Montage of Celebrity and Musician's Playlist Grammy Awards 2011 - GRAMMYs Guided by TurboTax

Uploaded by TurboTax on 12.02.2011

Well we've got the Grammys coming up
Young Hollywood, we’ve teamed up with Turbo Tax. We've actually teamed up with
Turbo Tax for the Grammys. We’re asking everyone questions.
Who’s your favorite artist at the moment? Who’s on your radar right now if you
were to pick like Best New Artist for a Grammy win? Who’s someone you like?
Yeah, you know I find it tricky when I’m asked this question.
Mumford & Sons are out there and they've got cool sounds.
Florence and the Machine I like a lot too. Have you got the Bieber fever?
Absolutely. Really? It’s a good conversation piece, right?
Who are you a fan of at the moment? I listen to all kinds of stuff.
Music’s like food, I mean why just listen to one type of food?
You’re just a people pleaser aren't you? Sure
I've actually never been to the Grammys. Never ever. That’d be unbelievable.
Take us back to that moment when you were first nominated for your first Grammy and the nerves.
It’s awesome you know as a matter of fact I’m gonna get one next year as well.
Really? I’m winning this time though. I’m the leading bidder on e bay.
It’ll be mine in about a day and a half. That’s fantastic. How much did you put up for that?
Well, it’s like eleven hundred bucks. I just feel bad. I didn't know Wang Chung was having money problems.