Don't Worry I am a Ghost 2012

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Oppa, turn right! Turn right!
Why do you keep going straight?
Stop being nosy! I will turn right later. Now be quiet!
You said you would take me home safely. Even I drive better than you!
I said I would turn right later!
Oh my god! What should I do? What should I do?
How many fingers could you see?
How old are you?
Where's this place?
Where're you living?
What's this?
A bed.
What about that?
A blanket.
What's your name?
I come to identify relatives.
Please wait for a minute.
You've lost your memory.
It won't affect much your daily life. However, your memory about yourself is a big problem.
The treatment will take you for a while.
Lee Moon Ki.
32 years old, not living with relatives.
Address : 3-821, Gu-ui District.
Mr. Lee Moon Ki!
It's you.
Your name is Lee Moon Ki.
Lee Moon Ki..
Lee Moon Ki?
Deh, you're Lee Moon Ki, 32 years old, not living with relatives.
Your address is...
3-821, Gu-ui District. 3-821, Gu-ui District?
Have you already remembered?
Didn't you see a girl sitting next to me?
There was no one sitting next to you.
She was sitting here...Oh my god. I'm sure!
She was sitting like this... How could you...?
I'm sure...Oh my god, this is weird!
She was sitting like this, her eyes opened wide like this, and she was also talking to me rudely.
I was sitting on this side, while she was sitting on that side...
So this is the place where I'm living.
Is this a dream?
Then it was..?
I'm a ghost.
So this is a dream.
Our Father, who art in heaven... I told you this wasn't a dream.
Scared, I'm scared...
Is this how living place of all single guys are always like?
So disgusting!
Those things need washing.
It's about to stink.
Who're you?
Try to remember it yourself.
Have you never seen me before?
I can't remember.
It's you.
Where're you going?
Where're you going at this late?
You seem anxious and uncomfortable.
Excuse me!
I said if you want to have your memory back, you have to maintain your daily life with help from your relatives and friends...
I have something more important.
What is it?
I've met a ghost.
It is just an illusion...
It will disappear...
It will go away...
Go? Where to go?
I have to follow you.
You should hold on tight.
You may fall off when the bus stops.
I won't listen anymore...
You will regret!
I don't care...
I already told you to hold on tight.
Who are you after all?
Are you really a ghost?
If you sincerely want to know, then follow me.
Mr. Bus-driver, please stop!
Why do they always serve beef stew at all funerals?
Are you not hungry? I'm hungry.
May I know your name?
Kim Yeon Hwa.
Why do you keep tailing after me?
Oh, who is this? It's so kind of you to come here although you're busy...very thank you.
Ah deh..
Why don't you eat? It's getting warm. I will make another one for you.
She is the aunt who was used to working with me.
Why was she dead this young?
She had been attacked by knife.
That's terrible!
I've heard that there was a thief in her house...
So this is the reason why you're following me, right?
You want me to find the culprit then kill him for you?
Can you really do that? Then it will be great!
If it is not that so, then why... Why do you come to me?!
Of course, there is a reason.
A dead person come to a live person. Of course there is a reasonable excuse.
Then, what is it?
Why do I have to tell you?
You should find it out yourself.
Combine with taking your memory back.
Why do I have to listen to you?
Unless you want to stay with me forever...
Who your relatives are, what you job is... you will find out soon.
All infomation is in your phone after all.
You don't have to worry about me.
It's you who don't have to worry... because I will stick with you from now on.
Excuse me, Mr..
Your phone had been broken so seriously. That's why it was really hard for us to recover the data.
Ay~ You can't even take care of your phone..
However, it still can be used now.
After paying for the first month, you can change some services accompanied.
You also can register for a new service if you want...
Lee Moon Ki! What're you doing?
Also turn off your phone all the time...
What're you planning to do?
One is taking time off, one is avoiding working.
When will you both stop playing around?
Give Jin Soo a call.
Tell him go to work now!
Yoboseyo? Deh, deh...
Jin Soo?
I think this guy is Jin Soo.
Relationship between you and him is like brothers.
Why are you still standing there? Hurry, go to work!
Speed up!
Yah! Sit down, please!
Just drive carefully.
3-814.. Turn left at that block.
Is there anyone here?
Anyone here?
When you wait for the signal, you're used to doing this.
You used to order lots of food.
This is the supermarket you often drop by.
Are you sure?
Are you fooling me just because I can't remember anything?
Do you think I enjoy wasting my time fooling you?
If it's not so, then that's ok.
Could you just take your phone away, please?
I don't want to be seen as a weirdo!
This is the one you like to drink.
Is it?
Although I've lost my memory, I still have my feelings.
I say THIS.
Oh, you finally come! I just wonder why I didn't see you few days ago.
