Макияж Кристины Агилеры / Pin-up makeup tutorial

Uploaded by prettylights1403 on 08.01.2013

Hi! I am making this look
inspired by Christina Aguilera
It is pin-up makeup
I adore such makeup, it flatters everyone
This video is a collab with mirazanna
She is recreating Vanessa Hugens's makeup
She creates great makeup looks, check it out
OK, let's start
I use an eye pencil (not too dry)
But it could be a white cream eyeshadow
Then smudge it
After that I use white eyeshadow on top of it
And apply brown eyeshadow to the crease
Then I underline my lower lashline with black eyeshadow And I am trying to make neat lines with a black liquid eyeliner I use two mascaras Then underline your lips And just fill in the lipstick In the empty space