Idol Defense Force Hummingbird - 02 | Eng Sub

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Kyushu shore
Nuclear aircraft carrier Enterprise
Rented out.
On-deck Swimming Contest
Lane 1: Kubo Keiko.
Lane 2: Suzuki Yoshiko.
Lane 3: Toreishi Yayoi.
Do your best, Yayoi-oneechan!
Yayoi-nee gets too serious about things like this, doesn’t she?
But since her trial time is tied with the Japanese record, I can’t help admiring her a bit.
Of course!
She went through special training for a whole month to prepare for today.
But doing special training doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a record…
Yes it does! It’s the result of hard work.
On your mark!
Get set!
What’s going on?
A scramble? At such an important moment?!
Let’s go, Satsuki!
Uzuki and Mina, you’re on standby.
It’s a scramble.
Geez! Just when it was getting good… talk about annoying!
Hitomi, let’s be the first ones in the air.
Of course.
Quick, do something about this!
Yayoi, Satsuki, formation B-3, okay?
Yayoi, how about you?
Yes… I heard you.
Really. Just when it was getting good…!
Kokoro no iu na no tsubasa wo hiroge
ima anata ni tonde yuku
Koisuru kimochi wa kamisama de sae
brake kakerare nai
Kono mune no naka yume wo kizamu tokei
anata ni hari wo awasete
Romance ni byouyomi kitto umaku yuku wa
mabushii chikai wo gyutto dakishimetara
Tokimeki ga byouyomi donnani mayottemo
anata no egao to issho ni mirai ni yukitai
Spreading my wings in the name of love,
I’m flying towards you right now.
A heart that loves, even God…
can’t pull its brakes.
The clock that engraves dreams into my heart…
Its hands are synchronised to you.
My countdown of romance will surely succeed,
if I hold tightly onto its dazzling promise.
No matter how much my fluttering heart flounders in the countdown,
together with your smile, I want to enter the future.
What? There’s going to be a dogfight?
No problem.
don’t underestimate the enemy no matter who it is, understand?
Yes, I know.
Stupid enemy! If you make even one suspicious move,
I’ll shoot you down in a heartbeat.
Yayoi-oneechan, calm down before heading out…
One whole month of special training, all for nothing because of him!
You think I can just “calm down”?
Interception in seven seconds! Five…
four… three…
I’m not an enemy.
I have allied ID.
Enterprise, this is HB-1. Please confirm request to land.
How annoying… We should just blast him with a missile!
What?! You must be kidding!
I am.
Roger. I guess he really is an ally.
By the way, when are we going to fix this crude defensive position?
Everyone in those strange fighter planes over there,
since you have escorted me all the way here,
let’s play a little before you leave.
What’s he doing?
I don’t know…
Looks like fun! Time to work off some stress.
What? Come on…
Let’s hurry up and withdraw.
Okay, got it.
Wh-What are you doing?! I don’t want to get involved in this!
That’s what you say,
but you’re actually pretty good at this, aren’t you, Red?
Satsuki, you’re an idiot too. Going off half-cocked like that…
I’m chasing you because you’re trying to run.
She’s not as good as I thought.
It’s about time to end this.
Give me a break already!
I’ve got you!
Man, they got me.
Who do they think they are?
Showing off like that… I don’t like it.
They are showing off a bit too much.
Reiko, Hitomi,
watch them carefully.
Beating them will be your responsibility.
Yes! We understand!
Good job.
Thanks, but I didn’t even break a sweat.
It’s your fault I looked bad out there, Yayoi-oneechan.
Are you trying to blame someone else for your mistakes?
How mean.
And you’re taking all the credit too…
If it wasn’t for the 30 meter high jump, even I, in front of all those people, my little heart…
What’s with Satsuki?
I have no idea.
What’s this?
You guys were piloting those?
Please don’t tell anyone about this… I’d be a laughingstock.
If anyone heard I got shot down by kids like you…
Hey. Isn’t that pretty rude?
Saying that when you haven’t even introduced yourself…
She’s right, she’s right!
Don’t bite my head off. I acknowledge your skill, okay?
