MakeUp and PinUp Tutorial, Something between Dita Von Teese and Bettie Page but still myself

Uploaded by GinaCarlaTV on 01.01.2013

Hi Guys, This is my second Video on my GinaCarlaTV
Channel. I still have to practise a little.
On this Video, I'm gonna show you how i do my MakeUp, if you wanna have this Look.
My Mother helped me by the Hairdo.
Use a black or a brown Eyeliner for your under eye.
Next Step: I prefer a bronze or brown Eyeshadow. Make sure you draw a little bit of a Cateye.
Use a Eyeliner which is easy for you to handle. i actually need two for my line. Make it really
pointy at the end and get the cat Look.
If you make a mistake...Dont worry, just use a cotton swab and clean the part you have
Now i take a dark brown Eyebrow Pencil and draw my Eyebrow really dark. Make sure its
not gonna be too thick when your done.
I Use a dark black Mascara for my lashes. you also can use black fake lashes if you
want. For this shoot i used my own lashes.
Use a darker and a lighter blush for the shapes. Use the dark blush under your cheekbone and
for the corner of your forehead. the lighter blush for your high cheek bone, nose and chin.
I love red lips. So take a red lip pencil and draw around your lipline. Use a bombshell
red lipstick and draw your lips red. I dont wanna have red teeth. i'm just using my finger
as you can see.
My mom takes out the curlers. But dont worry I'll show you in a other Video how you can
have a PinUp Hairdo.
And now you have this PinUp Look. Contact me if you have any Questions. It would be
great if you could support me when you subscribe to my channel, to see more, and share this
Video to your friends. When i have enough subscribers, I'll show
you how i lost over 100lbs or 40kg.
Thanks for watching.