Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl (Full Movie) - Eng Sub

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Life is like hitchhiking without a destination.
The steering is up to others and plain luck.
It never goes the way you want.
Possessions search!
I'll take that! Give it back!
This too!
Yeah! Yeah! Confiscated!
You got one too! Confiscated!
Fuck You!
Teacher! This is too much!
What! Keiko Furano!
And who is this for?
Don't look at me...
3 Months Earlier
Keiko wants you as a steady.
You wouldn't refuse, would you?
There are no good guys in class.
You just squeeze by.
Is that a compliment?
You got a girlfriend?
Not really...
You're mine!
Mizushima, a ladykiller?
Are you being disobedient?
Leave him alone!
You too, Keiko.
Just because your father is vice-principal doesn't grant you any favours.
Keiko? What's wrong?
Keiko! Keiko!
Keiko! Keiko! What's wrong?
Mr. Uchiyama is being unreasonable.
Do something!
Vice-principal Furano: teacher of chemistry, physics, biology...
And one crappy teacher.
Mr. Uchiyama?
No belongings unrelated to academics.
Isn't that the rule?
Yes! You're absolutely right.
Look, Keiko. I'll buy you some chocolate later.
He scares me.
He's a stickler and a nit-picker.
I can hear you.
The bell has rung. Break time.
Gotta go.
Good luck, Keiko.
Items unrelated to study...
find new life in the trash!
End of story!
Victory will be ours!
What did you make of today's chocolate confiscation?
Give chocolate back! Give chocolate back!
What did you think, captain Kiriko?
I wanna return.
Where to?
To the soil...
You guys wanna cut?
We do!
It's unhealthy to cut so quickly.
Let's start with a warm-up.
Extend hands...
Wrist exercise start,
And a...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7...
I'm tired. Enough already.
You're totally self-centred...
We call out and unify our bond.
With all our vigour!
Cut the wrists!
Sodium cut! Wrist cut!
Great work!
Just a few more days till the rally.
Remember our slogan:
''Not too deep! Avoid the artery!''
Here we go!
Grip the cutter knife. Slice the wrist!
Grip the cutter knife. Slice the wrist!
Cut lightly!
Cut deeply!
Cut forcefully!
Cut vigourously!
Pay more attention to me!
Jyugon Mizushima!
You walk fast.
Who are you?
Your classmate.
Monami Arukado.
The new transfer student.
My name is Monami Arukado.
Nice to meet you.
She came in at the end of the year.
She's beautiful.
Normally that would stand out...
but it doesn't
Nobody cares if she's around.
In fact, she's usually not around.
Because, according to her...
The weather's too nice and the sun's too bright!
Was that cape a part of your previous school's uniform?
No. It's a keepsake from my mother.
Got a moment?
It's chocolate.
Please accept it.
It wasn't confiscated.
The possessions search?
Maybe it's because I don't stand out and the chocolate was so tiny.
Probably so.
I've no courage and could only prepare a chocolate this small...
but in the end it all worked out.
I thought it was God saying I should give it to you.
Will you accept it?
This taste...
it's like licking a finger, cut during inept kitchen work
It's blood!
What is this?
GANGURO CLUB Grafitti-Morons! You're Japanese
Where'd ya get that tan?
In Shibuya next to Tsutaya.
Want some gum? It's green gum.
Only black gum. Got it?
Anyone want coffee? I'm going for some latte.
Only black coffee.
You think you can put white in anything like Michael!
What's with that guy?
You're black! Black!
I know we're the ganguro club and all,
but we're not ganguro! This is too much!
Black power!
We're ganguro gals, right?
We swore allegiance!
You forget Obama's words?
Change, change, change!
Change, change, change!
We're the ganguro. Like a sushi roll. Like a lump of coal.
We got rhythm. We got soul!
Where's she going?
Good morning. You've been absent for 3 days.
Are you okay?
You still look out of it.
Something on your mind?
Where to begin?
Good. No sign of rejection.
Seems to suit your physiology.
What are you talking about?
The chocolate.
That chocolate. That red cream? What was that? Give me the recipe!
That was my blood.
How embarrassing!
It's not about embarrassment!
Why'd you do such a creepy thing?
I've fallen in love with you.
I want us to live together.
I don't understand.
I've been feeling weird since I ate it.
Can we talk later?
It's sunny. I don't want to be outside.
What were you talking about with that transfer girl?
That chocolate...
That girl gave you chocolate?
Even Keiko couldn't give you any!
Did you eat it?
Did you?
I want...
What the hell?
Jyugon, you OK?
It's nothing.
This cutter cuts well.
The perfect blade for our anniversary
Captain, we have a present for you.
Another cutter? I've got one already.
Not at all.
-Spinach! -It's pesticide-free.
You're anaemic.
Thank you! Thank you!
We want you back in high form, captain.
We want to see Kiriko captain cut.