My name is Katou Goro. It’d do you no harm to remember it. Pleased to meet you.
That person is your coach, Katou Goro.
I can’t see his face. Ah, I see him!
Wow, he’s good looking! I’m claiming him.
What’s that supposed to mean? I have a right to him too.
Long time no see, Katou-kun.
You know him, Mom?
That’s right.
He was your dad’s favorite pilot.
Then… these kids are yours?
Yes, they’re my daughters.
Isn’t that guy supposed to be our coach?
Yeah, why is he being all friendly with them?
Because Katou used to be in the same unit as their father.
Stuff like that is completely irrelevant!
Completely irrelevant!
The passionate love story of the beautiful pilot and the handsome instructor…
I won’t forgive anyone who interferes with it!
Defeat Hummingbird!
I heard you were part of the NATO team.
I was, but that place is filled with troublemakers, so I quit.
Then do you want to join our company?
I guarantee that we’ll back you up.
Actually, I’ve already signed a six-month contract with Yajima-san…
One of my dad’s students…
Here’s some new water… Doesn’t that feel nice?
Ah! I totally forgot!
You’re lying to me, aren’t you?
It’s the truth!
If you drink milk after eating an apple, it’ll taste like strawberries. Seriously!
Sorry… I got this yesterday, but I forgot about it.
A love letter?
Some people really have strange taste.
Huh? It doesn’t look like a love letter.
How disappointing!
That’s a relief, Yayoi-oneechan.
Uzuki, who gave you this strange letter?
What is? I’ve never been interested in things like that.
Shouldn’t Yayoi-oneechan be irritated the most?
You little…!
Ouch! Don’t hit me!
No one that I recognised.
Guess you never learn.
Didn’t Mom always tell you not to take things from strangers?
Hey, what does it say?
I don’t know why, but it says they’re our rivals, so we’d better get ready for them.
What’s that?
Two girls gave it to me…
They were both so sexy. Their bodies were like this!
It says “Fever Girls” right here.
If I remember correctly…
Aren’t they the two-person team that had their debut with the Yajima agency?
They didn’t have to go so far as to send us something like this.
We’re going to end up competing with them sometime anyway.
What do you mean by that?
Like in today’s beach volleyball match or in the Idol Pilot athletic meet we went to in the fall.
We can take anybody on!
I think that’s a bit different…
There’s no difference at all. They’re the same!
This should be exciting.
I’m gonna make them pay for canceling my match yesterday!
It’s definitely different.
Seems like Yayoi-nee doesn’t care who her opponent is.
Yeah, seems like it.
She simply likes any sort of competition.
Yajima training airport
Hitomi, let’s switch from formation B to D.
All right, Reiko, let’s start at an altitude of 10.
What do you think about those two? Aren’t they pretty good?
Well, if I teach them, they can become third-best in Japan.
Third? Then who’s going to be first?
How about second?
Huh? Our opponents for the semifinals are Uzuki and Mina…
Well, if they’re going to be our opponents, then we can just treat this as warm-up for the finals.
It’s time. Yayoi-cheer! Yay!
Let’s do it together!
Let’s have a nice match… a nice one.
We can’t, Satsuki!
Even if they are our cute little sisters, we can’t go easy on them.
Please go easy on me.
Yes, please!
Stop that, you two!
Competitions are supposed to be tough!
Why is she acting like that? Did the heat get to her?
I think she’s always been like that.
Satsuki, I won’t forgive you if you go easy on them.
I get it already.
How come she has to be so serious?
There should be a limit to how serious one can get.
It doesn’t matter who faces us in the finals.
Yeah. As long as we have our finishing move, we can beat anyone.
Even so… they overdid it. But we were playing against our sisters…
Well then, after tabulating the results of the previous match, the two teams have been chosen.
The Fever Girls and Hummingbird’s Yayoi/Satsuki team.
Before we move on to the finals, we’re going to announce today’s Nice Body Award.
The winners are the two ladies from the Fever Girls.
Please come here.
Thank you very much. I’m so happy.
Excuse me, can we get a pose?
