Pyramids Cosmic Antennas

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In December 2009. above the Moscow Kremlin\par 0:04hung pyramid shaped gigantic UFO.\par
Each of his side was about 0.5 km.\par It was few hours in the air.\par
Eyewitnesses were able to photograph it.\par 0:19Cosmic military specialists, were unable
to explain what it was.\par Exactly one year later the same kind of
pyramid\par has been seen in China, three months later
a similar object\par was recorded with TV cameras above Latin
America .\par 0:34Then the pyramid-shaped UFO has been seen\par
in Spain, England, France and Japan.\par 0:43PYRAMIDS - SPACE ANTENNAS\par
Flying machines in the form of a pyramid were first mentioned\par
in the chronicles of ancient Sumer.\par This civilization was located, 6000 years
ago on the territory of today's Iraq.\par Their gods were flying to cosmos on pyramid-formed
space ships.\par Young Sumerian gods were called Anunnaki,\par
and the supreme one, Nefili.\par It is recorded that they were all from
the planet Nibiru.\par In the epic of Sumerian ruler Gilgamesh
it was stated\par that he was two third god, and one third
man.\par 1:24In ancient texts it was stated that the
Anunnaki,\par along with people, made the first zigurates
on the Earth.\par zigurate = Step Pyramid.\par
In ancient Egypt, they worshiped stone - "BIEM BIEM" in pyramidal shape.\par
Moscow today is a city that lives in an insane rhytm.\par
structures in the form of a pyramid create such energy.\par
After the World War II, "The Great Homeland War"\par
architects, Dmitry Chechulin and Alexei Shusev\par
had to build in Moscow, seven gigantic buildings in form of a pyramid.\par
Capital of the Soviet empire needed a new magical power.\par
The construction of "Stalin's skyscrapers" was completed in record time.\par
The seven ziggurates-stepped pyramids\par have been erected in place of the ancient
These seven "Stalin's skyscrapers", as
were built on sacral places.\par
Meljnikov was architect of General project of the whole Moscow area.\par
He was the mysterious person.\par He was a member of secret societies.\par
When Kaganovich brought the plans of Moscow to Stalin for approval,\par
there were even a plans of brothers Vesnin and other architects,\par
Stalin did not even look at the other projects, he just wrote: "Build like this!"\par
This set of buildings magnifies huge Step Pyramid - Palace of Soviets,\par
ending with Lenin's statue on the top\par to generate powerful energy fields.\par
Soviet leaders believed in the mystic power of ancient knowledge\par
and they builded devices receiver-transmitter\par 3:16for the effect on the masses.\par
If the pyramid is set correctly, from the geometric point of view,\par
3:24from the principles of arithmetic mesures\par 3:26and if they are harmonized with each other,
from the geological point of view,\par 3:30and with the flow of energy which is comming
from the earth\par 3:35which the pyramid collects,\par
3:38that man who is in the pyramid,\par 3:41gets interesting, unusual abilities.\par
3:45After the Great October Revolution in Russia, amongst people who came to power\par
3:48were also agents of the secret cult.\par 3:52Mystic Gurdjieff was leading mystic Brotherhood,
with his best students,\par 3:57Blavatsky, Ouspensky, Mikoyan and Stalin.\par
4:04At the core of the Soviet authorities and\par
4:07such a closed organization\par 4:10like Ch.K.= Extraordinary Commission,
there were occult - mystic groups\par 4:19type of Masonic lodge.\par
4:23Blumkin was leading one of them\par 4:26under Dzerzhinsky, who then headed the
occult part of Ch.K.\par 4:32They dealt with very large mystic projects.\par
4:36Immediately after the death of Lenin\par 4:39they erected a pyramid in the heart of
Moscow.\par 4:41In the beginning it was wooden; stone
version was made several years later.\par 4:46Architect Alexei Shusev, which belonged
to a secret society,\par 4:51made a mausoleum, modeled after the Sumerian
ziggurat-stepped tower .\par 4:56The Brotherhood knew that pyramid will
nourish leader's spirit,\par 5:00and grant him immortality.\par
5:03Therefore, they created magic words:\par 5:06Lenin lived! Lenin lives! Lenin will live!\par
5:10This allows the mummy to preserve\par 5:12to preserve not physically, but spiritually.\par
5:17Science just start discovering how,the geometry of objects\par
5:22influence the space. The answer is given by concept\par
5:25of torsion fields. This direction in physics\par 5:29in Russia is considered non-academic and
in the world is secret.\par 5:34Torsion fields is spiral motion of super
small particles.\par 5:38they were discovered by researching vacuum.\par
5:46Pyramid polarize space around\par 5:50so that the torsion fields appear,\par
5:53whereby the inside of the pyramid appear - left torsion fields\par
5:56and on its top\par 5:59the right torsion fields, the sum of these
fields is zero.\par 6:01if you remove the pyramid, in the vacuum
is zero.\par 6:08if pyramid is there it will polarize the
space in the vacuum,in some to us\par 6:14unknown way and there will be the right
