Download & Install the Smoke 2013 Pre-Trial

Uploaded by SmokeHowTos on 12.06.2012

The all new Smoke is here, and this video will cover how you download and install the pre-release trial of Autodesk Smoke 2013.
Before you begin, consult the Smoke system requirements web page to make sure your Mac is capable of running Smoke.
Go to the “Smoke Product Trial” Web page, fill in the Product Trial form
and download the trial installation package.
When the Smoke installer has downloaded, open the dmg disk image file.
Double-click “Install Smoke”.
Click “Continue”.
Make sure “Smoke Application” is enabled in this window and click “Continue”.
Enter your password.
Your Mac user must have administrator privileges to install Smoke.
Select the disk or partition to use for Smoke Media Storage.
We recommend using a disk drive other than your Mac’s system drive, to avoid performance issues.
Click “Continue”.
The installation begins.
While Smoke is installing, we recommend that you open System Preferences…
click Spotlight… click the Privacy tab and add your Media Storage disk or partition to this list.
This will prevent Spotlight from indexing the contents of the Media Storage disk, which could impact performance.
When the installation completes, click "Done" to exit the installer.
Smoke is now ready to use.
To start Smoke, go to the “Applications” folder,
the “Autodesk” folder and the “Smoke 2013 PreRelease1” folder.
Click the “Smoke 2013 PreRelease1” icon to start your Smoke experience.
If you encounter any issues with Smoke,
visit the Autodesk Area forums to get assistance from Autodesk employees and fellow Smoke users.
Watch the videos on the Smoke Learning Channel to familiarise yourself with the look and feel of
Smoke’s User Interface, to learn how to use Smoke and create your own project.