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Episode 10
Jung-Won, what should I do?
You studied a lot and smart...
What should I do?
Whenever I think of Soo-Yeon
I go crazy
I'm suffocating...
and I feel so irritated...
Jung-Won, what should I do?
I told you
If you go after them
you can get In-Ha!
Take him!
Nobody move!
Hey, detective Park!
What's wrong with you?
Shut up and stay back!
If you move or
say something, I'll shoot you right in your brain
Hey, Dae-Soo, Yim!
Do you think I'm joking?
Go ahead and say something!
Move, bastard!
I'll take care of this You go with Jong-Ku
Yeah, right You must be sick of living, huh?
Who wants go first?
You're here
I want to say something
I want to work at Sea World Casino
that you are taking over
Okay, good
Do me a favor
What is it?
Leave tonight
Leave.. Where?
Leaving is the only way
that I can think of
Leave Korea by an ocean-going ship
So you want us to stow away?
Everything's set Get on board
Long time ago...
I left you in the prison and ran away by myself
Now I'm paying you back
I can't go
You can't go?
Then what are you gonna do?
Is it because of Soo-Yeon?
Is that the reason?
We cannot talk about a woman in this situation!
If you stay here, then what can you do?
Do you think you can date with Soo-Yeon?
Do you want to run away with Soo-Yeon?
Or do you want Soo-Yeon to be
a prisoner's lover?
If you do love her...
forget her now
This is what my mom left
said okay
to give this to the person
who I love forever
Is that really true
that you love me?
Did you hear from In-Ha?
He is rather an enemy than a nephew
Are you sure that we are going to see again?
A seaman's going to come and pick you up
Just go with him!
He's here
Where are you going?
Yes, just a moment
Soo-Yeon, telephone!
Soo-Yeon speaking
It's me
What happened? Where are you right now?
Did you really go abroad to study?
Yes, I am
How could you go without telling me?
When are you coming back?
I... don't know yet
You're so indifferent
How come you don't know the schedule?
You never mind as you studied with me, right?
You must be the worst student
Soo-Yeon, black jack call!
I gotta go
Just a second
Did you have a meal?
Of course I did
Is that all you want to say?
I knew it
It's so hard to hear from you that you love me
I gotta drink again when you come back
so you may say that you love me
when I'm drunk and sleeping
- Soo-Yeon, there's a call - Yes
I really gotta go
You would never say...
so I rather say
I love you
2 months later
When I was 20
I went to a casino for the first time
At that time
I did the sales to the U.S. Army
The first job that I had was
cleaning the rest rooms
I gave wet tissues to the soldiers who came in the rest room
and sprayed some weird perfume on them
then they gave me an army note as a tip
Those army notes that soldiers used were
actual money at that time
I caught Mr. Suh's eyes
and I served him like a tool
I did everything that
Mr. Suh ordered
I was such a faithful dog to him
At that time...
yeah, right...
I'm going to the owner of the casino some day
that I thought
Some one would've said it's such an absurd dream
but it came true
Now it's your turn
For the moment...
we should gather people who are useful
Did you do that I said?
This is the list of people to scout from Oasis group
I leave this matter
to your discretion
Yes, sir
What is the way to improve sales?
The sale...
of Sea World Casino is less than half of Jungmun Casino
and less than 1/10 of total sales of Oasis Group
Within one year
we're going to catch up to Jungmun Casino sales
and within 3 years, we will outsmart the total sales of Oasis group
Jung-Won, Choi
took up the president of Sea World Casino today
He must had intended to grasp our
internal affairs
He must had gotten a lot of information already
He's pretty bad
Mr. Han and I would not know Jung-Won's
real intention
Send a wreath to Sea World Casino
Pardon me?
Yes, sir
Is Soo-Yeon still on sick leave?
Please check where she lives at the moment
I heard that she lives in a nunnery in Sung-san
What's going on between Mr. Suh and Jung-Won?
Jung-Won ruined the plan that
we're going to take over
why does he send a wreath... huh?
