Pitch - Easter Island making of

Uploaded by brunopitch on 22.10.2012

-That's it, it's 6:30 am, ready to go to Fautea
1st good new of the day : a penalty !
-Look, there's a yacht !
-So yes Antoine, it was a galley, i got you !
-As they say in the middle: an ambush
-I was told "you'll see there will be cakes" -We will have fun, there is the beach,
picnic at noon So total fun, I do not understand why
people do not come. "Come on, Come on"
-Nobody came, I think they smelled the confused
-In the morning, it is cooler than the afternoon
-That's good, it's nice images for the making of
you see, he smiled, but I'm sure he doesn't want
-Antoine, what pleasure you feel at 7:00 in the morning?
-The pleasure I feel, it is all about joy, good humor
-I see, i see
-This is amazing, this place is very nice, we should make music more often here
-We worked -Yeah, i see
-We came by the GR20, 3 dead during the trip (laughing)
-Before, i had Holner -yeah, Yvette
-That's too loud that things !
-It was hit, i don't know why -That's better like this darling
-It gives style -It looks more rustic
-That's what he wanted, isn't it ? ... no !
-I film you, and you photography me
-Guillaume cares nothing -Yeah, i'm dying
-it hurts your hands