and left torsion fields.\par 6:18they have different effects on bio- objects.\par
6:23Everything in the universe has a spiral shape: galaxies\par
6:27the typhoon eye, the human DNA, have a right (positive) torsion field.\par
6:33It is not accidental that the spiral, twisted counter-clockwise,\par
6:38is the symbol of life in all ancient cultures.\par 6:41From the vacuum is possible to drow infinite
energy,\par 6:45and actually making new motors on its
basis.\par 6:49The transport apparatus which could use
twisting and rotation\par 6:53is a breakthrough in aviation and cosmonautics.\par
7:02It would look like flying saucer\par 7:11Why? Because it is established rotation\par
7:17of a particular material engine.\par 7:21There should be something rotating\par
7:24and we can controll this rotation.\par 7:27When we controll the rotation also when
we are changing main speed\par 7:31then curvature of space appear...?force\par
7:37The most famous pyramids on Earth, are the Egyptian complex at Giza.\par
7:42The 1st is the Great Pyramid of Khufu,\par 7:45 the 2nd is Kephren's pyramid and the
3rd is Pyramid of Menkaure.\par 7:47As it is written in the "Egyptian Book
of the Dead"\par 7:50All Egyptian pyramids were a reflection
of the Heavenly Duat,\par 7:54realm of the god Osiris. Pyramids really
exist also on the planet Mars.\par 8:03Geologist Vladimir Avinsky is researching
20 years, recordings of Mars surface.\par 8:08He knows how to distinguish between, natural
formations and the buildings.\par 8:12there are pyramids on Mars, but they are
ruins of\par 8:17some ancient Martian civilizations.\par
8:21pyramids in martian region Cydonia are like earthly pyramids in Giza.\par
8:26Their size is astonishing, the 500m high\par 8:30basis length is 2 km , they are five times
bigger then Egyptians.\par 8:35So far it is known more then ten different
types of such constructions.\par 8:40Usually, stepped with the truncated tops\par
8:43and even the pentagonal and hexagonal,\par 8:46and Of course, they are older than those
on the earth..\par 8:51If mesured and compared with terrestrial
parameters\par 8:56probably the building from Mars\par
9:01are original version\par 9:03of constructions on Mars,\par
9:06and here is a just very small copy.\par 9:13Not far from the pyramid complex is known
skulpture - "Martian Sphinx".\par 9:17Mysterious "face" is the size of 1.5 km.\par
9:24In the second part of the planet, astronomers\par 9:27discovered record of the ruins that are
like\par 9:30earthly ruins, of the ancient Peruvian
city of Incas.\par 9:37Such triangle quarters,\par
9:40such formation-line order,\par 9:46is called the "Inca City", the Mars City
of the Incas.\par 9:50nature certainly could not create all
these objects. ,\par 9:54Geologists are still today confused finding
construction\par 9:58known as "martian glass worms".\par
10:01This are 100 m diameter trunks and tunnels.\par 10:04they create an uneven surface of the
red planet,\par 10:07hiding in the hollows and curves at right
angles.\par 10:13All extraterrestrial reality is hidden
in higher circles.\par 10:20We are not comfortable, to let in\par
10:23extraterrestrial reality, not only in our life,\par
10:26but in our consciousness, because then\par 10:30we could start looking differently at
the world.\par 10:33If there was a civilization on Mars and
died, it means\par 10:36that we must take care of our civilization,
not to disappear.\par 10:39In Egypt there are many pyramids and
they are\par 10:41better preserved than others on the planet.\par
10:44Is written in the Chronicle, that every great Pharaoh\par
10:47made for himself individual building.\par 10:50Indicates that it was build in order
to communicate with the gods,\par 10:55or that the spirit of the emperor would
remain in the pyramid.\par 10:59None of the ancient Egyptian king, did
not intended to be buried in the pyramid.\par 11:04for that there was a 'Dead city'\par
11:07underground temple, on the west bank of the Nile.\par
11:11In any funeral chamber was not found a single man,\par
11:14no mummy, nothing..\par 11:19Researchers have found that the age\par
11:22of Egyptian pyramids,is very different.\par 11:25In the base of some constructions, there
are perfectly cut multi-tonnes blocks,\par 11:31above them are accumulated rough-processed
stones\par 11:34with hieroglyphs from a later period.\par
11:39We can see the Pyramids not only in Egypt\par 11:42We can see the pyramids built by\par
11:46ancient civilizations, 10-12000 years ago, according to our evaluation.\par
11:51There are also those built by pharaohs, different technology, different approaches,\par
11:57longevity...For example,\par 12:00 there are pyramids that their base part
is work of ancient civilisation,\par 12:02and the top structure is specific to
the construction of the Pharaoh.\par 12:06Nikas Safronov artist personally experienced,\par
12:10power of these ancient constructions.\par 12:14He came to Egypt on the invitation of
President.\par 12:17Using the high guest's privileges, Nikas
