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More profound scientific evidence of Noah's flood
found in Tsunami deposits and dinosaur tracks, as
well as questions about Noah's flood from a viewer.
This is Genesis Week.
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In our "Noah's flood" episode, we were discussing
various geological formations that are alleged to
have formed in a desert, and therefore could not
possibly have been formed during a world wide
flood. These formations were then discovered to
have indeed been formed underwater. Another
significant lesson was taken from the Japan Tsunami
of 2011, published in the journal Marine Geology.
Though the area with the highest recorded tsunami
waves of 20 meters was just west of Kesennuma bay,
the sand that these huge waves deposited on land
was still only a mere 30 centimeters thick. Twenty
days after the horrible tsunami hit the port of
Kesennuma bay, emergency surveys were conducted in
the bay to make sure that ships were able to enter
the harbour. The initial survey did verify that
ships could safely transit the bay, but they made
an unexpected discovery: large sand dunes had been
formed by the tsunami in the sea bed! The dunes
were typically a few meters high (about six feet),
20 meters long in water 10 to 15 meters deep.
We would refer to these underwater dunes as sand
waves. I have had old-earth geologists specifically
argue that sand waves cannot form quickly, nor in
fast currents. Thus they claimed that various sand
waves found in the geologic record would exclude a
watery catastrophy on the scale of a global flood.
Here we see multiple surprises: Not only did sand
waves form fast, with a fast current, they formed
in surprisingly deep water! So sand wave formations
CAN be made during a global flood. This has
implications for the interpretation of numerous
geological formations found throughout the world.
These formations were alleged to exclude a world
wide flood, but now it appears they may be dramatic
confirmation of a world wide flood.
Another piece of evidence that has aforetimes been
used as alleged evidence against a global flood has
been dinosaur tracks. We have what was called a
dinosaur "stampede" of fossil footprints in
Australia. Presumed to have been made on land, the
tracks were recently re-interpreted to have been
made in water, with many of the tracks being made
by SWIMMING dinosaurs. The report came out in the
January 8th Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology,
documenting a fossil site in western Australia
where many of the tracks are nothing more than
scratch-marks from what was obviously a dinosaur
being bouyed up by water, clawing at the dirt as it
swam along. This is certainly not the first
instance of fossilized dinosaur tracks showing
evidence of swimming.
I've had the privilege of studying multiple
dinosaur tracksites throughout North America, and I
have yet to see one that didn't obviously have
water involved. Every single one of the dinosaur
tracksites were made in what can best be described
as "tidal flats."
Debra Mickelson, of Colorado Universtiy at Boulder,
presented a paper at the 2005 GSA documenting what
appeared to be a trail of dinosaur tracks from a
dinosaur walking and getting bouyed up by water
more and more, losing contact with the sea floor.
I totally agree with her interpretation. Makes
complete sense! However, here's the catch: This
drawing does not depict reality whatsoever! The
fossil footprints are in the middle of a series of
rock layers. According to Steno's stratigraphic
principles laid out in the 1600's and still adhered
to today, it would be assumed those layers were
laid down horizontally! This wasn't some sea shore!
Nobody disagrees with this! Therefore, these tracks
were not made by some dinosaur wading into the sea,
but rather the ground was flat - a TIDAL FLAT, and
as the dinosaur was happily walking along, the
water CAME IN, and bouyed the dinosaur up until it
lost contact with the ground. This is powerful
evidence of a large, catastrophic flood, not some
dinosaur visiting the sea! Especially in light of
the fact that other dinosaur tracks were found in
that area that were NOT swimming.
AND layers containing dinosaur tracks are typically
provincial to continental in size. For example, the
late cretaceous of Glen Rose Texas, famous for its
innumerable dinosaur tracks and yes, human
footprints among those dinosaur tracks, that layer
is acknowledged by the evolutionary community as a
tidal flat. Except that tidal flat covered a HUGE
portion of North America! That layer has countless
clam burrows from clams that were obviously buried
alive catastrophically by the limey mud, dinosaurs
and people walked in that mud, more layers were
then laid down on top of that layer, and the clams
attempted to burrow their way out. The clams are
found by the millions to billions, buried alive in
the closed position, just a few layers above the
dinosaur tracks. Now tell me - was that
accomplished over millions of years? Or a giant,
watery catastrophe, real quick like?
