ECLIPTYKA and Tarja Turunen - HSBC, Sao Paulo Brazil. March 12th 2011

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Ecliptyka !
It's today, everyone!
What's up, São Paulo !
People think that a musician's life is easy...
''It's so cool to do gigs and concerts...''
Now... what about all the work?
I think it's the show of the year for us.
Even with our album's release party and everything
I think today it's the day to show our work
Where is the drummer?
Good question!
For every band, there's always someone late
And in ours, it's Catalá !
That's the explanation
What's up, dude
You look sleepy
I'm not very good, man
Kind of anxious
But everything will work out fine... It's going to be THE concert !
Stop filming me !
Heading to Anhanguera road
Bandeirantes, Pinheiros avenue
... and glory !
We are entering São Paulo now
On the exit to Pinheiros avenue
It looks like it's very calm today
Catalá is leading the way
We are lost !
Catalá got us lost...
Now I'm leading
Because I know this part here
We are almost there! And almost punctually!
Lets start settling!
The stage is big!
Whats up, everyone
We are here at ''HSBC Brasil'' preparing and organizing everything for the show
I'm gonna try to film some things, we can't film a lot
But I'm gonna try... I'm sorry, I haven't introduced myself. I'm Pedro, Ecliptyka's roadie
There are two more people with us in the crew... I'm gonna try to get them here. Alright?
Look at that !
Cool! Cool! Cool!
So this is it... everything is fine
We'll finish the soundcheck
Let's do the guitars now.
Actually, first the bass and the guitars
I think I want to hear more of my voice
Now we are doing the PA soundcheck, we already did the monitors
Now it's with me here on the PA... I'ts going to be awesome!
Amazing mixer, amazing structure...
Let's do it !
We are at ''HSBC Brasil''... São Paulo !
We'll do the open act for Tarja!
We've found desperate fans !
How are you?
The girls have arrived! Look at them!
We are on in less than one hour.. and I haven't done my makeup yet!
Oh, how I miss my helpers! Laura, Tyele, Mayara, Mel
We are here at the backstage waiting for the show
This is our... ''portable media''
Very ''portable'' !
Fits in a pocket... he's almost like a keyholder
Look at this!
The restroom is over there and they do it here on the carpet
Are you going to film my makeup tutorial? So first you use the primer...
The primer first...
Damn it ! I've lost the primer's cover!
Next is the silver eye shadow, ok?
Look, I'm already on the silver eye shadow
From the corner to the middle of the eye...
She works out, trains boxing... very brutal
I'm violent!
This pretty face... white skin... looks like she's an angel, but no
I am agressive !
So in four minutes you are on
8:35 you station yourselves, 8:38 they put the video, 8:40 you start.
Ok, Thank you !
So, we settled everything, did the soundcheck like we showed you before
The venue is at full capacity, everybody's waiting
And seconds before going on stage, everyone is very anxious!
Good evening, São Paulo!
What's up, São Paulo