asked to take him\par 12:23in a pyramid at Giza, which was closed
for tourists.\par 12:26And it is wonder that he did not stay
there forever.\par 12:28The people who brought me to pyramid\par
12:36they forgot about me, and they should come after 3-4 hours.\par
12:41inexplicably,the artist could not find\par 12:44the way out from the pyramid maze.\par
12:46Black corridors were ending with dead end,\par
12:50or re-run back again.\par 12:53Tyred he lyed down and took a nap.\par
12:56strange noise,woke him up. he was in the room\par
13:01illuminated by the light, with the sarcophagus,in the center.\par
13:05Alive man was lying in it and others were around him.\par
13:09The uttrered magical words words, and on the walls\par
13:12passed strange people with animal heads.\par 13:16This was some enigmatic personality and\par
13:21Some sounds spread like some initiatation of students,\par
13:29collegium of priests. it was all secret,\par 13:33and passed beside me.\par
13:38I took shelter,as if\par 13:43there was some glass screen\par
13:48between me and the world,\par 13:50which I would call a parallel world.\par
13:54Nikas Safronov was stunned with the ancient ceremony.\par
13:57For some time he was observing what was happening\par
14:01and deep inside him was growing anxiety.\par 14:05at the end artist clearly felt\par
14:08that it was time to return.\par 14:13I was not afraid, there was no some danger.\par
14:17From the beginning when I got that vision,\par 14:24I had little feeling of discomfort, not
horror.\par 14:34Then when it all got settled it appeared
like a screen\par 14:39like a geopgraphic image moving around
me.\par 14:42They were living, but I was all the time,
as I said, like being protected\par 14:47by some glass and then I started\par
14:53to think how to get out of here.\par 14:56I asked myself again , how because earlier
I could not find exit.\par 15:00As soon he thought about return he heard
in the corner\par 15:08a faint noise and pattering. Something
was coming closer.\par 15:11In half-light he noticed a small light
being.\par 15:14It was a little pussy.\par
15:17When Nikas turned to her, image and life of ancient Egypt\par
15:23start becoming fuzzi and completely disapeared.\par 15:29He put the cat down to the ground and
followed her.\par 15:37She stops and I stop, she sat down and
I sat down.\par 15:42Then she walked and then finally I saw
the sun ray.\par 15:47I took her under my arm and walked toward
that light,\par 15:53and saw a huge number of scared people.\par
15:57Nikas took the cat with him to Moscow as a talisman.\par
16:01Today, the Sphynx, so is called this race,\par
16:07lives with artists in the studio.\par 16:09The 'memory' from this maze is very choosy,\par
16:13therefore she is nicknamed "Yummy".\par 16:16Upon his return inspired artist painted
a series of Egyptian's pictures\par 16:20but in principle ,Nikas Safronov\par
16:24is not painting his cat's image.\par 16:28I painted it in the form of people,\par
16:35that are in my dreams,\par 16:42those that emerged after the journey
in the pyramid.\par 16:46She is present as the spirit of the cat,\par
16:49as shown sitting in a chair.\par 16:52I do not know why, but I am not ready,\par
16:59I do not know what is happening with this picture.\par
17:05Andrej Sklerov is a scientist from another group\par
17:08who study for many years the ancient megalithic constructions .\par
17:12He is making his deductions, analyzing constructions and processing methods.\par
17:16Researchers have found thousands of artifacts that indicate\par
17:21that such monuments couldn't make people with primitive technology.\par
17:26All this could do, just a highly developed civilizations.\par
17:31For example, it is incomprehensible what instruments could lift\par
17:34a multi-ton stone blocks for the pyramids and temples.\par
17:38It cannot be done so as archaeologists tried to reassure us,\par
17:42just with metal bars and wooden wedge.\par 17:45There are some findings that confuse
us to 'dead point',so to say,\par 17:51because the first logical conclusion
coming up in mind\par 17:56indicates that the stone was processed
when it was soft.\par 18:00The stone for the pyramids at Giza were
obtained from the Asuan's quarry.\par 18:05You can see strange ridges on the excavated
rocks.\par 18:08There is no technology, which exist today
that can process granite in such a way.\par 18:13This is an unknown wave effect on the
crystal grid of the substance.\par 18:20Variant with soft stones is possible\par
18:26bcz it seems that material was taken with chain.\par
18:32Christopher Dunn American NASA engineer\par 18:36is researching the pyramids already 20
years..\par 18:38He believes that he deciphered the riddle,
how they were made.\par 18:43Dan was researching a technology of making
the coffin\par 18:47in Cheops pyramid.\par
18:49Judging by the traces that remained in its inner surface\par
18:54The Egyptians were drilling holes in order to obtain certain smoothness.\par
18:58and drilling speed had to be for example 0.5 cm / s\par