This was no calm sea. This was a HUGE, watery
catastrophe. The evidence is best explained, and I
would dare say only explained, by a worldwide
flood. That flood was gaining more and more upon
the land with each tidal wave. The evidence is best
explained by the history recorded in the Bible,
which talks about a world wide flood that was
judgment upon mankind from God. Jesus warned us
about another judgment to come - at the end of the
age. The people who did not listen to Noah's
warning of the judgment to come, perished. Will you
listen to the warning from God about another
judgment to come? Where will you be at the great
white throne judgment?
With Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson signing a
proclamation to declare February 12 as
International Darwin Day, I thought I'd briefly
mention the "Question Evolution Project," also set
on the same day, for similar reasons. Cowboy Bob
Sorensen put the project together in the proper
spirit of scientific enquiry. After all, good
science questions EVERYthing, right? So is it not
then ANTI-science to say that one CANNOT
question evolution? Hmmm?
In his proclamation, Mayor Robertson declared:
Cowboy Bob, and true science seekers then ask the
question "Is it really?"
After all - natural selection, which was originally
a creationary postulation was *ahem* "borrowed" by
Darwin. That's right, Darwin's brainchild which has
brought him so much fame...was plagiarized...from a
creationist. And I show in CrEvo Rant #110 that
Natural Selection only explains the survival of the
fittest, not the arrival of the fittest - AND
natural selection turns evolutionary theory UPSIDE
DOWN, where the lowly bacteria outpopulate and
outsurvive the more "complex" lifeforms. It's the
opposite of upwards, onwards evolution.
Secondly, as can be seen in CrEvo Rant #93,
evolution must violate well established biological
LAWS, like the laws of biogenesis. So how then can
evolution be the foundation for understanding
biology if evolution must violate biological
laws and observations?
Mayor Robertson also declared that
Really? WHAT advances Mr. Robertson? Name one.
Because I can name you hundreds of examples where
evolutionary theory has HINDERED scientific
research, and in particular, medical research. Junk
DNA - an evolutionary idea which concluded that the
great majority of our DNA was useless leftovers
from our evolutionary ascent. Creationists, making
predictions based on their creationary worldview,
predicted that there WAS purpose to the "junk DNA"
and it wasn't junk at all. Well guess which
worldview made the correct prediction? Guess which
worldview hindered the scientific research that
discovered there WAS IMPORTANT purpose in the "junk
DNA?" That's right, evolution failed in its
predictions, whereas Creation succeeded in its
Vestigial organs - of which there were over a
hundred claimed in the human body alone - "useless"
parts and organs in the human body, left over from
our evolutionary ascent. Ya - because of this
evolutionary thinking, doctors hacked out peoples
tonsils for years - after all, the tonsils were
just useless evolutionary leftovers. I would like
you to tell that to the people who were paralyzed
for life because it turns out their tonsils
provided protection from things like polio...
before their tonsils were cut out because
of evolutionary thinking.
And yes, I will go down that disturbing road on a
show someday where we will deal with the dreadful
social and philosophical implications of
evolutionary theory - such as eugenics - man-made
selection of the fittest. I'm sorry, Mr. Robertson,
Evolution and Darwin are not something
to be celebrated.
Instead, I hope you viewers will join the millions
of others in questioning evolution on International
Question Evolution day, February 12. There's a pile
of resources you can get on cowboy Bob's project
site, as well as CMI's "15 Questions
for Evolutionists."
Stick around - we'll be right back after
this short break.
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Wahoo! Mail for me?