Of course we won.
This gives us the edge.
Those girls aren’t even on the same level.
No matter how many times I look, I still envy their bodies.
In about three years, mine will be even better.
But mine aren’t going to grow any more, Uzuki… like yours.
And there is quite a difference between us even now.
Satsuki, I said it’s all right!
It’s what’s on the inside that’s important. All we have to do is win in the finals.
It’s not the same…
Coach, give us a word of advice!
Give it your all! That’s it.
Understood, coach!
Satsuki, is something wrong?
No… Not really…
It’s nothing.
That’s some great spirit there.
Do your best! Only one more point!
We’ll lose if we let them get one more point.
Then let’s use that technique.
Take this!
No way!
Yay! Hooray!
Yay! Yay!
To think they’d beat that move!
What are you talking about?
Since there are only two of you, it’s obvious where you’re going to attack.
So that’s why…
I never thought about that.
Hey, Mom?
That Katou-san guy we met… what kind of person is he?
Satsuki, you’re into that type of guy?
That’s not it… I just wanted to hear about Dad. That’s all.
Oh, I see. He’s a genius in terms of skill,
but his personality is a little weird.
If he decided that his opponent in combat was too weak, he’d just leave the area without a word.
That’s why his friends mockingly called him “Do-nothing Katou”.
But that’s probably why your father liked him.
He was always telling him things like:
“Pilots never give up, no matter what!”
“Pilots shouldn’t hate other pilots!”
Or “Pilots who have flown under the same sky are more than close friends!”
First place!
Well, mostly that was just the way he talked.
Second place!
Oh yeah, what’s your event for the athletic meet? Have you decided yet?
Yeah, of course.
Third place!
Everyone wanted to do the same thing from the beginning.
Fourth place!
Since the outcome of this athletic meet…
will have the biggest influence on your chances of nomination for the Pilot Award,
be sure to give it your all, okay?
I know! We’ll win the Pilot Award for sure!
Over here!
Okay, as we promised… time for the penalty.
What? Let’s quit for today.
Everyone’s tired and…
That’s a weak excuse!
I don’t want to!
Stop it!
I’m gonna die!
How come they’re staying in the room right next to ours? I don’t like it at all.
More importantly, we can’t lose at this athletic meet.
I know already, Reiko.
That’s why we are going to have special training.
Ahhh! What’s this smoke?
There’s smoke rising!
Last lap!
Fuji TV
The day of the Idol Defender athletic meet
Well then, it’s time for the third event.
I’ll explain the rules to the Aerial Tag game.
This is a simple game where you try to hit the “tails” on the other Idols’ planes with mock fire.
Ahh… I’m getting more and more nervous every minute.
It’s okay… Just fly as usual and we’ll have an easy victory.
Excuse me. President Toreishi is asking everyone in Hummingbird to see her right away.
All five members?
Yes, all five. Please hurry.
I wonder what she could want?
I don’t know…
Let’s hurry, everyone.
Ah! I left my jacket behind. I’m going back to get it.
We’ll go ahead then!
She never learns. Really…
Sorry I’m late.
Did something happen? Isn’t the match going to start soon?
We were told that you wanted to see us.
Huh? Where are my sisters?
Weren’t they with you?
Well, they said they’d go ahead without me, since you wanted to see us.
— I’ll look for them, President! — Please.
Mom? What is it? What’s going on?
We have no choice but to admit that the others might be missing, right?
Satsuki, if worst comes to worst, you might have to fly by yourself.
No way! I can’t do that…
It’ll be all right since we registered for one-on-one combat.
No, I wasn’t thinking about the rules…
Regardless, Satsuki, stand by in the cockpit.
I underestimated him. I completely forgot about Yajima…
I didn’t think he’d go this far.
Restrain yourself until the competition is over. Please don’t think badly of me.
Yajima told you to do this, right?
See you later.
Behave yourselves, okay?
Onee-chan, what should we do?
I’m thinking about it right now.
This smells like sweat…
How can you care about that at a time like this?
It really smells.
Mom, it’s already time to take off.
Be strong. Make up your mind and do this!
