How to Shoot a Video Testimonial - 5 DIY Tips

Uploaded by primitiveworld on 02.06.2011

Wanted to give people a quick 5 tips on how to make a good testimonial video and one of
the most important things is audio. So if possible with your camera, use an external
microphone. This camera doesn’t allow that so this is fake. So just make sure you’re
not standing too far away so that we can hear you.
Second easy tip is just to be aware of the light in the surroundings you are at. So don’t
put a window behind someone. If you backlight people, they look like they’re in the witness
protection program. Not a very earnest testimonial.
So instead of backlighting with that window, just turn to the side of it. Creates a nice
soft shape. I don’t have to carry any lights with me. And it gives a well lit testimonial.
A third simple thing to think about is composition. So that obviously is where you’re placing
your subject in the frame. That’s also going to involve where you subject is looking. So
for this video I have consistently been looking directly at lens. But if you’re doing testimonials,
you might want to have them talk to the interviewer, so they would be talking consistently off
to another person. You could be on one side or the other. You don’t want people talking
way off in the distance. That always just looks weird, like this.
The other thing to be aware of when you’re composing your shot is, like here, I’m framed
within this hallway. Kind of a frame within a frame. Avoid odd stuff in the background,
like if I step over here I now have a picture growing out of my head. So by having me move
away from the wall and having a little more depth behind me, different light. I’m now
offset and now I’m the focus of the testimonial.
Offscreen Voice: Is there a fourth tip?
Michael: Yes
Offscreen Voice: Well actually, could you put the question in your answer please?
Michael: That actually is the fourth tip. It’s really good to ask your subjects to
put the question into their answer, so when they answer the question you know what they’re
talking about. Yes or no answers without your voice interviewing them in the video are kind
of meaningless and could be about anything.
Final simple tip. Really easy. Almost all of these little handheld cameras do have a
screw in the bottom for a tripod or stand. Get one. They make everything better. Because,
right now, I don’t know about you, but this is a little hard to watch. If you can’t
get a tripod, just find a way to steady yourself. Even holding your hands together, putting
your elbows to your chest, that makes you your own human tripod.
Hope these video tips have been helpful. Enjoy making testimonials.