Is that it?
Are you not bored of drinking it everyday?
Your feelings?
Why do you know me so well?
That is the flower shop where I was used to working.
So.. I used to come there?
It's not that you used to come here...
But you drop by here every Sunday to delivery flowers.
Don't you really remember anything?
Not feeling anything?
You even don't remember who I am.
If you're the owner of this shop...
Did I do something wrong?
What's wrong with not remembering things?
Not being able to remember things isn't wrong...
..but not being able to feel things is the one which couldn't be forgiven.
Aniya.. it's not that I...
Watch out! Watch out!
(Do not enter)
Where is this place?
This is the house where I was living.
I've come here once.
It was my birthday.
You...Why do you come to me?
What do I have to find out?
After all.. What've I done here?
It was you.. the last person I could have seen.
So.. You're the only witness of my case.
Please don't be too shocked.
To say it straightly... it was you who could have witnessed that I was being killed.
Say it clearer.
I'm not sure about this.
I couldn't remember what really happened.
But I did remember your appearance.
Although I wasn't so conscious, I did really see you.
I saw you being very scared..
There was another person.
That person.. may be the culprit.
What're you doing here?
Let me summarize your story..
You've suddenly remembered something then it led you to the crime scene.
Deh.. I saw the crime scene while doing my job, so I came in there.
What have you seen exactly?
A girl lying unconsciously on the floor.
It was Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa.
And you did say you've seen another person?
Do you think he was the culprit?
Maybe.. I remember being chased by him.
What did he look like?
I didn't remember.
Why did you come to Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa's house?
Well.. I was delivering a parcel.
What kind of parcels was it?
I don't know. I couldn't remember.
All of the information you gave us is still not enough to do a report.
If you remember anything, please contact us.
If you've really seen the culprit, then he would come to find you.
You better be careful.
Excuse me, Director. There was a day I didn't go to work.
Ay~! You had an invitation on that day, remember?
So.. I didn't go to work that day because I was invited.
But, this is strange. How could I get there?
I couldn't remember anything.
But even if I can, what I remember may not be totally correct.
This is so crazy!
Don't worry. You're not involved in this crime.
To say it simply, you're just a witness.
You know all these things, right?
Why did I come to your house?
Why couldn't you tell me?
Do you really want to know?
Then.. Let's me help you.
Yah! What are you doing?
I'm just helping you. Did you say you wanted to remember?
Do you want me to fall down there?
That's not a bad idea, but could we find another way?
I think this is the best way.
I don't want to die yet.
Human doesn't die this easy.
Are you comforting me?
So.. You can't do it yourself, can you?
Stay right there.
Yah, yah!
I can't...swim.
I know you can!
How do you know?
You've fallen down there before!
Appa.. Leaving me this cowardly.. Are you really happy?
Ajusshi! Ajusshi! Wake up!
Did you commit suicide just because of being embarrassed?
What's wrong with being embarrassed?
Are you trying to mess with me just because I was sitting there and doing nothing?
And did you know anything about this Han River?
People throw all kinds of trash down here..
What's wrong with the humankind?
Why do they just only think of themselves?
Do they think of all the people they've left behind?
Anyway, it was me who've saved your life. Don't you ever dare to do it again.
Just live well, ok?
I often wonder if you're doing fine..
But I've seen you living very happily.
Good morning.. I've just opened a flower shop nearby.
Please take care of me.
Wish the best for you!
Thank you!
My flower shop has just opened today. This is for you.
Don't you like flowers?
You can just take it. This is an anniversary gift.
My flower shop's anniversary.
How could you not remember me?
This face was so rememberable.
Don't you feel guilty?
You have to feel very guilty.
How couldn't you remember me?
So beautiful am I.. I've also saved your life.
Couldn't you smile brighter?
Look at me.. Smile like this..
Do your best! Is that all you can do?
Smile brighter!
Smile as you really want to smile.
I like this smile.
It's beautiful.
Ajusshi really want to know the reason why you'd come to my house, right?
Because it was me who invited you.
Why did you invite me?
I like you.
You should have said this earlier.
I wanted you to remember it yourself before I admit.
If only you could remember..
I'm thirsty. Must drink some water.
Why don't we drink this?
Could a ghost get drunk?
Of course not!
Would you like to date with me?
What's wrong with you? Hm?
What's wrong with me? I don't look bad.
Plus, with your look like this, I won't have to worry if you gain for me any opposers.
Where are you going?
Cut it off! Hm?
You shouldn't do whatever she says just because she is a ghost.
Kure! This is just only an accident.
Good morning!
Ah deh..
Do you have guests?
Aniyo.. Can I help you?
I come for the investigation.
On the day the crime commited, you didn't go to work. You had a invitation instead, didn't you?