19:02we are talking about granite.\par 19:05But the best modern drill can\par
19:10drill in granite with 10 times less speed.\par 19:13But this was not the only strange skill
that the ancient architects mastered,\par 19:18beside this they drilled using ultra
sound.\par 19:21It seems this technology was known 4,000
years ago.\par 19:28For some time I could not decide\par
19:31to publish the results of my testings\par 19:34because these were contrary to the modern
historical chronology.\par 19:38Then I realized that my theory had a
lot of supporters.\par 19:43Another issue that Christopher Dan was
interested in was:\par 19:47How were Egyptians lifting\par
19:49many-ton blocks at a height of 100 m\par 19:52and placed them with precision of tenth
part of 1 mm?\par 19:55By the experiments in the best laboratory
it was proved that\par 20:00acoustic or electromagnetic levitation
was used in building.\par 20:05In my opinion it is impossible\par
20:09if the stone was not made lighter\par 20:12ie. to reduce the effect of gravity on
it.\par 20:14this is possible in two ways, if they
mastered\par 20:18Application of Ultrasound Technology,\par
20:20then they knew that it affects the structure of matter.\par
20:22And they knew also that between the the sound emitter and\par
20:25sound receiver creates a wave that reduces weight.\par
20:29it is another question what were emitters and where they disapeared.\par
20:33But I am totally convinced that they were used.\par
20:38Physicist Andrey Wierzbicki,understood why they made the pyramids\par
20:42when he saw a detailed scheme of Cheops pyramid.\par
20:46Exactly like this looks drawing\par 20:49of an artificial satellite's antenna.\par
20:51calculation confirmed that the ancient pyramid are\par
20:55complex of inter - planetary communication.\par 20:59Modern techniques of high-frequency and\par
21:03this - pyramid construction techniques,\par 21:06their construction completely coincide.\par
21:11The quality of the antennas in the pyramids was done\par
21:14more intelligent then the satellite disc.\par 21:17Pyramid Antennas operate in accordance
with the magnetic field of the Earth.\par 21:21this is particularly important, for distant
cosmic connections.\par 21:24The focus is inward, and coincides with\par
21:27place of "burial chamber",\par 21:29where is placed the granite sarcophagus.\par
21:31Tere are three chambers in Cheops Pyramid.\par 21:34Higher operates on greater distance,\par
21:37the middle on even greater distance,\par 21:40and the lowest on intergalactic distance.\par
21:43In this focus is placed the empty chamber.\par 21:48Pyramidal energy created on hundreds
of m2 of grains,\par 21:55is concentrated on the ceiling in this
so-called 'burial chamber'\par 22:00and creates micro vibration of God.\par
22:03Chamber is a resonator.\par 22:06As for the Cheops pyramidal antenna -\par
22:10there have been harmonized all resonators to a frequency of 438 Hz\par
22:16From the Great Pyramid of Cheops it was possible to talk\par
22:19to Mars or to Orion constellation.\par 22:22On Mars, the pyramids are triangular,
hexagonal\par 22:24or septangular, then transforming to
cone,\par 22:27ie.they are for certain type of decreasing
signal polarization.\par 22:30These antennas are only for distant cosmic
connection.\par 22:33Who arranged the unique complex connection
on the planet?\par 22:37The pyramids are collocated to\par
22:40the northern tropics, or 30-th degree of NGL\par
22:43and they are moving to exactly 18 degrees. During rotation of the planet.\par
22:48They are transmitting to each other received signals from the Cosmos.\par
22:53If we look at the proportions of modern stable antenna\par
22:57it is interesting that we get something like telescope\par
23:00that is exactly pointed to the zenith.\par 23:05Finally, if we look at the globe\par
23:09all the pyramids are placed in the northern tropics.\par
23:13Just targeting antennas allows\par 23:16that some pyramids disaper and others
appear.\par 23:20Some disappeared others appeared and
this process is constantly going on.\par 23:23It is believed that other planet has
the same kind of rotation\par 23:27and gets a permanent system of connections
that do not work for us\par 23:31but it certainly works for them.\par
23:34Scientist has not yet invented\par 23:36how by help of pyramid to send message
from humans.\par 23:38But he knows that these antennas are
working up to date as the receiver.\par 23:42Simply on the Earth, nobody's waiting
anymore connection sessions.\par 23:47Some scientists believe that the pyramid
can receive also video signals.\par 23:53It is possible that the frequent meetings
with entities in the pyramids,\par 23:58were holographic messages from distant
worlds.\par 24:01With Whom were communicating people who
lived in the era of the pyramids?\par 24:05it is logical to assume that on the opposite
side of the connection\par 24:10it must be also the pyramidal antennas.\par
24:14Recordings show that there are pyramids on the Moon and Mars.\par
24:18In addition, the "exit" of Great Pyramid is pointed exactly\par