So what's going to happen you?
You're supposed to go there when the group takes over Sea World, aren't you?
it will be decided sooner or later
What do you want to say?
Sea World... contacted us
They suggested a scout with a very good condition
So... what are you going to do?
Well, I rejected but
the condition is so good
so I'm wavering
There's report that
Do-Hwan Choi appeared in Sea World casino for the first time
Jung-Won Choi took up the president of Sea World Casino
Sea World casino is not
as big in size and sales as to
affect our business
You don't know Mr. Choi yet
Sea World casino is just a start for him
Call a meeting in Jungmun Hotel
Yes, sir
Isn't he still caught?
In-Ha, Kim...
As I know of, he's hiding out
What a pity man he is...
didn't go abroad to study
I said that... because of the company's purpose
because it will ruin the image
when the situation is leaked out
that the manager of the casino is
related to a shameful thing and the police is after him...
In-Ha and Jong-Ku are
related to a murder case
They played illegal gambling with the guy...
Looking at their history... they are more than enough to do that
but I don't understand how they're hired
They didn't get caught yet and are running away...
By the way, what kind of relationship do you have with In-Ha?
Why are you interested in him?
Something happened between you two?
You would...
You would never know
what it means to me
that I see you again
How much I thought of you
How much I like you
How much...
I love you
You would... never even guess
I don't know if I can do this
I don't think
I'm the one
I'm afraid
as if everything's going to go away when I open my eyes
Can such an unlucky guy like me
fall in love like this...?
I'm so nervous
It's too cold out here
Go in
You are heart broken
so take care of yourself
I really
don't know
How could he do this to me?
He said he loved me
I know he really
meant it
Without saying anything...
how can he just go away?
He must have a reason
He must have a reason to hide out
without saying anything...
He must have a reason that he can't contact you
I'm really trying to understand
but I cannot
He must know
how much I worry about him
He must know
how much I long for him
How can he do this to me?
Hey, you bastard! Son of bitch
Welcome to America
Welcome to America
Later, future dreams come true
Come on, go!
Thank you
Hey, what is he saying?
I don't know
In-Ha, Kim Jong-Ku, Yoo?
- Yeah - Yes
Are you... Korean?
Get in
You are Korean, right?
Where are you heading?
Hey, I asked you a question!
This is the first time in two months
to see Korean
Are we really here in America?
Yes, you are
We just passed San Diego and are going to L.A.
It's my duty to take you to L.A.
and I'm paid
That's all I know
I'm not glad to see you at all
and I don't have anything to say so don't ask me questions
Don't be interested in
the gun shot It will not do you any good
And Mexican gangs carry guns around
so be careful
Now I've done my job
- Bye, now - Hold on
You may know already...
that we don't speak English at all with empty hands
Don't you think it's too harsh
to leave us alone in this motel room?
If you are so, why did you come here?
you are the only one who we can depend on...
Don't you think you should teach us
how we could survive
in this world? a compatriot, I would say...
Illegal sojourners can do certain things
you can get paid less than half
washing dishes or cleaning in a restaurant
If you want, I can introduce you some
We can do anything but killing people
But are you really empty-handed?
You got to have a car to move here
Whether you wash dishes or clean you have to move
This is...
2,000 dollars This is all we have
You should have at least 3,000
to get a car
Well, I will search
If you can't trust forget it then!
No... No...
Here you go
My name is Jenny
I'll bring you a car and get you a job tomorrow morning
Take care
Did I do a good job?
We're cheated
Bitch... I'll kill you when I see you
Hey, You Guy!
Check out time! If you want to stay longer, pay more, otherwise leave
What is she saying?
Don't you have a hunch? She wants us to leave
Hey, be careful
- Okay - Sang-Goo
- Take this - Okay
- Almost time to come - I think so
- Come - Alright
- Here you are - Here...
Hey, what are you guys doing here?
Happy birthday!!
- Happy birthday! - Happy birthday, uncle!
Hey, what birthday?
