Rittenhouse 12 Volt Power Spray Kit with Reg- DIY

Uploaded by RittenhouseSince1914 on 18.10.2011

Hi, Noel from Rittenhouse again
and we've got a 12 volt
pump system here
that you can purchase
in a kit form.
It includes all the hoseing,
all your plumbing,your pump,
and even a gun.
So bear with me and I'll show you how to put it all together
and the only thing you needed to supply
is the tank.
O.K.First thing were going to do is hook up suction side
to our Shurflo Pump.
Now on the pump
look closely at
the face of it
you see arrows here arrows here pointing that direction that
indicates direction of flow.
and same with the filter
has an arrow
to line up the filter
to match
arrows on the pump.
Tape it of course.
Then we twist the filter on
and we supply
an elbow or a straight hose barb depending on where this is going to sit
in relation to your tank.
Choose one.
That completes the suction side except for hooking up the hose do your tank.
Come off of here three-quarter inch with the wire in it.
And this is the bulkhead.
Drill hole install this into your tank.
Install the other elbow.
Into the bottom of your tank
for your suction
like so.
And you just join it with the hose that I showed you.
Now on the pressure side
we're going to come off of
off of it with the black "T"
and this little plug here goes in the face your pump.
Now remember all the connections should be taped.
So they put the"T" on
Have the "T" standing up.
This is the feed tap for your
your wand.
Goes in the end.
We're attaching
uh... metal or brass parts to plastic
you have to be careful you don't cross thread it.
So work at it a little easily to get it done
Cross thread it, it will leak.
Now we are going to install are regulator
in the top of "T".
The large outlet we're going to point towards
towards the back of the pump
like so.
Now you have a half inch return.
This little tube here
goes into the large hole
on the uh... regulator.
Then your gauge
fits in the front,
like so.
Now this this piece here that's got
a little hose barb on it and another hose barb here.
This is for the top of your tank. This is for the return line
which is uh...
the half inch
piece here.
So you'd run
the hose from the
out on the
right here back toward your tank
to this piece installed on your tank.
That gives you your return.
Now you have uh...
a spray wand that comes with the unit.
This little brass piece goes into the bottom for the spray wand.
This is your garden hose connection
like so.
Then you install
the uh...
two garden hose fittings into your three -eights hose.
clamp them of course.
One at each end.
You connect one to the gun
and one to tap.
You're all hooked up that way.
Now the other thing you have to do
is do the electrical.
We're going to turn this around a bit
and pull the wires out so you can see a little better.
We've got one red
and one black.
On here,
we also supply you with
toggle switch for turning it on and off,
boot cover,
to protect the switch.
Now when you install this
you need install the fuse as well.
Put the fuse on the power side
and you put toggle switch on the power side as well.
Connect that
into your battery;
that to the toggle switch;
and this side to the red wire.
Now we make complete circuits
for the power side
and the black wire
ground out
any place you can either
run a wire directly from this to the battery or ground it out as long as
the battery is connected to the frame.
It's that easy. It's that simple.
Once you make the connections
on your
all your electrical connections on your pump
you also find that we have supplied twenty feet of wire
that you can run
anywhere ATV, back of a truck.
All wires supplied,
plus a few connections
to make your system complete.
And if there is any questions and you have a problem. You're not quite sure. You can
always call us at Rittenhouse.
We'll be glad to answer any questions that you may have.