24:22towards constellations: Orion, Sirius, and\par
24:25the constellation of Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.\par
24:28Who were the gods who, according to ancient myths, flew from the sky?\par
24:36So we call our ancestors- representatives of highly developed civilization.\par
24:40They lived together and worked mutually,\par 24:43by Sumerian mythology\par
24:47it seems most detailed for this early epoch.\par
24:51there was not only one alien civisation on the Earth\par
24:56generally it was one not large group\par 24:59that has created for itself change on
the planet.\par 25:03They came from the beginning and they
returned again.\par 25:07According to Sumerian clay tablets, the
gods made man to work.\par 25:12these texts shocked contemporary geneticists,\par
25:16there is described in detail apereance of a man.\par
25:20God Enki put the DNA of the gods in the cell of African ape\par
25:25and he became a man.\par 25:28We are actually some hybrid,\par
25:35as it is described in the Sumerian texts.\par 25:37We may now withdraw a very clear parallel\par
25:42with that what we call genetic modification.\par 25:49There are known two highly developed
ancient civilizations.\par 25:53These are: Atlantis and Hyperborea, according
to the medieval maps\par 25:58Atlantis was located on several islands
in the Atlantic Ocean,\par 26:03and Hyperborea was a land that in ancient
times was located at the North Pole.\par 26:08large part of the land had sunk during
the planetary disaster.\par 26:12it is almost certain that it was a great
flood.\par 26:15which started, after the fall of a huge
asteroid,\par 26:1813,663 years ago\par
26:22chronicles describes Hyperborea as an island\par
26:25of the immortals, land of the eternal sun and happiness.\par
26:27In the center was located huge Meru Pyramid\par 26:31main on the planet, it was called the
center of the world.\par 26:34all the pyramids on Earth, were oriented
to it.\par 26:39In ancient Egypt there was a word that
sounds like "Mer".\par 26:45In China, for example, they have their
word for pyramid, "Jin 'zi ta"\par 26:50consisting of three hieroglyphs\par
26:54Jin - means gold, Zi - a symbol, Ta - tower.\par 26:58That means the tower with the golden
symbol.\par 27:00For all the Eastern religions Meru is
the center of the Universe.\par 27:05In any Buddhist or Hindu temple there
is her model,\par 27:09circular stepped pyramid, with the strange
device on the top.\par 27:14Indian legends say that on the top is
god preparing the immortal drink\par 27:20collecting in the head ocean of energy.\par
27:23When they told us what is a mountain Meru,\par
27:28it's abode of Creator,\par 27:31it is a symbol of birth of the Universe,\par
27:39and they showed us their corresponding documents,\par
27:42whose level of knowledge is so great,\par 27:44that it was not possible to obtain it
in\par 27:49some institutes and experiments.\par
27:53When Hyperborea sunk,\par 27:56her residents have moved to the mainland
to Asia\par 28:00and founded a new civilization.\par
28:02In the holy scriptures Hyperborea is called the homeland of the Aryans.\par
28:05Nazi ideologues believed that they are today's Aryans\par
28:10Germans believed that it is preserved inheritance of Hyperborea,\par
28:14ie. powerful technology of alien colonizers.\par 28:18Otto Wilhelm Rahn and Herman Wirth were
responsible\par 28:23to establish occult knowledge of a new
party.\par 28:28These were two great mystics who have
in 1935.\par 28:32created Anenerbe society (ancestral inheritance)\par
28:34which set up for Nazis foundation of teaching about Aryans\par
28:40who should rule the world, and what is nowdays nowhere mentioned,\par
28:46it is practically forgotten, that they conducted a Germanization of Slavs.\par
28:50Agents of Anenerba were also searching Hyperborea on the North of Russia.\par
28:54Before the Second World War there was going on a secret intelligence war.\par
28:58In the occult part of the Ch.K. they knew what are Germans searching,\par
29:02and they wanted to be first to acquire knowledge of ancient civilizations.\par
29:06This group was led by Professor Barchenka\par 29:11who was dealing with mystical research\par
29:15of 'sibirian hysteria' on Koljsk peninsula,\par 29:18and Professor Uspensky. There is a version
that they\par 29:24were researching a lot our Polar North,
Slavki and Polar Ural.\par 29:33Battle for Shambala refer to it also.\par
29:37Nicholas Roerich,\par 29:38it is not secret that he was an agent
of Ch.K., made confusing maneuver,\par 29:47leading Intelligence services of other
countries to Tibet, to Shambala..\par 29:51Part of the high-technology has already
been in possession of the Germans.\par 29:55Hystorician Sergey Trifonov has devoted\par
29:58many years to unravel the mystery of K\'f6nigsberg's pyramid (Kaliningrad).\par
30:00Enigmatic constructions is 100 times less copy of the Cheops pyramid.\par
30:06Officially it is a monument erected to German's\par
30:09soldiers who died in First World War\par 30:12It was built by architects from Germany\par