Never mind, just go!
No, we prepared a party You are not going anywhere
- Go in! Come on... - No
Go, hurry
- Get in! Just... - Go
- Sang-Goo, come in - Okay
Uncle, that's what we prepared for your birthday
Happy birthday!!
How can I smile when I don't know whether In-Ha is alive
I really thank you, but
I don't feel like having a party
I'm sorry
I would rather want him to be in jail...
Where the hell is he?
He must be alright
In-Ha is okay in a foreign country
What do you mean by a foreign country?
In-Ha...stowed away
stow...stowed away?
The police was after him
and Sang-Du wants to get him...
What is that saying?
Enemy on every side
Yong-Tae, I knew it
That's why I couldn't help stowing away
In-Ha is doing okay in somewhere
so don't worry too much
Do you know where he went?
No, we don't know
That's ok, right?
I'm happy to hear that he's alive
- Here you go - Okay
- Now it's dinner time
I'm going to put the bicycle away
know how much it hurts you
cause I saw you and In-Ha were
happy together...
and how much you loved each other...
But I think it's time for you to work again
Are you going to abandon your dream
because of a man... and love?
Overseas marketing department needs you right away
You're going to do it, right?
Give me a cigarette
The end is Korea, right?
Can you swim?
I'm almost a fish
I'll just swim and get rest in Hawaii...
and swim again to Dok-do...
then I think I can go to Korea
Why don't you?
You think I can't go?
I can go but...
when I go there, Sang-Du will kill me
That's why I can't go
Can't you swim?
You're so stupid
How can't you swim?
Do we have money to buy some cigarette?
What's the matter?
That girl...
Jenny or whatever the name is... who cheated us...
Long time no see
Long time no see
You are so nasty bitch
Did you hear that? She said long time no see
Do you happen to know how much hard time we had because of you?
We were kicked out from the motel without a penny...
then we starved for four days and happened to eat trash
How can you cheat
the compatriot...
in this strange place?
You are so stingy with 2,000 dollars at the most
What the...?
Are you sick of living?
An illegal sojourner
should behave
Are you threatening me?
- You, bitch - Bro...
Stop it!
Are you okay?
You must be miserable... to see you running away in daytime
I want to beat you but...
I haven't beaten a woman so I can't do it
Well, rather than a woman...
I think you're more miserable than us
so I don't need to do that
Let's go bro!
You know that you're lucky
Gees, I feel like
eating rice with Kimchi
that fills
full mouth
- With Kimchi soup - Right
I want Soojebi too
Damn, it drives me crazy
Jenny or whoever the bitch...
She looks good though
Do you like her?
She is nasty but hot, isn't she?
When she cheated us when we just came here...
we just thought how to live...
but now we don't think about that anymore then...
I think about something else
Don't you miss Soo-Yeon?
How much?
Fill it up
12 dollars
12 dollars
Are you okay?
What the heck is this?
He's the who right here, you're saying?
Get out here
Fernando come here
I want you to take care of this guy
Fernando is my best fighter
I'll let you know what'up
As a matter of fact, if you win this, I'll let you go
Personally, I think you both dead
Back up
You're alright, I like you kid
Let's go
Pick up the boy
What are you nuts?
You'd rather get down on you knees and beg them pardon
I was scared to death too
You know they carry guns...
You drive me crazy, man!
Are you okay?
What are you doing here?
Here are 2,000 dollars
I want to pay it back
and this is a Mexican section
You'd better quit
I'll get you a job
What's wrong with you?
I don't need it just take it
We have a house
and a car
that is almost out of commission
Take the money...
and don't cheat
other people
That's my business!
Do you think it's easy
for me to come here?
You think you're all that?
After it happened...
we're known as a cousin of Bruce Lee
among black gangs and Mexicans
Sorry to Bruce Lee but
we taught Karate to Mexican gangs and earned money
Thank you!
Without a purpose
we were engrossed in money making
Those busy days
I could forget
Longing for Soo-Yeon
and the past