Gun Control The Informer 2.0 Season 1 Episode 1

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Hello, I'm Justin Breithaupt
welcome to the Informer 2.0
Season 1 Episode 1
In This Episode
of the informer
we'll be going over
obama's 23 executive orders
New Yourk, Illinois Gun Bans
uh... the NRA
what will happen
uh... school shooting and vandalisum and Anti-Bullying
The 2nd Amendment
uh... practical jokes that are no joke
Physical Harm Is No Prank !
Hazing Isn't A Prank !
basically insert sexual reference here
changed meaning and definition
a lack of law enforcement and Dicipline
And Then well end with
two statements
uh... one
from one person on Facebook I read from
welcome to this episode
the informer
just to give you guys a little history
uh... used to be a newspaper
that was at the Walla Walla Community College
in Clarkston washington
and it was a news paper that i started because for some reason
that college didn't have a news paper
and i guess it was because
uh... the previous people had a newspaper
at that college had a big problem
I ran that newspaper
for two years
i was voted down because of my grammar skills
wasn't the
editor (President)
I founded the paper and ran it
but i was not the editor and so they decided to
pick another president
they made another person president
then the newspaper closed
uh... less than a year later
uh... this is
uh... a new show I'm doing on Youtube
to inform people about what's going on the world
it's the informer
informer 2.0 because it's not the
campus informer
that was at the college
Hope the rest of this CC is ok,
Hope the rest of this CC is ok,
Hope the rest of this CC is ok,
one of the reasons for that it's because
uh... obama new
if you get that out
to court
network because as usual
olympic official of the e-waste because the second bed
wanted to say
which is the second that you'll see
the government has no right
make any changes based on the type of weapons
uh... there were a lot
everybody thought that was exactly works pretty quickly stands
equal rights by the court problem grilled all this is a bitter safeguards
and show that they should be was taking action in the right direction to
stuff about so i don't know who is the right direction dot
but you look
it looked like it might help
that's about it
the only place where some people might be upset
is death
a wannabe
executive actions
uh... rejected orders
uh... it's going to make it so that
people can't keep change that
work by the insult kitchen without some sort of offered
so uh... i don't think they view
for stuff are very well
anti-buchanan stamp
people treatment easily
getting down to
business though
york illinois' have begun beds in effect
particularly as was the much tricked
what i've been told benefit derived
people otherwise don't have a single shot rifles
not that semi-automatic
the missiles
uh... no shotguns
new york
new yorkers
well-heeled epistles
i don't know about right orchestra
was a very strict
i don't know why the
place exactly
but uh...
the n_r_a_ congress
what will happen
well first of all
uh... let's go to second and third second insist
keep and bear arms
lost that right will not be
now the cat's eye french that means that if i have arms
uh... the tonight
picket they cannot proof that right
eclectic mcdonald doesn't matter is
this battered
what kind of regulations are deliberately
to have a right to take that park
so that's why i like your stuff
are brady
governmental agency adequately force laws
the n_r_a_
using worry that i wanted to work for a few preached at work
you want to be deleted
this year
or anything else
or assault rifles
were taken away you know
uh... there'd be a technician result rebel very
he quite literally schools
stands quite a bit
um... congress
is being a bit later
so basically opa much trying to push through
some sort of water legislation that's going to
restrict guns types of guns begun piano
they're going to accept pass now
for democrats
the white house to play
you know congress everything but
within the republicans
and so people don't want
blame everything on obama
and try to pass it through i don't know how people cannot believe that
you know it's a pretty set by the way let obama to everyone's yugoslovakia
uh... well
note week because
uh... which would make sense
statements on surgery should in effect
i think one of the restrictions
he'd already people with mental illness can't get it done well
here is some trouble there
uh... for want of course i have a nichols is not going to be done
uh... which is person
uh... shock people to school
is part of somebody else
uh... without the permission probably
whether it is an assault rifle ban
ordered mental illness
that's not really can help
in the long run
and those people
most with little people perfectly dot
shooters so
that's another issue
but com
i think about it
so let's say that a person is a victim
mentally ill person because their victim
in so many different
maybe they need
decryption keys lead
well they've ever threaten to kill himself
kill somebody else
degraded as you walk that they're trying pass
uh... they would not be able to
are not saying that that
alerts uh...