30:15when K\'f6nigsberg was the center of Eastern Prussia.\par
30:18The pyramid has not the random parameters -13 lines and 666 blocks.\par
30:25Why, 666 blocks? Because it was build in the year 1923,\par
30:29and capsule is placed under in year 1921,\par 30:35when K\'f6nigsberg celebrated 666 years
of existence.\par 30:39There are 13 levels and at the top of
them is the Teutonic cross.\par 30:43In August 1914 had three armies met under
the city.\par 30:48Two Russian armies under the command
of general Samsonov and general Renenkampf,\par 30:53and one German army. Emperor's general
Renenkampf was just ready\par 30:58to occupy unprotected Prussian K\'f6nigsberg\par
31:02when he suddenly gave up command without explanation.\par
31:05He forgot about honor and duty and infamously escaped from the battlefield.\par
31:10According to us researchers he was under some\par
31:14hypnotic-mystical influence.\par 31:16He simply fled, and after him like women
fled young soldiers aged 18-24.\par 31:20He left the army, it was a tragedy.\par
31:24From this place tragedy started.\par 31:27After the escape of Renenkampf, the Germans
attacked the army of general Samsonov.\par 31:32Forces were not equal, 135,000 Russian
soldiers were killed in K\'f6nigsberg\par 31:37and 113,000 were imprisoned. Renenkampf
was also imprisoned in\par 31:42the fortress, and after the revolution
agents of Ch.K. found him and shot him.\par 31:47The pyramids were built in the center
of the square where German army was marching,\par 31:51in the area of old barracks and the parade
square. The place chose Hans Schulz\par 31:55known Wizard - Prophet of Hitler's Germany.\par
31:58Pyramid in K\'f6nigsberg was obviously the first monument of\par
32:01psychotronics weapons and unknown magic successfully applied on soldiers .\par
32:07Here were held secret night rituals,\par 32:10Here were SS performing their night processions.\par
32:13When city was annexed to the USSR the new government was planning\par
32:18to destroy pyramid but it was not done such command.\par
32:20It was just cut of head on figure of German soldier.\par
32:26Initially military officials ordered to destroy soldier, not a pyramid.\par
32:32They were not afraid of the German's they were afraid of magic.\par
32:35Because on this energy place of K\'f6nigsberg,\par 32:39according to the general plan of the
pyramid,\par 32:42there are everywhere spread underground
galleries.\par 32:45In the Sumerian epic of emperor Gilgamesh,
who lived 5000 years ago,\par 32:50was written description of actual events.\par
32:53But these descriptions opened embarrassing questions for science.\par
32:59Once Gilgamesh half god, half man,\par 33:04wondered whether he is immortal.\par
33:08His ancestors, known as the Anunnaki from the planet Nibiru,\par
33:13have lived eternally.\par 33:15The Sumerian king was preparing to ask
them about his mortality.\par 33:21On Earth, the Anunnaki lived, on the
far northern island Tilmun,\par 33:26It's architecture was pyramid-like,\par
33:29and people were only exceptionally allowed to live on it.\par
33:33For example Utnapishtim was honored to live on the island of immortality.\par
33:38He constructed an ark, many thousands of years before Gilgamesh,\par
33:43and survived the flood. In the Bible he is known as "Noah".\par
33:50Gilgamesh did not received Immortalityt because the eternal life was only for gods,\par
33:56not for half man and half God.\par 33:58Maybe they did not know how to stop the
Biological Clock.\par 34:02Weather anomalies were observed near
the mountain Kailash\par 34:06the biggest pyramid on the planet Earth.\par
34:11Kailash has proper pyramid shape.\par 34:15Each side, or as the Tibetans call it
face, has its Buddha protector.\par 34:22It has its own color, its energy.\par
34:26Each side is oriented in a certain cardinal direction of the world.\par
34:32Elevation of the Kailash is 6666 m.\par 34:38it has 13 layers and around it are placed\par
34:41smaller pyramids - monuments.\par 34:44At the bottom of the mountain meet thousands
of worshippers of many different religions.\par 34:51Unusual events are happening in the area
of this mountain.\par 34:56Unusual perfect megaliths are staggered\par
34:59in the place called Kailash Mandala\par 35:02which is considered to be the projection
of the Shambala to the Earth,\par 35:06ie.projection of the celestial place
of Teachers to our Earth.\par 35:11It is written in Ancient texts: that
under the Kailash, in the earth\par 35:17there is made one more invisible pyramid\par
35:19and in this way is formed an octahedron structure.\par
35:23The time energy flows are passing through it.\par
35:26Kailash is surounded by rings of succinctly and protracted time.\par
35:32Coming into such rings\par 35:35person can become old or with extended
life.\par 35:39Lower parts of octahedron collect from
the\par 35:42planet processed energy, time we lived
out\par 35:45and passes it back to the Cosmos.\par
35:49and upper parts are receiving\par 35:52and collecting this what is coming from