Cut, cut, cut, wrist cut!
Getting there!
Vertical, horizontal, irregular cuts!
Violin, Violin.
I will be a Christ in the wrist cut world.
Gotta cut!
I feel dizzy. Got a headache.
Oh, my!
Want some medicine?
Or do you want to get down in bed?
This is Midori, the over-sexed school nurse.
The male students all have a thing for her.
This way.
Are you ready to drink blood?
You're doing fine.
What is this?
Wanting blood is...?
A vampire.
Me too.
I'm a...
a vampire.
You ate chocolate with my blood in it.
Now you're half a vampire.
Drink more and you can be a full vampire.
I don't want to be one!
Here you go.
Looks delicious.
Jyugon! What's going on?
New student! What, are you trying to pull my boyfriend?
Answer me?
Is this really your type?
She looks nasty?
Don't say that in front of her.
We were interrupted. Let's pick it up later, okay?
I think he's the new janitor.
I heard the previous one disappeared a month ago.
That damn vice-principal is just a persona.
I, Kenji Furano, am the scientist of the century.
I am successor to the famous Dr. Frankenstein.
Someday I'll uncover the mystery of human life!
You should be thankful you can be material for my genius experiment.
Holy mother!
He's alive, Midori!
I'm trying to revive the dead.
You should have killed him first!
I'll get to it.
Can we do it?
Can we do it?
Can we do it?
Yes we can!
Excellent skill.
This is not a tea ceremony or flower arrangement.
It's dead!
This thing can't come back to life.
This sucks!
I hear Mr. Uchiyama has been getting into stalking female students.
Leaking insulting rumours It's all a part of Keiko's strategy.
And you don't?
-No way! -You should.
It didn't last long.
Soon after, Uchiyama went missing.
Class is starting.
Doesn't really matter to me, though.
Mr. Uchiyama?
How did you know?
You think I drank his blood and killed him because he found out my secret?
I didn't say that.
It's true.
You're serious?
It's dangerous for a girl to walk around this late.
Should we go somewhere?
You hungry?
I am.
What do you want to eat?
Your blood.
See! No good, right?
It's really scary!
You were drunk. That makes me drunk too.
Good evening, teacher.
Staying out late is bad. But stalking is even worse.
Igor is burning Uchiyama's body.
The new janitor?
You know him?
Know him...?
He's like a servant.
Or maybe a slave!
A slave!
Did you kill the previous janitor and have Igor burn him as well.
-That's right! -That's NOT right!
It's convenient to have a servant.
He mainly disposes of dead bodies.
A janitor was the perfect position for him to sneak into school.
By the way...
are we going to live together?
I feel I'm lost in time.
They call me Afro Rika.
But my real name is Hanako Tanaka.
I wear special-effect makeup to school.
Why was I born Japanese?
I wish I'd been born into the coolest race.
I'm going for the world.
I'll be the world's fastest 100 meter ganguro girl!
The world awaits.
I'm flying from Japan and right into the world.
What the?
What do you mean, live together?
I mean, you drink my blood and become a vampire like me.
Then you can remain how you are for good.
Not bad?
Sounds bad enough.
A girl confesses her love with all her heart and even gives Valentine chocolate.
You should respond accordingly.
You put blood in the chocolate. Not love.
This is the blood you were talking about.
Midori, tone it down.
Excuse me.
I told you to get out of that habit.
You want this?
This is...
The key to my research!
Can I have your attention?
'Zhou Yuan'
Say it aloud: 'Zhou Yuan'
Ju-on in Japanese.
There's a movie of this name.
Anybody seen it?
Great! You too. You too.
Great director too!
It went to part 2 before being remade in the US as 'The Grudge'.
''The Grudge.' It's in English.
Let's get back to Kanji since this is Chinese class.
They are both skipping class?
Suspicious, no?
I won't let that happen!
Any problems with my lecture?
If you interrupt, you will be cursed.
Where did you get this?
It was on the floor of the nurse's room.
It's from Monami Arukado.
Monami Arukado?
A transfer student. Doesn't stand out.
Has a high presence rate in the nurse's room.
Should we get her too?
You'd like that?
Monami Arukado, what the hell is she?
Would love to cut her open.
What do you say?
No way!
Who would want to be a vampire?
You know my secret. You'll have to die.
In that case...
I'd love to be a vampire.
Before someone interrupts us again.
What is this?
Where is this?
Who is that?
Your mother?
She came to Japan to escape from the vampire hunter.
Is that you?
Stay right here.
But the vampire hunter chased her down.
Is this St. Francis Xavier?
I will protect my happiness!
Devil descendant! You have nowhere to escape.
"Sumo from hell"
Since then...
I've been living on my own.
How old are you?
I stopped counting.
How does it feel?
What is this?
It's OK. They're being replaced.
Show me.
A little more...
Yes. please!
Jyugon! Get away from her!