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Conveniently in theme with the rest of the show
this week, I got a question from
Christina in Alberta:
Thanks for writing in Christina - that is an
excellent question, and a loaded one too! Let's
dissect it. First of all, just how many animals
would Noah have needed to bring on the ark? While
there is an incredible number of SPECIES, certainly
over a million, notice that the vast majority of
them survive just fine in the water - in fact, the
vast majority LIVE in the water, and thus Noah
would not need to take them on board the ark. Think
about it: fish, sea plants, squid, sea insects,
crabs, clams, lobsters, whales and dolphins, sea
anenomes, sharks, etc... Just take a quick look at
invertebrate zoology sometime to get a quick grasp
on the incredible variations of invertebrate
sea critters alone.
Many of those not falling into those categories
would survive a flood just fine, such as most
amphibians, many reptiles like turtles, crocodiles,
alligators, etc...
So what kind of numbers would we need to take on
board the ark? You need to understand - as we
discussed in past shows, the dog KINDS could all
come from one dog KIND, something like a wolf. From
there all the dog kinds arise into the variations
we have today. Now this is not upwards-onwards
evolution, this is variation within the kind, which
we discussed previously: thousands of years of
evolution has caused dogs to evolve into...dogs.
Suffice it to say though, only one pair of dogs is
needed to represent all the dog kinds we have
today. Even that word "SPECIES" was invented by a
Creationist - Carl Linnaeus, who was trying to
classify lifeforms for simplicity's sake - it had
absolutely NOTHING to do with evolution, nor
evolutionary ascent - in fact he named them
"species" because he believed they were
specially created.
My friend Tom Hennigan just recently published a
paper dealing with the problem of identifying
"species" and "kinds," strictly relating to
amphibians. Thankfully the paper is open source
and available here:
That'll give you an idea of the challenges facing
definition of both species and kinds.
Morris and Whitcomb, in their landmark book "The
Genesis Flood," figured Noah needed to take no more
than 35,000 animals on board the ark. John
Woodmorrappe's book "Noah's ark: A feasibility
study" is an excellent book I'd highly recommend.
In there, he actually estimated as low as 2,000 but
probably as much as 16,000 animals were needed.
We're gonna go with 50,000 animals, just for fun.
So how much space would that require on the ark?
Not a whole lot actually. Now of course, I would
claim that Noah brought even the largest land
animals on board the ark - the dinosaurs,
elephants, etc... However, Noah would have brought
babies on board, for multiple reasons: They take
less space, eat less, drink less, they don't go to
the bathroom much - we like that! They sleep lots,
and when they get off the ark, they have a full
reproductive lifespan ahead of them.
Comparing this hadrosaur egg to just the SKULL of a
full grown hadrosaur, you can see the dinosaurs
started off really, really small, and got
really, really big.
But - even taking into account the ADULT sizes of
the animals, the average size of ALL the animals
still comes in only about the size of a sheep.
Taking the measurements of the ark provided in the
Bible, the ark works out to about the equivelent of
596 railroad box cars in volume. A typical
double-decker, stock carrying box-car can hold
about 240 sheep. So to accomodate 50,000 animals
would still only take up the equivelent of 209
railroad cars - or, less than 2/5ths of the entire
volume of the ark, leaving the other half of the
ark for food, water, building supplies for
the future, etc...
The bottom line is, there was LOTS of room
on the ark.
But how did Noah get animals from the different
continents if he was building the ark in the middle
east? Well, actually, there WASN'T any different
continents during Noah's time. We would contend
that continental division occurred at the time of
Noah's flood. In fact, this whole concept of
continental division actually came from the Bible!
Pelligrini was reading Genesis where it said God
separated the waters into one place and the land
appeared. He deduced from this passage, that it
must also mean the LAND was in one place. He then
started experimenting with how the continents could
perhaps fit together. Later on his continental
division theory was hijacked by those who believe
in deep time, labeled it plate tectonics, and
claimed it took millions of years. For a number of
reasons we know it did not take millions of years
at all, but I'll save that for another show. But
for the moment, you can see how a Biblical idea is
twisted around to allegedly refute the Bible, when
it does no such thing! The idea CAME
from the Bible!
