PEPID for BlackBerry - Using the Table of Contents

Uploaded by pepidllc on 02.11.2010

Let's go to the table of contents by pressing T
or by pressing the blackberry button and then selecting table of contents
the table of contents provides an outline of your Pepid product and includes a what's
new section drug database, interactions generator, medical calculators
illistrations and lab manual
as well as product specific information tailored to your specialty
Let's click on the What's New section
Here you can see any updates or changes we have made
Our editorial team updates PEPID content every 10 to 12 weeks and even more often
if necessary such as with black box warnings
for medications
or ACLS changes
Let's go back to the index
let's take a look at the illustrations section
PEPID has roughly 700 illustrations... here you can see them organized by a Clinical Anatomy,
Examination Rhythm Strips, Women's health and OB, Anesthesia and Blocks, Airway
Trauma, Procedures, and Venomous Animals
To find an image simply click on one of these topics
If we were looking for an image of the brain
we would look under clinical anatomy, and then head and neck
You will see that we have 8 images of the brain let's look at the cerebral arteries illustration
this could prove to be useful when reviewing a cat scan on a patient that has potentially had
a stroke
This illustration could help determine the location of a clot or bleeding