Why did you come to that house?
I was invited to a birthday party.
So.. It was Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa who invited you?
But you said you were delivering something last time?
I've just remembered it.
Were you dating?
Aniyo.. This is the first time I've been invited.
Mr. Lee Moon Ki, have you remembered anything else?
Your relatives or friends?
Why couldn't you remember anyone else beside Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa?
Furthermore, there wasn't any thing special about the relationship between you and her.
Don't you think this is very strange?
Anyway, I hope that you can take back your memory soon.
I need your help so I called you. Please delivery this bouquet for me.
I'm planning to close this flower shop.
I was so confused during the funeral, but that's the way it has to be.
This customer is the one who orders our flowers every week in this year.
You're also the one who deliveries it to her, so please tell her about Ms. Yeon Hwa for me.
Please tell her that this will be the last bouquet.
I really want to meet this customer.
Good morning!
Why do you come so late? We've been waiting for a long time.
Would you mind if I asked? Who's sending this bouquet?
It's you, it isn't?
Aniyo..That's not I mean. Who offers you this bouquet every week?
I'm just a delivery man.
Ay~ Why did you ask so straighly?
We also really want to meet her.
If there wasn't her help, how could we have this bouquet?
Deh.. Take care of yourself.
Ah, wait!
Is the florist girl beautiful?
You like her, don't you?
The delivery man will fall in love with the receiver easier than the sender.
It would make a great love story.
(That's also the way my husband confessed his love to me.)
(He's typing "Kim Yeon Hwa".)
(Checking order status.)
(Status : Sent)
(Order request : Please create a bouquet filled with your favorite flowers.)
Do you know what is the tragedy of being a florist?
She really loves flowers but she's never got one.
Let's go.
Hurry up! We're going to be late.
I've requested a day-off today.
Why? Is there something wrong?
Aniyo.. I just want to spend a day showing you another self of mine.
Let's go!
I like this one.
This one looks like you.
You have to gash it stronger.
Isn't it an empty seat?
No, it's not.
I will move it when someone comes.
Would you mind taking it away?
This seat is mine.
I'm fine.
But I didn't see it's fine.
How could you watch the movie with that bag?
How come a ghost be scared by another ghost?
I also a human. The only difference is I've been already dead.
Why is that guy smiling?
Oh.. oh!
Cola! Cola!
Peaches! Peaches!
I will just buy nectarines only.
Just because it's expensive, right?
Delicious? Delicious.
So embarrassing.
So delicious.
Stop playing around.
It's leaking.
Should this fish dish be placed on the east side?
The east side is the right side, right?
Just put my favourite one near me.
The lights are going out.
Don't discourage. Try again.
Happy birthday to you.
I'm sorry it was being this late.
Please don't be so nice to me.
I don't want to lose hope again.
You didn't plan to give this party, do you?
To tell truly, I've been wondering all the time how you really feel.
You didn't even remember anything. Am I too greedy?
Losing memory definitely is a terrible disease.
If memories lose, there is nothing left..
Neither the time has passed nor people.
The day you've gone... I couldn't even remember how much it hurts me.
But you can start to remember now..
Little by little.
I'm really sorry. I will send it to its rightful owner.
Are you living well? Still doing well?
I'm still living well.. How can I forget you?
Hyung.. What's wrong with you?
It's me, Jin Soo!
Jin Soo?
The police aren't tailing after you, are they?
What are you planning to do after all?
How come you're helping the police? Even I couldn't run away from them.
You.. Aren't you taking time off?
What are you talking about?
What's wrong with you?
Never mind. I don't know what happened to you, but there is something we should take seriously.
They're hunting me up. If the case is clear, my life is officially over.
Just pretend there's nothing happened on that day.
I was being with you.. It's only our secret.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
The only thing you have to do is shut your mouth up.
Afterwards, we will be able to survive..Live normally like everyone else.
Hyung, do you understand?
Do you?
Why don't you say anything?
Remember what I've said. You better be careful of your words... or we're both dead.
House of Hope Orphanage. Moon Ki and Jin Soo. 17 June, 1990.
Even if you didn't come, I would still give you a ring.
Jin Soo has come here. He seems a bit anxious.
He had done something terrible, hadn't he?
I've heard that he's being hunted up.
I hope there wasn't anything bad happened.
When will both of you have a happy life?
I know it's unfair to you, but please take care of him.
He couldn't survive until now if there wasn't your help.
Not being siblings, but both of you are still brothers..
Furthermore, he is your only relative.
There are 3 people here : The victim, the witness and the culprit.
What had happened here?
What had I done after all?
Hyung! Just pretend there's nothing happened on that day.
You didn't know anything.
I was being with you.. It's only our secret.
Do you understand what I'm saying?
