Current climate and outlook this month as well as into the Spring of 2013 for Southern California

Uploaded by NWSSanDiego on 18.01.2013

Welcome to the short weather briefing on the current climate and the outlook.

Precipitation total since October 1, 2012. Up to 40 inches in northern California and 2.5 to 5 inches in southern California with locally up to 10 inches.
Total precipitation since October 1, 2012. Up to 40 inches in northern California mountains.
Areas in coastal southwest California 2.5 to 5 inches of precipitation, most in December
up 10 inches in San Bernardino mountains

Percent of normal precipitation in California, about half of much as normal. Much wetter in the north thanks to the very wet December.
Zoomed up at the percent of normal precipitation since October shows 40 to 75 percent of normal
Upper level high pressure will dominate through January 22 with coastal fog developing possibly.
High Confidence through early next week for dry and warm.
Pattern change through the end of January.

Lower confidence of a signfiicant pattern change with the jet stream dropping far south into southern California.
Probability of precipitation (rainfall) is slightly above normal value for January 24-30 due to the pattern change.
40 to 50 percent
January 24 to 30 probability
Outlook into the Spring of 2013. below normal precipitation and equal chances of normal temperatures. Warmer well inland.
Consistent with neutral ENSO sea surface temperatures in the equatorial Pacific
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