwhile, good luck Gan-chan!
Fight to the end! Yatta, yatta... Yattaman!
Gan-chan? ~~~~<3
[Go to 22:58 for Jinbei Auditions!] - WICHOMECHA FANSUBS -
[Auditions for "Yattaman: The Movie"]
Welcome to my video game theme park, dajin!
Space ... Prehistory ... Television ... Fabulous ... Sports ... Cabins ...
There's everything in this park, jin!
And I'm the first in line, jin!
This is exciting, dajin!
You're going to go first... or maybe?