Cool Rapid Fire Spartan Laser Glitch in Forge and Customs - Halo 4 Tutorial

Uploaded by mlp256 on 17.01.2013

Hey Guys, MDog here!
And today I'm going to show you at somewhat cool
rapid fire Spartan Laser glitch.
And I'm going to get right into it. The first thing you have to do to pull off this glitch is
load up any forge game you like, any map you like. I chose Relay well because I could.
and the first thing you're going to want to do is spawn a Spartan Laser
It doesn't really matter where you put it, I'm just going to put it
Anywhere, just here.
and after you've spawned a Spartan Laser you are going to
want to spawn a Trait Zone.
and just put it anywhere you like, I'm just going to put it right next to the Spartan Laser.
And after you have placed the Trait Zone wherever you feel like it.
You are going to want to go into the Start Menu and scroll down to Trait Zone Properties and select alpha.
and then go down to Weapons and Damage and change Infinite Ammo to
Bottomless Clip
And after you've done that you're going to want to switch to player mode.
If you chose one of the forge maps you are going to have to wait for a bit.
And then of course pick up the Spartan Laser.
Then what you are going to do is, this is what you normally works.
You fire a shot,
you have to wait and you lose some ammo.
When you are in the bottomless clip Trait Zone,
a similar thing happens except you don't lose ammo.
However, to pull off this glitch you must waste ALL of your Spartan Laser ammo first
You get down to 0%
Of course you can't do this inside of the Trait Zone.
So, I'm just going to wait here for a moment while I
waste all of my ammo.
and once you've wasted your ammo
Then you can go into the Trait Zone and yeah
You can more or less fire as fast as you like, there is a short delay still but
it's a hell of a lot faster than a regular Spartan Laser.
Yeah, I just thought I would show this to you and I reckon there could be some cool custom gametypes
made out of this possibly. I'm not really sure, I'm not sure if it actually works in Custom Games yet but
I'm sure I'll find out.
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So until next time guys, MDog out.