above, from the Creator.\par 35:56Flows of Energy and Information, are
carying past and present time.\par 36:05Planet Earth as living being, is breathing.\par
36:07It is believed that once in 60 years Kailash opens.\par
36:13Alexander Redko organized expedition just in this time.\par
36:17Researchers headed into one of seven secret valleys.\par
36:22through narrow crevice, crossing over south mountain side of Kailash-Papalam.\par
36:27Very few people could pass that way\par 36:31not to be burned up in the flow of time.\par
36:34Worshippers should circumbulate pyramid 13 times.\par
36:37If Kailash accept their energy,\par 36:40Mountain will let them come close,\par
36:44Ie. believe is needed only then resonance happen\par
36:49between you and the so-called mountain,\par 36:52only then it can give you what you want.\par
36:54If you are closed Kailash is also closed to you.\par
36:57Tibetan lamas have warned the Russians:\par 37:00"Visit to the holy place could cost you
your lives."\par 37:04at the bottom of the mountain researchers
have left\par 37:07control chronometers and GPS-navigators
and started to go.\par 37:12The expedition was very complex, it lasted
for 24-26 h\par 37:20according to our watches and chronometers
that we took wit us,\par 37:25but actually our biological was like
week or two.\par 37:31bcz our hair, beard and nails growed
up\par 37:34in accordance with the time. .\par
37:37But on the participant's watches and the control watch 24h passed.\par
37:42They were feeling very tired\par 37:45as they have not eaten and slept half
months.\par 37:48Simply feeling of fatique\par
37:52some feeling of rapid loss that happened at that time,\par
37:59ie. We were squeezed dry during this 24 h.\par
38:02When we got down to the foot of the hill, we couldn't even stand for some time\par
38:05but we stood on all fours.\par 38:08In this position, we came back to ourselves.\par
38:11Buddhists believe that near pyramid Kailash\par 38:16exist Shambala, legendary abode of Gods..\par
38:18You see two stunning mountains: Astap and Najnti.\par
38:24They look like gigantic sarcophagi,\par 38:27Lamas are saying:"This is Shambala",
where ,as it is believed in the east,\par 38:32go all the prophets and teachers of mankind.\par
38:35There are representatives from past civilisations.\par 38:38They are thousands of years in the state
of Samadhi (Meditation).\par 38:43it is considered that the succinctly
time which maintains teachers bodies\par 38:47only in conservation, would kill the
ordinary mortals.\par 38:52Besides that Shambala is protected by
ancient secret society 'Shedironi'?.\par 38:57Their members mastered the secret knowledge
of previous civilizations\par 39:01but do not intend to reveal it.\par
39:05Man is similar to God, not by outer appearances\par 39:09he is similar to God by his inner, hidden
possibilities.\par 39:13It is another thing that we have lost
many of them\par 39:18and forgott how to use them. In Tibet
many are using this possibilities.\par 39:24They think that genetic memory is stored
in the man to date, in each of us.\par 39:28In the Himalayas on the border of India
and China\par 39:32There is the mysterious White pyramid.\par
39:34It was first described by the U.S. Air Force pilot, James Gaussman.\par
39:40During one flight he flew over the Valley of Death,\par
39:44one of the engines almost failed.\par 39:47It seemed like it will stop and pilot
had to land.\par 39:51Suddenly, the crew saw just below\par
39:54a huge pyramid made of white shiny material,\par 39:58On the top was a huge crystal.\par
40:02Plane could not land near the object.\par 40:05He could only fly in circle.\par
40:08In the past half-century there was no official data about this pyramid.\par
40:13Press published only a couple of photos from military satellites.\par
40:18There are versions that it was made by aliens,\par
40:21and Atlantians ... and that no one has built it,\par
40:27and why is builded as a giant battery,\par 40:32There are lots of theories on this occasion.\par
40:38I set the general goal of the expedition:\par 40:43To realize what is this White pyramid.\par
40:46White Pyramid is located on the same latitude as the Great Pyramid\par
40:51but 72 degrees more to the east.\par 40:54Her position fits in the net of\par
40:57geomagnetic-electrical channels of the Earth.\par
41:00But it was impossible to reach it.\par 41:04Chinese army guard the White Pyramid\par
41:08from the view of strange foreign guests.\par 41:12Maxim Yakovenko historician from Vladivostok
was researching\par 41:15Chinese pyramids.\par
41:17around the town Xian there is a vast complex of triangular pyramids\par
41:23This were the tombs of Chinese emperors.\par 41:27The rulers thought that if they were
placed in the pyramid\par 41:31they can be resurrected after death,
or living eternaly.\par 41:36In fact this was message left from the
ancestor of all Huaxia Chinese.\par 41:41They all wanted very much to be alike
and to have abilities\par 41:44of Emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, the so-called.
