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What's happenin' Forum?
Ya know, it's a great day.
The weather is nice.
The sun is shining.
Shut the f--- up and show us videos of people getting hurt.
Alright, fine.
Here's a video of a kid getting hurt on a skateboard.
Now you really have to watch this video in
slow motion to appreciate it.
That poor kid will be singing soprano
for the rest of his life.
If the internet loves anything more than videos of cats,
it's videos of babies being all cute and s---.
Like this kid who dances to Beyonce's Single Ladies.
*Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh*
*If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.*
*Don’t be mad once you see that he want it.*
*If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.*
*Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh*
Now I'm not really into Beyonce's song or video,
but I gotta admit,
that kid's got a little diva attitude in him
And what in the hell is that thing he's doing with his foot?
This video's cute and all,
but you know the whole time the kid's thinkin',
"Pfffft, Taylor Swift had one of the best videos of all time."
So this last video is actually from the 80s,
but just this week it hit the interwebs and went viral.
It's actually one of those don't talk to strangers
videos that they show to kids.
And I swear to you it features some of the creepiest people Evar.
"You've already been told about strangers dressing up in uniforms,
but there are other traps you need to know about."
"Hey kid, how ya doin'?
Ya know we're makin' a movie over there.
Wanna go see it?"
I mean yeah, who wouldn't wanna go home with that guy?
He totally looks like an important Hollywood director.
"Hi. I lost my little dog.
Can you help me find him?"
Is he the Cutest Furry Little Bastard Evar?
"Hey kid.
I'll teach ya how to hit this ball right over the fence.
Come on, it'll be fun."
I like balls...
"Little boy,
I'll give you $10 if you'll take my bags to the car for me."
Is that a man?
(woman) Your mom's been hurt.
She's in the hospital.
She sent me to come and get you.
(girl) What's the secret code word?
(woman) I don't know the code word.
Run bitch!
"Pizza delivery.
Come on, open the door."
*laughing* Why is Rob Schneider delivering me a pizza?
You sure are cute, kid.
You know, I'm a professional photographer.
Why don't ya come on? Hop in the car.
I'll take your picture."
I mean, all the guy wants to do is take your picture.
With no pants on.
"Hi. I'm just playing with my daughter's video game,
but the batteries seem to be dead.
I have some in my car.
Why don't you come on over and help me put them in."
Actually I might have to let that stranger take me home.
I mean, look at her.
I'd hit that.
*You got a purty mouth*
I actually love that video.
They just don't make child molesters like they used to.
*laughing* You know what time it is Forum.
It's time for the Comment Question Of The Day
which comes from a user named Tatianuhh,
and she said,
"If you could be in any TV show,
which one would you be in?"
So if you could be in any TV show,
real or fictional,
which one would you be in?
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I'm Ray William Johnson, and I approve this message.
So tell me Forum,
why is the girl from that last episode so clueless?
*Fatty Spins: Doin' Your Mom*
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"If you tell anybody...
about our little secret...
I'll kill your dog."