The Bible also implies that GOD brought the animals
to Noah. Interestingly, during the horrible tsunami
of Indonesia, some 300,000 people were killed - and
yet there were essentially NO animals killed. The
animals somehow knew danger was approaching and
fled to higher ground, escaping the disaster. So,
why wouldn't the animals know that the world-wide
flood was coming?
So then how did the animals disperse AFTER the
flood, and get to all the different continents?
It's ironic that the anti-creationists attempt to
use this as an argument against Noah's flood. They
will point to the marsupials, like the duck billed
platypus in Australia, claim that the platypus
EVOLVED there, and that's why they're only found in
Australia! However, when a platypus fossil is found
in Argentina - a completely different continent,
guess what they say? "Oh - they must have migrated
there when there was LAND BRIDGES." We creationists
readily accept that there was land bridges after
the flood, probably for hundreds of years. There
are thousands of mountains under the oceans called
tablemounts. These are mountains that have been
planed off flat by water action. Yet these planed
surfaces are one to two THOUSAND METERS - 3 to 6
THOUSAND FEET, below sea level. So for a time at
least, the ocean levels were thousands of meters
lower than they are now. If you lower the oceans by
a mere 100 meters - 300 feet, you have land bridges
connecting almost every continent. That's right,
you could walk from China, to Australia, to South
America, to North America. And if you, or a herd of
animals, walk a mere one mile per day for 10 years,
you've walked 3,650 MILES. You could walk from
Mexico to Alaska. Or from Canada to China.
So as you can see, getting the animals to and from
the ark is a non-issue. In fact, any
anticreationist who tries to argue otherwise
inadvertantly shoots themselves in the foot,
because they must apply the very same reasoning to
their beliefs that we do, except they claim the
land bridges were around for MILLIONS of years, not
hundreds. So, why didn't the marsupials migrate to
other parts of the planet? They certainly
had enough time!
Hope that answers your questions Christina.
YouTuber orge121 wrote in regarding the
Noah's flood episode:
I consider that a quality enquiry as well. There
has actually been a number of flood models put
together and intensely scrutinized. I was a
privileged participant in what was called the
"Flood Science Review", which was a written debate
over Noah's flood and the pre-flood world. The
debate took place over about a year and a half,
with Holywood producer Joe Bardwell funding the
debate. The results were published in an ebook that
is a must read for anyone even remotely interested
in the subject geology and Noah's flood - don't let
the 1,700 pages intimidate you, because of the way
it is laid out, it's quite easy to follow. You can
download a copy of that book for a donation of any
amount at In Jesus' name productions website:
ijnp.org If I may suggest, please be generous in
your donation, as Joe put a PILE of his own
personal money into funding that project, which was
a monumental project of great benefit to
the Creation Community.
With regards to my commentary last week on the
population problem, YouTuber Equestions wrote in:
Ted from Pittsburg also wrote in
with similar concepts:
Indeed, I left those out for simplicity, and to
stay focused on my main points: The Bible just
plain fits the actual data and evidence. The
skeptics must call upon a lack of data, absence of
data, and wishful thinking.
However - in the end, I must also admit that I am
also arguing from an absence of evidence: Just like
all those bodies from the alleged millions of years
are missing, so also the body of Christ is missing.
If he had not risen from the dead to prove He was
God, someone, somewhere, would have produced His
body. None of the Apostles would have willingly
died for their faith, if they hadn't seen Jesus
rise from the dead. Christ led the way through
death into new life so we could know He is what He
said He was: the way, the truth and the life. All
you have to do is acknowledge that you have sinned
and ask Him to forgive you of your sins - and He
promised that He is just and faithful to forgive
you, and give you new life. Why don't you ask Him
today to forgive you, and give you new life?
I gotta call that wrap - thank you so much for
watching and I hope you'll join me again next
Genesis Week, I'm your host Ian Juby, signing off
for now. Remember you can send in your comments,
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am the way, the truth, and the life - no man comes
to the Father but through me." We'll see
you next week.
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