Yellow Emperor\par 41:47founder of Qin dynasty who came from
heaven in coaches,\par 41:52who gave to Chinese people literacy,
Chinese language\par 41:59first Law and put in order the way of
living.\par 42:03In particular, it was maintained the
idea of eternal reign.\par 42:06The first Emperor of unified China-Huang
Huang Di,\par 42:10He has the most amazing funeral complex
Kseana\par 42:13who kept the famous terracotta warriors\par
42:178000 statue of soldiers each with personal character and armor.\par
42:23According to the legend this is the army that served the Emperor,\par
42:27and they should also to serve him after death.\par
42:32But Huang Di, was not buried there and this is a mystery.\par
42:39All the pyramids are oriented to each other\par
42:42and to the main pyramid of Meru in Hyperborea.\par 42:46if you put the vector to the north direction,
they indicate that way.\par 42:51we draw the first line from the mountain
Kailash , gigantic pyramid in Tibet,\par 42:57but vector is showing not to present
North Pole,\par 43:01but 15 degrees more to the west. It is
an island - Greenland.\par 43:06we need one more line of the Western
Hemisphere.\par 43:11Best preserved pyramids here is the complex
Teotiuakan in Mexico.\par 43:18the central path of the Moon Pyramid
, that was called- The Deaths Road\par 43:23shows just to the north but15 degrees,
more east from The North Pole.\par 43:28and our both vectors meet in Greenland.\par
43:32Greenland is non-submerged part of Hyperborea.\par 43:36iI is confirmed on the map from year
1595, made by Gerhard Mercator,\par 43:42who was using ancient sources.\par
43:45It looks like the whole Hyperborea\par 43:48can be seen as the contours of present
Greenland.\par 43:51Greenland's contour fits perfectly into
the ancient map.\par 43:55Some contact with highly developed civilization\par
43:59even according by our modern standards,\par 44:01started 18,000 years ago,\par
44:04and that meeting took place at then, North Pole ,\par
44:09i.e at
the present Greenland.\par 44:20And the "civilizing" of the Earth, started.\par
44:20It was
not global, not general, it was absolut.\par 44:22Antennas for distant cosmic communication,\par
44:25portal to a parallel world,\par 44:27devices for management of biological
time,\par 44:30battery and turns of various energy,\par
44:33even stabilizer for seismic activity,\par 44:36all this in one building of pyramidal
shape,\par 44:40and all kinds of applications described
in the texts of ancient people,\par 44:45and also description who teached people
to make the pyramids.\par 44:52Those who brought this knowledge\par
44:55are not from distant parts of our Galaxy,\par 44:58not in any case from the center of Orion,\par
45:03those who came to the Earth are ones\par 45:07who lived in our Solar system\par
45:10this time on Mars and Felton.\par 45:14This is the period with
a completely different geometry and geography.\par 45:20They were transferring knowledge to civilizations
that lived on the Earth,\par 45:26and communicated with one source, therefore
the knowledge was unique\par 45:30then it
has been transferred\par 45:34in every culture on Earth.\par
45:37Any information associated with the pyramids\par 45:40raises the question of the origin of
human civilization.\par 45:44This is an area of knowledge that science
officially denies,\par 45:48and governments in the world hide it.\par
45:50It is possible that the truth is unpleasant for most people\par
45:55but to hide it forever is impossible.\par 45:58The architecture of the universe was
given to us in our inheritance.\par 46:01Pyramids do
not speak only about our past,\par 46:05they may become-frontiers in the future.\par