[Exclusive] MovNat's Vic Verdier Explains MovNat

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Hey everybody, I'm here with Vic from MovNat.
For the past seven days Vic has been coaching me,
and helping me get better in jumping, throwing rocks,
climbing trees, running through the jungle, swimming,
diving, and a lot of other stuff.
MovNat, I've had such a wonderful time, and I wanted
to introduce you to Vic because he's not only a great guy,
he's also a great coach and, I love learning, and I've had
a great pleasure of hanging out with him. He's a neat guy.
First of all, though, I want to have Vic explain to us,
what is MovNat?
First of all, thank you.
No my pleasure, my pleasure.
That's a very nice introduction.
Um MovNat. MovNat is not the latest fad it's actually
quite old. It's actually as old as we are. Human beings.
Why, because we evolved to move in nature. Mov. Nat.
Moving in nature, or moving naturally.
And we evolved to run, sometimes slow, sometimes fast-paced.
Sprinting. Sometimes very very fast.
We evolved to walk. Walk on all fours.
And that's pretty much what we do during a MovNat workshop.
We do a lot of different things, like jumping in any possible
direction, like lifting and carrying heavy objects. It could
be a log. It could be a rock. It could be someone else.
Swimming, at the surface, but also underwater.
Throwing and catching different kinds of objects. It could be
a spear. It could be any kind of object. It could be a stone,
for example.
So that's pretty much MovNat. We fight. We move. And we try to
move, not only naturally, but also as efficiently as possible.
Yeah, and this was a big thing that Vic talked about the
whole week, which was really cool, which is efficient movement.
And, of course a lot of people talk about efficiency and things
like that, but a lot of things that resonated with me and Vic
is that our backgrounds are similar in that we are always
trying to go toward more efficient movement.
We did everything he just talked about. We threw sticks, and much,
much more. It was really wonderful, and if you do have a chance to
go to a MovNat seminar, you won't be disappointed.
We're right now in Thailand. This is where Vic lives half of the year.
He's actually leaving in two days. Yep. Heading to the United States
He'll be teaching seminars along with Erwan over there for five months
in West Virginia.
So, getting back to the MovNat training and things like that,
how do you train? What are some protocols? What are some things that
you can do? Not necessarily in the jungle, but something that you can
do at home? Let's say you have a person who is not that much of an
athlete. Maybe they just want to do something on the weekend.
How could you train something like that?
The thing we don't do, the thing we don't train,
is muscle isolation. There's no such thing in MovNat
as a bicep curl on the machine in the gym. If possible
we try to train outdoors. When we train, we might
work on a specific movement, like climbing on a tree,
climbing on bars, climbing on a rock, or whatever.
But we also do some combos. A combo is a combination of
different movement categories. We can for example, run, and
jump, and crawl, and climb, and swim.
Good combo. That would be a great combo.
That's pretty much what it is.
And actually the combo, it's what Vic was saying. These
are some of the things that Vic taught us this week.
Work on specific skills, put them together, and they become
combos. They're actually a lot of fun. This isn't something
like a "metcon" where you do something for twenty seconds,
and then you stop for ten seconds. Take a break.
Then ten seconds. It's more like moving towards a full
big combination. Yep. We were in the jungle just the other day,
which is kind of our test. I wouldn't say test. For me it
was just fun. Application course. And this is something that
is very interesting about MovNat as well. Could you explain a
little bit about the application course.
Yeah, we learn a lot of different techniques in a controlled
environment. And at the end of the workshop we try to apply
all of those techniques in a natural setting. Meaning, we go
in the jungle and sometimes we find some trees, we climb on the tree.
There's a small river. We want to jump over the river.
We have to jump. There's no scaleability. We have to deal with
the environment as it is. There is a dead tree or log somewhere,
we can balance. There is no way to adjust anything.
No scaleability. Yeah. And this is what was really cool. We just
went into the jungle, and whatever, was there, we tried to adapt
to it. All of those skills Vic taught us during those seven days,
we were able to apply those, and go through the jungle and just
have fun. It reminded me of when I was a little kid, just
going out and not thinking about anything. Just having a good
time, but feeling confident because I had the skills from going
through the combos to feel comfortable in our bodies to be able
to do that. We lifted some really heavy rocks. We lifted really
heavy logs, and we did it in a safe manner, and had a blast doing
that. So if it's okay, I'd like to show everyone out there a combo
that we worked on during the MovNat seminar, and I hope you enjoy it.
So Vic, thank you so much, it has been an absolute pleasure. The combo
could be... Yeah, let's see a combo right now. Lifting a dog.
Fighting a dog. And then throwing a dog. This is Vic's puppy.
All right, so we're going to go and show you a combo. Thanks again.
You're welcome.