Why did I not know... when I was still alive?
So beautilful was it.. So wonderful was it..
Anyway, being alive is what I'm so grateful.
I'm being able to go now..
I really have to go now..
It's just... that I want to postpone for a while..
..trying to find out if you could remember who I am.
I want to share with you our happy memories...
...but maybe I was so greedy.
Ani.. I must myself find it out who'd turned your life into this.
This is what I have to do.
This is the only thing I could do for you.
Ani.. you don't have to. You've done too much for me. It's enough for now.
Don't go.
Please don't go this early.
I've not understood anything about you yet. We've just known each other.
I don't care about anything else... I just only want to remember everything about you.
Deh.. Deh. I will go there right away.
Who's that?
Where did you go?
I'm still here. But who's calling?
They call me to come and identify the suspects.
I will be home as soon as possible. You should just stay here, ok?
But I want to come too..
I don't want you to have more sad memories.
I will do it myself.
He is a suspect from another case.
But after doing some investigations, we found out that he was also involved in Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa's case.
He is not only your colleague but he's also grown up with you during your orphaning days.
Don't you remember?
Have you not remembered the culprit's face yet?
It's him. It might be him.
Will he be alright?
He want to find out the culprit himself.
We're grateful for his help but...
You're right.
Don't you feel cold?
Hold it.. He's coming.
Kim Jin Soo is coming.
Let me go!
Did you forget my words?
Why are you...
Why did you do it? Why?
I also want to ask you that question.
Do you know what you've done?
Do you know what terrible things you have done?
Let me go!
If you haven't done that, I would have lived happily.
We could have started our own life.
Are you out of your mind? Hm?
You.. You've ruined everything!
Why did you that?
Why did you kill her? Why?
What are you saying?
She is the girl that I love.
What nonsense are you saying?
It's you who've killed her..
I told you not to kill her, didn't I?
You've ruined everything, don't you know?
How come you could blame it on me?
Did you feel awkward just because you know her?
Lee Moon Ki, Kim Jin Soo. Both of you are under arrest because being suspected as the culprit who've killed Ms. Kim Yeon Hwa.
Do you know why we have to identify the culprit at the crime scene?
Words can be made up but action doesn't lie.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Please come to my house after finishing your work.
Tomorrow is my birthday.
Me? Why do you invite me?
You don't know that I like you, do you?
Moon Ki, when will you come to pick this bouquet?
I'm on my way.
Really? Then I'll wait for you.
Why are you taking time off?
There is something happened so I've decided to quit the job.
Where are you going? Why are you walking?
I've decided to change my life from now on.
That's great! Me either.
But I need your help.
Maybe next time, ok?
Ay~ Don't be like this. Come with me. Just for a few minutes.
I will help you next time. I already have a date.
Hyung! Just for a few minutes.
I don't have enough courage to do it alone.
Don't be like this. Please come with me.
This is my last request.
Afterwards, I won't disturb you anymore.
Just only for a few minutes, right?
Whose house is this?
Keunchana. Just come in.
What are you doing?
I told you it's ok. I have to find something,
What are you finding? Where is this place?
Whose house is this?
Talk to me straighly!
Whose house?
It's the girl having nice parents. The one who has her own shop. The flower shop.
Now we take away her money, she might not even know.
Don't worry. I will just lend it for a while.
Please come to my house after finishing your work.
We're rich!
What a lucky day!
-Get out of here now! Let me go!
Unless you don't want to see me again, place it back to where it belongs and get out.
Do you feel awkward because you know her?
I haven't done with her yet.
Born in happy family, grown up happily... I haven't done dealing with her yet.
Losing this money, she might not even be sad.
Who knows if she might even work harder? You don't have to worry for her..
Are you out of your me? How dare you hit me?
Don't come closer! I need those things.
Get out of my way.
Kim Yeon Hwa.
Was there someone sending me my student card?
I wonder who that person was?
You shouldn't have come with that person.
You should have come straight to see me.
If I knew it would be this way, I wouldn't have told you to come.
Ajusshi... please take care of yourself, ok?
He must have been with "her" during those time.
Then.. Was she a ghost?
Might be it was because she is the girl he has fallen deeply in love.
The memory about that girl being killed by himself.. is what he tried to forget.
Then why did he remember everything?
Although he might really want to forget...
...those moments that he'd met Kim Yeon Hwa were unforgetable.
Then... All things Lee Moon Ki has seen.. What were those after all?
Those might just be his memory images about her.
Whatever it was... ghost, memories, or even illusions..
After all, it's just because he didn't want to let her go.
Yeon Hwa! Are you there?
I want to see you just for once.. Even only just for once...
How do you do?
You don't have to worry.. because I'm a ghost.
Could you smile again?
Your smile is very lovely.
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