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It's nice to have you back again.
Why are you here this time?
You can stay here.
Do you belive in me?
You have to go before she gets back.
You'll give it to Daddy?
I can't remember the last time I've seen Mom and Dad together.
They always have to work.
Don't worry.
Do you have a new one?
We still have a little time left.
But I'm right here, Maria. Just for you.
And Mom?
Your mother will be back in the morning.
Do you think that's normal?
Well, we could always stop working. But then
we'd unfortunately had to live out there in the park.
And then I'd send you out there to beg for money, hm?
It's not easy for her, either.
Give her that note please, will you?
Do you love her?
You fell asleep.
I didn't want to wake you.
Do you know now why you're here?
You should know by now why you always come here.
What are we to you?
Stupid cartoons where you can cry your heart out?
Why am I here?
I am only here because you imagine me to be.
Look at me and tell me that all this has a meaning.
I'm only here because you imagine me..
Give me the note. I need the note.
I want to be able to imagine your existence before she gets back.
Why did you say that?
Don't hide behind your age.
Oh no! How is that possible?
You should have disappeared by now. She is here.
You have to hide immediately!
Darling, it's nice to have you back again.
Look,... I... I've woven the threads together.
...this south wind is making me really sick.
No, you can't do that.
She is our guest.
Get out of my way.
Just because of her we are only hollow shells!
But she's... -Let us rest in peace.
But without her we wouldn't exist at all. And she is prepared to say goodbye.
Maria, just promise that you won't come back anymore.
Yes. -Promise that you won't come back anymore!
You see?
Yes, I promise!
Promise that you won't come back anymore! -Yes, I promise!
How did you get in?
Do you have the keys?
You're not ready to give up, are you?
Can I ask you something?
Yes, of course.
Why don't you two live together anymore?
Maria, I've already told you.
Sometimes two people simply can't live together anymore, when they no longer have
anything nice to say to each other.
And that's why you are shuttled between Mom and me, because we both love you just the same, ok?
Did you try to force each other to leave so you can cope with it alone?
Where did you get that from?
C'mon, just tell me.
No, not really.