It’s okay. Your only enemies will probably be the two girls from Yajima’s agency.
The other enemies have probably already been shot down.
What if they haven’t been?
Please say something.
Satsuki-san, it’s time. Please do your best.
Mom, I don’t care what happens anymore.
Satsuki, your Dad is always watching over you.
Where are the five from Hummingbird?
I’ll try to find them by scanning for their radio signals.
Mom, have you found my sisters yet?
I’m looking around the Yajima agency area, but I haven’t found them yet.
President, what’s going on?
Don’t you have any faith in us?
So you’re complaining about my methods?
Hitomi, let’s leave…
Enemy overhead.
What should I do? It missed. I failed.
What are you going to do? Looks like the enemy still wants to fight.
If you guys are also pilots, stop getting distracted and fly ’til the end.
Yes, coach!
We’ll fly ’til the end.
Ah… She’s really mad.
What should I do?
Toreishi Satsuki? This is Katou Goro.
Please listen to me.
Your father was an amazing pilot.
He was the only pilot I respected.
The last words to come out of that ace’s mouth were:
“If you consider yourself a pilot, fly even if you have to risk your life.”
So, show me everything you’ve got, Satsuki!
Dad, watch me!
In front!
Reiko, Hitomi, your flying is kind of stiff.
How about having a little fun while you’re flying?
Have fun while flying?
Hmm… He’s just like that person…
I’m going to finish you.
Damn it!
I did it! Victory!
Good job.
What about my sisters?
We still haven’t found them. What’ll we do…
We lost. We admit our defeat.
Sorry, it sounds like our president did something underhanded.
We thank you for fighting us so seriously despite the circumstances.
What about my sisters?
Oh, they’re probably in Hangar 60.
I’ll go!
We’ve decided to go overseas for the time being.
Don’t touch Katou-san until we come back.
What’s that supposed to mean?
Onee-chan… I’m hungry!
I need to go to the bathroom!
Just wait a little longer…
Will this smell ever go away?
Is everyone safe?
Pilot Award Nomination Hall
Newcomer nomination song Rainbow Forces
Lyrics: Yoshizawa Kumiko Music: Miyagi Junko
Totsuzen no haru ichiban
Skirt kinisuru anata
Kumo no ue nara hoka ni wa dare mo mite inai yo
Anata to osoroi na no pilot suit
un to takaku sasotte
Ikki ni approach kakeru wa
Rainbow Forces ashita wa
Rainbow Forces sekai ga
Totemo kirei
Rainbow Forces itsudemo
Rainbow Forces watashi ga
Totemo suki da to itte ne
Totsuzen no haru ichiban
Kami wo burou shitekureru
Gosen feet no I love you
Shikkari tsukamatte ne
Taikutsu na chijou kara nukedasou yo
Anata to futari naraba
Saikyou no formation
Rainbow Forces konya wa
Rainbow Forces sekai ga
Totemo suteki
Rainbow Forces yasashiku
Rainbow Forces kiss shite
Totemo suki da to itte ne
Totemo ii wa
Rainbow Forces yasashiku
Rainbow Forces kiss shite
Totemo suki da to itte ne
When spring comes suddenly,
the first thing you worry about is your skirt…
Even though nobody can see you up in the clouds.
Next to you and your pilot suit,
pulled up as high as possible,
they’re approaching nonstop at full velocity.
Rainbow Forces, tomorrow.
Rainbow Forces, the world is…
…so very beautiful.
Rainbow Forces, any time.
Rainbow Forces, me.
Tell me that you love me very much.
When spring comes suddenly,
the first one to make my hair fly…
From five thousand feet in the air, I love you.
Please hold on to me tightly.
Let’s leave the tedious earth below.
If I’m with you,
the ultimate formation…
Rainbow Forces, tonight.
Rainbow Forces, the world is…
…so very wonderful.
Rainbow Forces, tenderly.
Rainbow Forces, please kiss me.
Tell me that you love me very much.
So wonderful.
Rainbow Forces, tenderly.
Rainbow Forces, please kiss me.
Tell me that you love me very much.