Handmade Leather Wrapped Stacked Bracelet

Uploaded by MichaelsStores on 19.07.2012

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Stacked bracelets are really in this fall.
I'd like to show you a way to make your own personal bracelet,
like the one I have here,
using a leather bracelet by Bead Landing.
First we're going to lay the bracelet on the table,
flat like this...
Using low-adhesive masking tape,
we're going to tape each end of the bracelet to the table.
We're going to use the eraser end of our pencil
to dip into the Martha Stewart paint
and dot onto the leather bracelet.
In between each dot,
be sure to wipe the end of the eraser
with a clean baby wipe.
Now using the lead end of the pencil,
I'm going to make small brown dots
in the center of the colored dots.
I'm going to make sure and go back for new paint
after each small brown dot is applied.
I took a plain bracelet and gave it an A-plus upgrade
and made it my own,
using my own colors and pattern of choice.
You can make your own bracelet
using whatever colors and pattern you like.
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