someone tries to make about to be creative relief
that would be easy
anyone who says that this person might killed himself
or cancer they wanted to know so
can get it done that soaked
krummel started beating people be societal
or homicidal
those people
would not be able to be done
does not really get plant
but why do you think there are people out there
especially should not access to guns
and uh...
does that people should find era
it's slow seems to be really tricky
and of course
with the second amendment
uh... you can't really do that constitution
but help us most teams
and nineteen said all kind of support
and not just
in the united states
and a lot of tables
uh... with this she happened
uh... that they could have been as a result of that
it for me
in all schools through stuff
how effective
franklin drifting at that point tactics are not backed it today
if you can agree to take a picture of that people in it
school administrators people in charge
making pictures do you wish
you're very lucky
they're going to keep him seriously enough
allow people to see
and uh...
she'd be easily bc by looking at great that you're looking at people
whilst a priest
but experts on the internet
because they're not really breaks
com if you watch the videos
seek not to look at
you know a prank to be is like
okay cv the watershed someone base
uh... goldwater's
uh... bedspread
you know ya currently garrison somebody's
you don't hurt anymore
that's correct
preacher supposed to be burned
so that's not some of the show
they think they did to us
directly to you used the same judy
uh... buzzer
salute orchestra
car blvd
or when you look on the internet people's pranks water breaks
there's a lot of people that think that functions when the patient
where they think they're throwing a ball
that somebody that really hurts but not to vote regions of the different
worry stayed in top of their stay on top of something
working on something ingratitude
the latter
but her her whatever occupants of that print
these are not pranks
front so that she is one thing and i think that's what only anxiety seriously
people won't do it
a lot of people
page six
it will be denied it
picturing it
gives them some sort of
excavation or someone else
like triple but
practical jokes
so the burger chip
uh... visible original prints heating
is that correct
now here's another thing about today's society
concert sexual reference here
gently xd
uh... when you're on the internet
you'll see some sort of sexual reference or something
and refers to a video he could prevent b_d_o_
any find out the what they're talking about
the reference that they're making basically describe what they're doing
they think it really scrapes
adequately something the farm or something that that you do every day
p_g_a_ sexual
uh... protest sexual remarks
exploit the you know that the world
it's not even remotely accurate it does mean definition t_v_ their remotely
uh... people's brain surgeons i don't know
but what he did not do
but first let's talk about lack of law enforcement
they risk a huge lack of law enforcement at this point
in the united states
and when i mean by that is as well there's a lot of people that break laws
uh... victimizing people
pig repercussions
because of lack of discipline
jesus christ be killed
the shooting identify happen
because then i think about this planet perspire
baptist narrowed it down to one person well
you know and i'll stick with the kids again
belting out with
um... they kept grace period for the world
if they're all out which then that would
they're letting out people
they don't know at this point
make a mockery shirley it would be
the discipline used
achi statements are trying to ban
and shooting
it's like maybe grab the as the beautiful ball
and peasants of that
juneau follow-ups
and there's also a
that was uh... speaking i read your program
and every radio persons
that interview him
and she kept
questions about
teach kids had achieved
people with this placard
she keeps the general make myanmar killers
he turned around and told her
that uh...
had the capability of becoming prostitute because she was adequately
the approx
uses but across
i think that's a pretty good question
release polling harassment
all these things going on the world
because a stop sign
i don't see acne
people needing
toward you provided about it
sport remembers
and i think the reason is because uh... quickly
uh... expecially
if one for
uphold the law
don't prosecute people precludes
if that's not going
people need to be able to
that's all that's a vampire