4 New Alternatives to Installous iOS 3, 4, 5 AND 6 -READ DESCRIPTION!! (UPDATED 01-25-2013)

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Guys, I know Installous was just shut down, and everyone is wondering, what in the
hell am I supposed to do without Installous now.
But, there are many,
well, not many. There's four or five Installous alternatives
I'll show you all of them
and you can pick which one you like the best.
Alright, once this reloads,
go to your sources
and add this source right here. RepoCydia.com
Once it's in,
get the AppSync
for your iOS
3.1, 4+, or 5+.
and then
once you have that
get AppCake
right here.
AppVV right here
HiPStore right here
and ipaStore right here
Those are the four alternatives, I don't think there are any others.
This is actually a great
Alright, once you have those four,
uh... I'll go ahead and give you a rundown of all of them
is actually very nice and I think the most similar
to Installous
And, it also includes a browser that you can download
uh... the apps
Just straight to your iDevice, without having to either sideload them
search-- whatever. I guess you can still search them.
you can just download if you can't find it
in the search box
it downloads rather quickly
actually own almost bastard than Installous
Like I downloaded
this last night... Took about
eight minutes
for- it's a pretty big app
so that that one
Gives you the top apps and everything
Plus the settings just like Installous. Install after download
and then there is HiPStore
HiPStore is another really good. It's a little more basic
as in the setup of it
This one we can just browse the internet
or used their little website here
to get whatever you wanted
It puts a side-by-side of the price
So you could see the price if you actually wanted to buy it it
to follow by the fair use policy
The try-it-then-you-buy-it
then press download and it gives you all the versions
This one only has one version, so it's not the best example
let's do
Cross Fingers - I know that one has a bunch
And if you really wanted to
You could install an older version. So if there is a hack for an older version
Then that's where you can use that
otherwise i don't know really why
this why you'd want to uh...
have an older version
unless it's just a bad update
so yeah
that's that
a little more basic in here
And this directory is- Oops!
Downloads directory
this directory
is ummm...
in the
there's the folder called documents and just goes into a
folder called download or..
downloads or something like that
vShare is a Chinese based
uh... alternative to installous where
It works great and everything, but first of all you're going to want to change your settings to
English, in here
Otherwise, you're not gonna have the
slightest idea what's going on
And even yet, a lot of it is still in Chinese. so I guess this one--
this is the one that's getting a lot of hype right now, But I
honestly don't like it. It downloads really really really slow
I think you'd just be better off with AppCake or
um... so yeah-uh-hh it translates to English on some of them
but not all of them
iihhh-it'd be nice if it was fast. I really do think it would.
but this is also an overall
one where you can. These are just apps I downloaded from the
App Store
you can update them from here
you'cn delete apps. You know
this one also lets you do older versions
if you want to do that
to do a hack certain version. To get your extra coins or whatever
thats vShare
ignore all of this. It works fine
It's also really nice.
Fast downloads
um... yeah...
Everything I'm saying right now isn't true..
blah blah blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah
blah blah blah
blah blah
if you find the directory at this one uses you can
use this as a sideloader/installer for your ipas
blah blah fuck me. This is boring. Blah blah
so that's that. I hope you guys
uh... can use these as a suffice for installous being shut down
I know I'll miss installous.
*still rambling*
*ramble ramble ramble*
why haven't I ended this video yet
god. my voice is getting annoying to me.
shut up, Kevin.
I don't know who you are
I don't know what you want.
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skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you.
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