Interview with Na`Vi.Edward about CS:GO (with English subtitles)

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on 29.12.2012

Next to me you can see a person which I’m sure you still remember
This is Ioann Edward
Tell us, what are you doing in Kiev?
I came here for a few days in my private affairs
We have trainings at the same time that’s why
I spend almost all my time in office and train
I hope you weren’t surprised of my words I told about you
Like of a person which is still remembered
As nowadays Na`Vi is not so often talked about as it was before
Maybe it’s because you’ve changed the discipline
What is your opinion about the change of CS: 1.6 for CS: GO?
What changed for you in this case?
This is a new game that’s why we are playing it not so good
Comparing to our performance in CS: 1.6
There were many teams playing great before we started playing this game
That’s why we have to catch up, we’ve been doing that
During the whole year
Which complications have you faced in this game first of all?
What prevents your gaining a champion’s shape in this game?
The game’s physics. We have to get used to it
I’m talking about aiming, there’s another spray and suppressing
The kickback of grenades is different as well
Everything was very unusual at the beginning and
Even now after 250 hours in steam
I still have some failures with grenades and sprays
How much time does the team devotes to training?
I mean, how many hours per day?
It can be different, sometimes 5, sometimes 3
Sometimes more than 5
Are you satisfied with it?
Can you see the progress?
Because I think StarLadder became a total failure for the team
Didn’t you have a desire to give it up after the tournament?
As I think it was a record of defeats in your career?
Yes, but we have failed StarLadder just when we started training CS: GO
We realized our chances that’s why
we weren’t so much disappointed and
we can see a fast progress as we’re on the middle level now
with our knowledge and understanding what is have to be done
So we have a decent progress
We’ll see what we will show in January
AdreN said in his interview that aiming is very important
Are there many differences in aiming of CS: GO and CS: 1.6?
How are you improving it?
It differs a lot, especially the spray
Aiming was always of great importance as in CS: GO and in CS: 1.6 as well
CS: GO is a new discipline, so the size of aiming, teamplay etc
Are much more important than any strategically global ideas
The same was in CS: 1.6 at the beginning the same is now in this game
So AdreN was right
What can you say about the teams which came to the foreground?
For example, NiP which managed to win around $ 80 000
On the tournaments for 6 months?
Are you ready for LAN or not yet?
I’d return o the question about our aim training
CSDM, aim cards, 5 vs. 5, individual gaming mixes
And team training
Now about NiP and LAN
NiP is incredibly strong team, the world’s best I’d say
The last championship in the final with the Poles
Where they have won 16-3; 16-6 was very confident
It’s assertion for a long domination
Currently I even can’t find any team which will be able to
Show the equal level
Very Games showed decent result at the beginning but
They even excited more due to the fact that the team
Consists of the CS: Source players
That made some difficulties for NiP
Taking theparameters like
Composure, aiming, presenting of strategy
Than it goes without saying that NiP is the best
This is what I’m thinking about this team
As for the preparedness for the LAN
First of all we want to gain a good shape
I don’t know when our 1st LAN will be
Approximately at the end of January
To tell the truth I have missed the tournament’s atmosphere
I’m training online at home or in the office the whole month
I really want to play on the LAN
As for our preparedness, I can’t say we’re so much
Ready for any tournament
But I think that by the end of January we’ll gain a good shape
The main advantage of the team was your mutual understanding
Have you kept this feature?
As this game is a new one and some misunderstandings can appear?
No, the teamplay doesn’t depend on the game
The change of the game had no effect on our understanding
And cooperating during the game
As for the new elements, yes, they have a great effect
For example one spraying bad or fumble the flash
To compare the time when you were just starting playing CS:DO
many players had negative mood for that fact
Have you changed your mind as for this game?
Do you like it now?
Because ceh9 refused to play it
What is your attitude towards this game now and
What it was before?
I like that we started playing the new game and
I like this game itself
I like the process of studying playing this game
As I like to gain new experience
I really enjoy it
I like this game; it has many moments which are
Similar to those in CS: 1.6
I mean in general, in my understanding of this game
We still have the skills and we have just
To practice the technical moments to come back to the top
At the end of the month as I know
You’ll have a bootcamp in Kiev, and
As for LAN,yYou haven’t played this game, have you?
No, we haven’t yet
We even haven’t decided when exactly we’ll have the bootcamp,
For example in late January or in the middle of it
It happened because we don’t know when we’ll have our next LAN
We just plan to gather in Kiev in fortnight before it
Concentrate on the game and train
What can you say about the 2012th?
Was it successful for you?
Can you sum it up?
I’ll tell only 1 sentence
Forever runner-ups
Thank you for the interview
I hope the next year will be dealing with the winner’s places
It will be the years of your great come back
Good luck to you!