She's a monster!
I saw her blood.
It was alive and moving. Not human blood!
I'm a vampire.
A vampire?
You'll be killed, Jyugon!
I wouldn't kill someone I like.
Plus, he's a vampire now.
Something like that...
This is impossible!
You bitch! It's all your fault!
You never quit.
She knew my secret. It saved time.
It's not about saving time!
She said something about someone having my blood.
I should've asked more about that.
That's not the point!
But, that was the point.
Too stupendous!
This is it!
My research is nearly complete!
Doctor, emergency! It's Keiko!
What happened to Keiko?
There are students up there.
They're coming.
What a pain.
What happened?
Convenient, no?
I grieve your loss.
This is great!
I can chop up her body!
Every father with a daughter dreams of this.
What bliss!
My daughter!
My lovely daughter!
Dicing one's daughter is true happiness!
Doctor, that's kind of perverse.
Shut up!
Mere mortals mustn't interfere with a genius at work!
Need more parts. Get me more parts!
Then there was a rash of serial murders.
Tokyo Public High School boiled over with fear.
Kiriko, winner of the nationwide wrist cut rally:
Her tougher than cutter blade wrists were lopped off.
Afro Rika, blacked up ganguro club captain:
Her legs as strong as a black athlete were torn off.
Chinese teacher Kohan:
His lungs tough enough to handle grimy auto emissions.
So strong were they he could smoke 10 cigarettes at a time.
Those mighty lungs were hacked out.
The criminal was Midori, who cast off her sexy nurse guise..
to reveal a psycho killer.
Finally, the psycho killer was brought down by
the Save the Tokyo High School Association...
abduction victims and the student body.
You're coming with us.
Abducted again?
"Monami: come to the gym tonight!"
"From Comeback Keiko".
You're late.
I thought you wouldn't come.
Actually, I didn't feel like coming.
Now you know who's best as Jyugon's girlfriend.
Isn't that right?
If you say so.
Still looking to compete?
Transfer students should cower in the corner.
They should be quiet!
I've been trying...
Right, Jyugon?
Don't ask me.
You don't understand no matter how much I talk.
Don't underestimate the wrists of the wrist cut club.
Or ganguro legs!
Don't think I am who I used to be.
Not bad.
Now we're talking.
And this is how the battle over love between
Vampire Girl and Frankenstein Girl began.
By the way, has anyone considered my feelings?
No way a blunt edge like that is going to penetrate the wrists.
Igor! Please help Jyugon!
You won't escape me!
I said wait!
We have to help Monami!
Hold on! Hold on!
Here comes the judge! Here comes the judge!
Kick out the jams! Bang a drum!
You ain't seen nothing yet!
Mr. Furano? What's with that get up?
I will vivisect Monami.
She is the linchpin of my research.
Nurse Midori?
What can a high school student like me...
do in a crazy battle between crazy monsters?
You're nothing without your cape.
I'll rip it to shreds!
The Finishing blow.
Do you like Chinese auto emissions? Delicious?
Fall! Just fall! Fall all the way to hell!
Wake up! No time to sleep!
Hang in there! Don't give up!
You're the Vampire Girl.
What do you need?
You need Blood?
Open your mouth!
You two! No making out!
Get back up there!
Just do it!
Thank you, Jyugon. I love you.
Bitch... drop dead!
Stupid girl. You've cut me for the last time.
Way to go.
You're the best.
Me too...
I love you.
I was waiting.
Do that thing with your cape.
Won't work.
Why not?
Are we both going to die?
Don't be silly.
Although 2 are impossible, it can still manage one.
I will protect my happiness.
You think a mere janitor can defeat the vice-principle?
Hey! What are you doing?
Come on down!
Easy to say...
but I've got a serious lack of blood.
I felt time stop.
Monami was falling.
Monami was dying. No way!
You can't change my body like this and leave me.
I won't live by myself...
in this body for hundreds of years.
Since then...
I've been living on my own.
You've been living like this for years.
I didn't understand when you gave me the chocolate.
I just didn't get it.
I've fallen in love with you!
I want us to live together.
A girl confesses her love with all her heart and even gives Valentine chocolate.
You should respond accordingly.
I'm beginning to see...
how lonely and desperate it is...
to live alone for hundreds of years.
You were grasping at straws.
Mr. Igor.
Let's go.
To where?
Anywhere is good, isn't it?
I guess...
Subtitles: Arigon
I'm not going to leave you alone anymore.
I have Monami...
and Monami has me.
We'll be together forever.
Igor is dead.
When I make someone a vampire after a hundred years,
they suddenly get old and decay.
Maybe you will too.
Anyway, stay with me until that day, Jyugon.
You mean,
I'm just filling Igor's shoes?
Am I a slave?
You know...
I have evolved!
What is it?
How many before me?
I don't count that sort of thing!
Translation by Norman England & Kenichiro Shimbo