How to Buy a New Car : Trading in a Used Car

Uploaded by expertvillage on 27.02.2008

CATHY DROZ: I'm Cathy D. BILL ZERVAKOS: And I'm Bill Z with Two for the Road USA on behalf
of Expert Village. In this clip, we're going to talk about specifically about your trade-in
and you can't take it personally. You know I recall it, 1981 Oldsmobile I had, I traded
it once, I thought was Pristine. They took it apart but when I really looked at it, they
were right. So, you can't take it personally. We'll talk a little bit about that in this
clip. CATHY DROZ: Remember we said that when you finally do mention about that trade-in
that you have, not to take it personally when they don't think that your car is worth what
you think it is. And let's use some common sense. If your vehicle has a couple of dents
maybe even missing a mirror, you might want to take it into your local repair shop certainly
before you bring it to the dealership or sell it independently. You want it to look the
best that it can so that you get the maximum amount of money. BILL ZERVAKOS: That's really
an important idea. So, it's good there is some inspection service out there that'll
do a great job. Of course, you might want to think about that, too. In our next clip,
we're going to talk about financing.